First proper CARBS blip since the end of September

(Alex ) #41

Ditto! Sadly bills need paying

(Ellen) #42

Life would be so much easier without bills to pay.

(mags) #43

I’m sure it’s very stressful at first. Hope you can battle thro it. Let us know how you get on

(Alex ) #44

Better today thank god!

(mags) #45

Glad it’s getting better. Must be daunting getting used to driving that great lump around

(Doug) #46

In one of the Grand Theft Auto games, you can take a bus and drive around, causing mayhem, and it takes a really long time for the bus to quit running/become so damaged that you have to stop, or until the cops finally bring you down.

(mags) #47

Not sure if this is his best learning strategy at this stage. Maybe get used to keeping it on the road first :grinning:

(Doug) #48

Good deal, Alex. I think that most of us quickly get a sense of a vehicle’s size and that that consciousness stays with us when we’re driving it. If not, then we’re probably not cut out for that, but sounds like you’re getting on pretty well now.

(Alex ) #49

Yeah, I think the issue has been more how the company are mass training the driver trainees, and deciding who gets behind the wheel at what times of the day depending on where they are in the trainee program.

For example, at the moment I’m with two other trainee guys throughout the day in my bus who are 3 weeks further along than me. Naturally they are doing more advanced work than me, and driving more complicated roads and manoeuvres, then I’m coming on late in the day and getting 15-20 miles in easy going scenarios.

I’m getting there, just need to be patient. The 2 above mentioned guys both passed their practical demonstration tests yesterday (interior safety, and exterior defect checks) so the instructor is doing something right.

Yesterday I got let loose on a main road in traffic for the first time so have now got my head around just how close visually I need to be hugging that centre road white line, whereas in a car you’re really thinking more about your nearside positions / vehicle against kerbside.

It will come, my move off has been a bit crap with mirrors and signals, I just need that repetition to get it in my head.

(Susan) #50

i gave up the struggle with cookies at work. Every Sunday night is the beginning of a new work week. i ate cookies 5 nights in a row. I have been Keto with some blips since July. I would rather quit my job than quit keto, but that can’t happen. The darn cookies don’t even taste good. Give me strength this Sunday.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #51

Does feeding up before going in help?


Or bringing your own treat?

(Susan) #53

yes i am going to cook several packages of bacon and boil a bunch of eggs for this week at work and see if that helps. Maybe i need a break from OMAD

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #54

Mixing it up and trying new things is always a plus.

(Alex ) #55

here we go again then! New Year, new round of freshly prepared lazer guided keto focus.

bearing in mind just how much off limits crap I took in yesterday, I actually don’t feel too bad today.

(Susan) #56

How many times can i put myself through this before i get it? It’s like I am a heroine addict and my clients are leaving it out for me to sample. I have been through this before. I have quit hard drugs. I have quit smoking cigarettes. I have quit drinking alcohol. Here’s hoping last night was the last. Starting from square 1. I acknowledge my low impulse control. I acknowledge I am enthusiastic about new things and lose interest in a few months. I don’t want Keto to be a fad for me. I honestly believe it does wonders for me. I have proven to myself that it works and I can do this. Sugar, you have no place any more in my life. Flour… chocolate… Be gone! I will continue to take bacon and eggs to work at night. As of now I will start over. It is kind of powerful to know the forum is here for me. I will now be there for others as well. <20 it is then.

(John) #57

From reading some of your past posts - you really need to change jobs.

(Susan) #58

Hi John, thanks for your reply
I have been doing my job for 27 years and it is dear to my heart. I can’t imagine doing something else. Next year I will be like “cookies? I used to eat those now I don’t” Today is day 1.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #59




I’ve been struggling with late night cravings while in an OMAD lifestyle, eating between 5-8pm each day (due to work schedule and other commitments). I eat Keto/onplan, then boom, 10:30pm on the dot, and I’m hypo/craving like crazy. I know it’s likely due to the OMAD and not eating enough. Today I had a proper (but small) keto lunch at 11:30am and it’s now 6:30pm and I’m not hungry one bit. I’ll probably eat something in an hour, and I’m curious to see if having lunch somehow affects the 10:30pm “Ghremlin.”