First egg (fast) feast (egg diet)

(Daisy) #61

I actually just changed my macros to maintenance a minute ago so it would show under lol. I was wayyyyy over on fat and protein (calories in general) for the weight loss mode and it was crushing my soul lol.

I’m feeling great actually! Really enjoying all the eggs! I’m thinking maybe I’m eating too much cheese. And I’m trying to figure out what I like best mixed in my egg salad. I think my favorite so far has been the 1 1/2T of cream cheese and 1 1/2 T mayo. I didn’t enjoy the straight cream cheese much at all.
I’m also thinking I may go ahead and eat the one with the olive oil mayo tomorrow. I had offered it to my coworker for her lunch today, but she didn’t eat it. I really hate wasting food and I don’t feel quite so bad about it now that I know it has half the carbs I thought. We’ll see what tomorrow brings lol.


Do you have to eat 3 times a day or can you just eat them all at once? I really like being omad

(Daisy) #63

For the protocol you’re supposed to eat 3-5 times a day. And I noticed I’m pretty hungry when the times come. I’ve been doing a lot of omad since becoming fat adapted and will definitely go back to that when this is done!

(Daisy) #64

A random observation: I tend to obsess over things when I start something. Just for “fun” I’ve been weighing at night before I go to bed the last few days to “predict” what it will be when I officially weigh in the mornings.

At the end of day 1 it was 143.something (if I don’t write it down I don’t remember the specifics). In the morning (no bm) it was 140.4

End of day 2 it was 142.something. In the morning (after bm) it was 140.6

End of day 3 it was 141.something and this morning (after bm) it was 139.0

Scales are weird.

(Daisy) #66

:joy::joy::joy: I’m sorry!! Lol

(Brian) #67

Yeah, a good #1 and a good #2 gets me around 2 pounds off the scale. And for what it’s worth, I did nothing out of the ordinary with my eating and the scale this morning is about 2 pounds lighter than the scale yesterday morning. No clue why. It moves around. If anything, I ate more carbs because my wife made a “less carby” version of apple crisp yesterday, and i ate some. Was probably a whole half of an apple.

I will definitely find it interesting to see how the numbers settle when the egg fast/feast is over.

Will it be any better than just being strict with the keto for the same number of days? Would a diet of, say, hamburger and water for the same period be pretty much the same?

So many things seem like they could confound. But I"m still intensely curious. :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #68

Yeah I feel the same way wondering if other things would have the same effect. But I do follow strict keto normally. I haven’t eaten anything off plan in weeks and have stayed between 140-142 every day. I do IF multiple days a week of 18/6 and have done 3 24 hour fasts in that time as well. The scale wouldn’t budge except fluctuating those darn 2 lbs! So I’m super excited to see 139 finally! If it goes back to 140 tomorrow I’m going to scream lol. I’m thinking I’ll keep this up a couple more days, then try a bacon and egg feast for a few days. Maybe lol.

(Daisy) #70

N=1, no way to know unless we try it! Haha


What does N=1 mean?

(Daisy) #72

Experimenting on yourself. I see it all over this forum and never knew what it meant until I saw someone explain it a few days ago. The way he worded it was basically when a scientist does an experiment, it’s n= however many people are involved in the study. In this case you’re doing the study on yourself, so it’s n=1 :smile:


I’ve been doing that since I’ve started trying to lose weight. When I notice I’m losing weight I stick with it until it quits working and change it up until I find something else that helps just keep riding the wave

(mags) #74

OMG!! I could have written that post myself. Why is it sometimes the scale can drop 3 or 4lbs overnight but other times nothing! Every time I poop I think the scale will drop but it doesn’t always. I can see why people say to throw it away but I can’t.

(Daisy) #75

I seriously have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with the scale, but if I don’t keep myself accountable to it, that’s when I gain 10 lbs!

(Daisy) #76

Today has been a very stressful day. I have been really hungry all day. Even after dinner I’m still a little hungry. I’m way over on my food. I did eat the egg salad with the olive oil mayo, so I’m wondering if the little bit of sugar contributed to my hunger.
Breakfast: egg salad- 3 eggs, 3 T mayo, 1.8 oz kerrygold cheddar cheese
Lunch: egg salad- 3 eggs, 3 T olive oil mayo, 1 oz kerrygold cheddar cheese
Dinner: 2 scrambled eggs in 2 T ghee, 1 1/2 oz kerrygold skellig cheese

Edit for weight: 138.4 (no bm)

(mags) #77

I ate more eggs than you but didn’t have the cheese. My favourite was egg salad too. Sometimes I can have hungry periods with no obvious reasons. I’ve not been able to fast for several weeks but suddenly I’ve done 48 hours with no problems at all. We are strange creatures :smirk:

(Chris) #79

What’s on the ingredients list on your olive oil mayo?

(Daisy) #80

I had to google it, I already gave mine away lol

(bulkbiker) #81

Worth a try though and if you like bacon and eggs win win… especially if it works… have you checked out Dan Quibell and the bacon experiment?

(Daisy) #82

Ok sooooo today didn’t go exactly to plan. I had to make a keto pumpkin cheesecake to freeze for next Friday and I may or may not have licked the spoon. A lot. I tried to log the equivalent into Cronometer, but it’s hard to estimate licks lol. And I broke my self imposed 30 day sweetener ban early by probably a week.
Breakfast: egg fast crepes: 3 eggs, 2 1/2 oz cream cheese, 4 T butter, 2 t cinnamon and a little less than a half T erythritol.
Lunch: egg salad: 2 eggs, 1 1/2 T mayo, 1 1/2 T cream cheese, 1 oz kerrygold cheese
Dinner: scrambled eggs: 2 eggs scrambled in 2 T ghee
Edit for weight: 138.6

(Daisy) #84

You can use any full fat cheese. No bacon on this official plan, but I’m thinking of trying it with bacon in lieu of cheese for a couple days next week. I have a few things I’ve been really wanting to eat the next couple days (including that frosty cheesecake lol), then I have thanksgiving lunch at my daughter’s school Thursday, work Friendsgiving Friday, then Amish country Saturday and Sunday, so it may have to wait.