Getting more liver in my diet

(Eric) #1

let me start by stating that I have always not liked liver except for an occasional bite of liverwurst and mustard. But liverwurst first ingredient is not liver but the meat (pork, etc.).

I want to get more liver in my diet and am looking for suggestions. I have access to fresh chicken livers and frozen beef liver at Wegmans grocery store nearby.

I’m thinking a homemade liver pate with chicken liver, garlic, and cream cheese. I’ll have to go hunt down a recipe.

If I make a big batch of chicken liver pate can I freeze it into smaller portions?

What other advice do you all have for consuming liver even if you don’t like liver?

thanks in advance for your help.

(bulkbiker) #2

Chicken livers pan fried in butter with lots of freshly ground black pepper are completely delicious…

(shawnkuplin) #3

Hide it in baked keto meatballs. Grind it in a food processor and add it to ground beef, a few eggs, chopped scallions, mushrooms, bell peppers and spices of your choice. Roll into balls and bake. The first time start with a small percentage of liver to beef and increase to find out the maximum amount of liver that you can use and still like it. I always have cooked frozen meatballs in the freezer as an easy meal to pull out and defrost.

(Eric) #4

Thanks. We usually like to have meatballs in the freezer as well. We just made a batch and will have to eat them up them try this.

(Allie) #5

I’ve just found out that chicken livers are much nicer than the other types of liver that are freely available. They will be a staple for me now, fried in ghee with seasoning added.

(Eric) #6

Thanks. Time to make some Ghee or even just clarified butter.

(Margaret ) #7

I’ve always had an issue with the texture of liver; I’ve seen this suggestion before but never tried it. You may have convinced me to give it a try. Thanks!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #8

I posted this in another thread last week, can be made with beef or chicken liver, I have done both and it is good.

(Sheri Knauer) #9

I chop it up as small as can be and add it to my favorite meatball recipe. I call them “Sneaky meatballs” (just in my head, I don’t call them that in front of my husband or kids). We have been eating beef liver that way for months and my husband and kids, who have no idea those meatballs have plenty of liver, have no idea and would not eat them if they knew, even though they say they are the best meatballs ever. I have a deal with the farmer I get my beef liver from to never breath a word about beef liver if he sees me and my husband and or kids are with me, lol. I also conveniently make them when Im home alone so they don’t see.

(Eric) #10

I’m laughing silently because my oldest is sitting close to me and I don’t think she would approve. She is keto and loves meatballs. The texture weirds her out. My wife will love these. She grew up eating fresh liver from the butcher cooked with onions and butter.

(Hungry Julie) #11

This is my favorite recipe but I add super dry sherry

(Sheri Knauer) #12

That is why I don’t tell my family because they certainly would not approve! You cannot tell there is liver in there texture wise. Plus I brown them in bacon fat on the stove top then simmer them in tomato sauce for at least 30 minutes or more after.

(Stylee) #13

I used to love Cajun Dirty Rice. Ground beef and chopped chicken livers cooked with onions celery and bell peppers, some Cajun spices and rice. Most don’t guess it has chicken livers in it, it just tastes king of rich and savory. I have been thinking about doing a batch with cauliflower instead of rice.

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #14

Beef liver can have a fairly strong taste, but calf’s or veal’s liver is less strong. The key to good-tasting liver, I have found, is to avoid over-cooking it. My mother used to cook liver something like twenty minutes on each side, and it tasted like overcooked sandpaper. No wonder I hated it!

My ex took me to meet some dear friends of his, and they served us liver for dinner. I was prepared to choke it down for the sake of love and making a good impression, but I didn’t have to—it was delicious! After dinner, I asked the cook what she had done to make the liver so tasty, and she let me in on the secret.

A piece of liver of average thickness should not be cooked longer than 90 seconds on each side (adjust timing as needed). If you can adhere to that, the result will be divine. I rinse the liver in the sink, dredge it in almond or coconut flour, and then pan-fry it. Serve it with fried onions, and you’ll have a wonderfully satisfying keto dish.

(bulkbiker) #15

I’ve found that my butcher here in the UK sells something they call “Ox Liver”… for £1.60 per kilo. The calves liver is £11.00 per kilo… they taste, when quickly fried in butter with black pepper, almost exactly the same… Very odd.

(Stylee) #16

We shouldn’t neglect to mention pork liver, my favorite although not always easy to find. It’s sweeter and lighter in flavor than beef. I ate it a lot traveling in China fried up with lots of hot green peppers and soy sauce. Very simple but tasty.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #17

I agree if tastes great but I can’t even find pork liver around here. I was full of joy once I found a butcher who carries grass fed beef liver. And chicken liver will do the job, many who don’t like liver from beef or pork can handle chicken livers.

And if you are lucky you can find chicken hearts and gizzards, they are great for keto protein sources too.

(Allie) #18

Pigs liver is easily available here, I buy it for my dog to make his dehydrated treats. Never tried it myself, will have to get some. Pigs heart is very good.

(Sheri Knauer) #19

I made a batch of my “Sneaky Meatballs” yesterday. As you can see, you cannot tell at all that there is beef liver in it. When you cut into one, it just looks like plain meat. Just don’t let anyone see you making them. The first rule of Liver Club is ‘You do not talk about liver’.

(Eric) #20