First proper CARBS blip since the end of September

(Alex ) #61

this is easier said than done!

(Alex ) #62

ok update on the blip…

I have now completed one full day of <20 - did not look at all at counting calories, just ate when feeling hungry, had a BPC in the morning, cold meats, cheese, a very buttery omelette. Forced as much water down as I could, really wasn’t feeling myself back.

Back to work today, Holy Shit do I have withdrawal symptoms today, all nicely mixed in (probably with the back end of my hangover from NYE).

Head fog, tired, crabby, headache. nice!

fighting through today with some more realistically portioned food, taking some pre poached eggs to work with some strips of bacon, that will be my 4pm-ish dinner… and I’m probably going to have another omelette for mid morning shortly.

I have also committed to doing a full 12 months without alcohol. This will dovetail with my job quite well, assuming I pass my driving practical & demonstrations tests in the next few weeks.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #63

Nice work!

(Alex ) #64

obviously loads of people are doing dry January… 7 months is my longest stretch without the booze, I think it will work out ok, definitely need to get my head back where it was, just feel like a different man since the start of December.