First proper CARBS blip since the end of September

(Alex ) #1

So, I crashed and burned last night, i think it has been coming though, and I’ve managed the blip process as well as I can without too much self loathing.

I started a new job on Monday, and ended up with a crazy location and travel itinerary that I wasn’t expecting - basically a 80 mile commute every day, work inductions, theory testing, multiple choice scenario tests, early mornings, and a lot of new faces and new surroundings. I’m also car sharing with my parents, and thank god they have my back currently with regards to me getting to work.

I didn’t manage any exercise this week, primarily because I’ve been out of the door before 7am, and back home after 5pm, doing some additional study, eating dinner, then collapsing into bed.

Although I’ve enjoyed some of this week, it was a big change, and the stress button has been firmly pressed at times, my new job doesn’t allow for drinking, and definitely not drugs, so I was thinking about sweet things from about Thursday onwards when the emotional cruxes were firing at me.

I actually had been preparing my keto lunches all week and not having them until 1pm, so I believe my body was nicely ticking along IF style, however…

Last night, after 8 hours of driving/transport online theory tests, I went straight for the jam jar, peanut butter jar, and ate some porridge out of a mug! I also had some of my dad’s apple crumble prior!

Sugar fest! fks sake!!

I don’t feel too bad this morning, stomach is slightly tender, but I’m actually patting myself on the back for not caving into wine, or something stronger.

I’ve done an epsom salt flush today, and I’ve had plenty of coffee, MCT Oil, it’s 10am, I’m thinking of making today a fat fast and keeping the rest of today food free, and then heading back into IF style eating tomorrow, leafy green salads, chicken and avocado oil etc.

Need to get on the scales tomorrow though and pay attention to the readings…

Tough old process this! this has been the first real week in ages where I felt like I MISSED sugar. Just reminded what daily life does to us.

(Alex ) #2

Anyone else fallen off recently?!

I’d be interested to hear of any top tips for getting back into fat burning furnace mode!


Just get back on the horse.

And anyway, it’s just food.

(Allie) #4

Just pick yourself up and get back to where you were before it’s happened.

(Mike W.) #5

Learn from your mistakes. Find new coping mechanisms besides food. Fast.

(Alex ) #6

easier said than done when you have major restrictions with time…

(Alex ) #7

from a scientific / metabolic / keto perspective - what’s the most effective route to get back to where I was?

(Candy Lind) #8

@Alex_PN, Sounds to me like you did exactly what you needed to do! Cortisol can do to you what nearly nothing else can - give you cravings. Right back on the horse and maybe a short EF likely burned off the sugar in short order.

Well, I’d agree with that in theory, but if @Alex_PN is a sugar addict like myself, it could trigger stronger cravings that he’s been rid of for a while. Not pleasant. That’s what keeps me on track during holidays - the looming specter of uncontrollable cravings. I’m actually AFRAID of those “runaway train” feelings returning.

With that in mind, @Alex_PN, I suggest that you make a batch of fat bombs & have them handy for the big stress times. They will “scratch the itch” a bit, so to speak, but also slam a fist down on your satiety button if you overindulge during stressful times.

I’m happy to hear you didn’t get really sick like many have reported after a carb load. Maybe you’re so well-adapted that you can manage a few more carbs without ill effects. Especially if you normally exercise daily, you might be able to increase a bit. Do you usually stick to 20 (total or net)? How close are you to goal weight?


Had my first major carb/sugar meal today since starting keto in late September. Was over at my brother’s girlfriend’s family home who are Italian so there was plenty of pasta, breads, desserts etc. Was pretty well behaved overall, but had a little bit of pasta bake, potato and pumpkin, fresh mango and a large serving of homemade chocolate self saucing pudding.

At the moment, 8 hours after the meal I feel pretty good but I’ll see how I am in the morning. Also very hypo after an authentic very strong Italian black coffee.

(Alex ) #10

I wont have a clear idea until tomorrow @CandyLindTX - but I suspect I have at least 14 pounds to deal with from target, maybe double that…

I keep looking at Fat Bomb recipes, I really need to get organised on that front - I think there’s a few supplies I need, whey protein and nut flour, that sort of thing. the job front has restricted my finances sadly, otherwise I’d be living a 100% perfect diet!

I’ve tried using the MCT oil every day for the last couple of week, it just hasn’t affected my hunger levels as much as I thought it would. It has however given me some really good energy hits when I’ve needed it.

And yep, 20g is always the max, I do my best to keep it below this and also keep a really good pin back with my calories too.

(Alex ) #11

Was that planned then @ChrisW ?


Yes, we new it was coming for a few weeks. My wife and I decided that we didn’t want to offend by avoiding all this lovely home cooked Italian food. We could have easily just stuck to meat and salad but we really didn’t want to draw attention to ourselves too much. Plus we also wanted to test the waters leading up to Christmas dinner as to how our bodies felt after a carb heavy meal.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #13

Go back to what you were doing.

Not for fat bombs.

(Candy Lind) #14

OH, TO HAVE JUST 28 POUNDS TO LOSE! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Keep in mind that you might be burning more calories than you think with the work schedule change and the schedule stress. Make your lunches a bit larger this week to see if it helps energy/stress wise, and dont worry about calories as much. If you have a way to keep them cool, the fat bombs could help with that. KCKO, and remember you can come in here to blow off some steam!

BTW - are you training for some kind of commercial driving job? Curious because I’m an OTR driver in “real life.”

(Carl Keller) #15

Spending 2 hours per day on commuting can be a bummer. I can understand not feeling like making a proper lunch so maybe you can start doing OMAD or having a light breakfast and dinner with no lunch. Or try to find a place near where you work that has SOMETHING keto friendly. I work close to a deli where they have baked chicken and a salad bar and stop there about once a week.

You could easily change the word “blip” to “experiment” in the title and it might put a less incriminating perspective on this day. It’s not what you did yesterday or last week that defines you; it’s what you do today and tomorrow that does. I am or I will > I was.

(Michelle) #16

This article lists some pretty good ways to soothe yourself without using food. Personally I like to have a cup of tea.

(Alex ) #17

Yeah, I’m joining a UK bus/train/transport company, longer term plan is to get onto a Degree next year and work my way upwards into a HR role, however, I need to take full PCV and CPC tests so I can be a qualified Bus / Coach Driver to do this with them.

As you can imagine, the induction and training has been super intense, bearing in mind I come from a completely non-transport background, and obviously, I have plenty more of that to come over the next 6-8 weeks before I’m let loose on the public.

It’s a massive change for me, especially being 43 years old and non-graduate - so a lot is on the line.

And yeah, I’m not far off where I want to be weight wise, definitely closer than I was earlier this year, but I also know how much of an all or nothing type I am, so these blips need kicking into touch before they explode into downward spirals!

(Alex ) #18

thanks Michelle, I will have a read of that…

(Alex ) #19

what do you recommend @juice ?

I’ve got butter, coconut oil, peanut butter, MCT, avocado oil, not much in the way of sweeteners really, that would be my issue for the sweet tooth hits.

Ive seen a good one made with Diet Chocolate Whey Powder, Peanut Butter, Cocoa Powder, Almond Flour and Coconut Oil too I think?

(Candy Lind) #20

Be glad your training is so rigorous - you’ll be a far safer driver for it! It sounds as if standards are higher in U.K. than US - which is good. Remember to BREATHE!