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I figured out real mayo is much better than lite, more fat no carbs. As was eggs and l quit the eggbeaters for the same reason. I am 6 days into keto today. The last 3 days l have kept carbs under 9, no hunger pangs which astounds me. My friend stayed at 15g during her weight loss and is maintaining at 105 lbs four years later., she is 5’1" l think.
I have a lot to learn but inspired.

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Yeah, a ketogenic diet is really easy. I could never have done it if I had to cut calories. Eating to satisfy my hunger and not having to calculate calories made the whole thing possible for me. I always had a mental block about dieting, in the old days. I shed 80 lbs./36 kg with no effort and have kept them off for four years.

(Alec) #3

It sure is, and importantly, if you can, try to find or make real mayo without seed oils… they really are not good for you.

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That will take you far. There is so much information on this forum. I found the success stories on to be extremely inspirational. I knew these people had been exactly where I was before starting and they were able to get to the other side easily. I believed them and they were right.


@realmuse Check out this discussion. For strictly keto, however, I think sat-fat based hollandaise is a better option.

PS: Bernaise is Hollandaise with a few added flavours.

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An amazing start! Enjoy the food and the unrolling health and good feels!


Thank you Hallie.

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@realmuse Sounds like you’re off to a grand start. Congratulations on setting off in this direction and please keep us posted!

Look around and you’ll likely find several without any seed oils these days. I’ve found a couple of brands of Avocado Mayo that are superb - made with organic ingredients which I’d be happy to eat on their own (avocado, eggs, vinegar, lemon). Tastes great and goes perfectly with tuna, salmon, turkey, ham, etc.

(Alec) #9

I found some made with olive oil, but the taste is not great, and it was mighty expensive. If you have the patience, it is best to make some yourself.

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I tried the bacon grease mayo recipe and liked it quite a bit. :bacon::bacon:

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Here are two I’ve enjoyed…

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Do you remember Friday the 13th, where Michael keeps coming back from the dead? But he wears a mask, instead of a helmet.
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Uh, ok. And no.

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Robin’s reply is to Belisarius, you can see this at top of the post. I assure you Robin wants you to feel welcome and congratulated on your excellent start.

Plenty of folks who really want to help will suggest their favourite methods and tips, but you will find your patterns and preferences. We are all individuals! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I have found and ordered some of that Primal Kitchen Avacado mayo.

I thought I had found a MUCH cheaper option with a local Coles Avacado mayo… but guess what the first ingredient was? Canola oil…… ugh. Avacado oil, 3%. Joke.


and this is key like ya said…read the ingredient list first before buying anything LOL

nothing on the market for us to be us ‘as it seems’ most times, we get fooled all the time on processed crap. feel ya on that :wink:

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Thanks, @Hallie.

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@realmuse, Love reading your journey. My post was extremely random, and not directed at you.
You are rocking it!

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I find myself laughing out loud at the store while reading ingredients on “keto” and “paleo” products. If it weren’t for (hopefully accurate) food labels, we’d all be lost.

(Rebecca ) #20

Isn’t that the truth!