First proper CARBS blip since the end of September

(Alex ) #21

the firm I’m joining are rigorous - I’m going through UK & EU Driver hours, rest periods, as well as tachographs, health & safety, vehicle systems.

There are 5 modules, 2 of which are practicals (actual driving) & as you can imagine, the theoretical stuff all needs doing at 85% pass minimum before you can progress to being behind a wheel.

There’s case study stuff, hazard perception videos, it’s brutal - but it’s definitely being absorbed by my brain because I feel like I know a lot more about transmission retarders than I did a week ago :slight_smile:

(Candy Lind) #22

Get either some Swerve or Sukrin:1 (I think I got it right), plus Stevia or sucralose drops, & you’ll be set for 99% of FB recipes. You can also just wing it - coconut oil/butter, cocoa powder &/or melted baking chocolate, nut butter or dessicated coconut or hemp hearts, sweetened to taste (grind granulated sweetener to powder before using - most don’t melt & you end up with grainy mouth feel). You’ll have to chill or freeze the majority of recipes.


That is a good point, thanks for mentioning it. My motive was to take the power away from it. Smack talk those brownies! They aren’t the boss of me!

(Alex ) #24

wonder if I could somehow make a salt & vinegar / oniony / meaty flavoured fat bomb… must be a way with all the fat ingredients I’ve got in the house…

(Allie) #25

@Alex_PN honestly just get back on track and go back to what you were doing before.

(Karen) #26

Sugar is very addictive.

Fast fast. I’m going to today. Perhaps some exercise too.

Might be a bit of self sabotage. You are so close to weight. There might be some “why can’t I have what everyone else eats?” You can’t. It’s more obvious when you are fat, but you’ve thinned out.
You’re like the dry drunk. They probably can’t just have a little alcohol. Some people can have a little sugar. I can’t. And I had cookies last night. I feel your pain

(Alex ) #27

it’s tough, my brain knows full well what I’ve allowed it to do for near on 75-85% of my life, and it wants me to give in, pronto when times are hard! it really doesnt seem to have forgotten those darker times of processed foods and carby treats and alcohol!

I’ve abstained today, pure fats, just made myself some ghee for the next week, drank plenty of water, so I should be back in the right frame of mind tomorrow.

Can’t see me getting out to exercise today, once I know some of my extended work movements through the Christmas period, I’ll get my workout program back on track.

You guys are awesome!


Why yes you can! I make fat bombs with 100% bakers chocolate melted with a big dollop of bacon grease, salt, sweetener and ginger or cinnamon. If I want it lighter, I throw in a splash of hwc. It’s never going to taste like sugar laden sweets, but you can get creative with what you add to straight cocoa. Experiment!

(Jane) #29

Search for “savory fat bombs”. I prefer salty over sweet any day and early on I used fat bombs to keep me from snacking and found a couple of recipes that were cream cheese, meat and cheese. One had pepperoni chopped up in them.

(Alex ) #30

cheese meat and cheese, what’s not to love?


Alex, I think that folks who study habits see three phases:
Honeymoon phase - we’re very excited about the new practice/protocol/WOE and very motivated;

Battle (? I don’t remember what this is called, but something about struggle) - this is the tough one, but it’s the phase that we should welcome because it’s necessary to move through this for us to be get to the next phase. This is when motivation wanes and/or you have a sudden new challenge.

New normal/fully integrated- at this point you don’t have to think about it or use any will power. This is the goal!

I love the idea that if you find yourself in that second stage, it’s good news! As you navigate this, you’re deepening your commitment to this WOE and to it becoming very easy.


A savory one that I love is 8oz cream cheese mixed with 8oz shredded pepperjack cheese, rolled in bacon pieces. I don’t make them often because it’s hard to stop eating them!

(mags) #33

I have had some falls from grace myself recently. Christmas social events and a couple of weekends away. I always seem to gain about 10lbs water weight that takes a couple of weeks to lose. The wonderful thing is that I am able to stuff myself stupid but then stop and jump straight back on the horse. I could never do that pre keto. If I broke my diet I was off for months or years!
I really recommend not stressing. Go right back to what you were doing before. It worked before and it will work again. Oh and bacon and eggs are a life saver.
I’ve never done fat bombs because I think I wouldn’t be able to leave them alone. When desperate I’ll have a spoonful of butter or ghee. No prep :slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck with your new job

(Alex ) #34

Thanks, it’s going well actually, I passed my first round of theory tests yesterday, so it’s just the practicals now and Im then qualified!

What you suggested - That’s exactly what I’m doing, teaspoon of ghee, teaspoon of peanut butter, not perfect but does the job, I’m exactly the same, My body will find 10 pounds of water weight, and it will drop off after a couple of weeks.

I’m still making a lunch from scratch and having a decent dinner, but it’s all very much meat and salad based, with plenty of oils, I won’t stress about calories for now until I’m back where I was, just a quick Monday weigh in to monitor and that’s it.

(Sg) #35

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(Sg) #36

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(Alex ) #37

My new company car, for the duration of this week for anyone thats interested… :wink:

(mags) #38

Oh very snazzy. Mine is just a boring grey ford focus. I have vehicle envy

(Alex ) #39

I wouldnt get too envious! I really don’t enjoy driving it. Infact, today has been near-divisive in terms of whether i will stick with this line of work!

(Ellen) #40

You could become a trucker instead? Have convoy (song) on loop? Couldn’t be a bus driver, dislike people too much.