First egg (fast) feast (egg diet)

(Daisy) #1

So, I’ve been back on keto since the end of August. I had done it in April for a few weeks and went from 155 to 145. Switched to low carb over the summer and went back to 150. When I started back, I lost 10 lbs right away, but have stayed right around 140 since then. I bounce between 140 and 142. I got down to 139.8 for a day about a month ago. I have tons of nsv’s to keep me keto for life, but really want to see the 130’s on the scale. I’ve been there before and I have every faith I can do it again. I used to exercise an hour a day though and now I hardly exercise (work/family commitments), so I really need to crack down on my eating to accomplish this.

I’m starting an egg fast today. The plan was to skip breakfast and have 3 eggs with 1 1/2 T each cream cheese and mayo (and salt) for lunch and 3 for dinner. I ended up being really hungry at 7:30 am, so I just ate the first 3 then. We’ll see how the day progresses. Starting weight 142.4.

Is an Egg Fast/Feast the solution?

Not sure you’re going to be getting enough macros for the day just eating that. You don’t want to lower your motabilizum by not eating enough

(Daisy) #3

I’m trying to follow the basic egg fast protocol and split it into 2 meals instead of 3, but for today I may do 3 meals.


Have you figured out how many eggs you need to eat to get your protein in for the day? I think their is only like 6 grams in 1 egg I’d have to eat almost 2 dozen eggs to get mine in. I haven’t heard of this before I’m going to have to check this out

(Mike W.) #5

(Insert food) and “fast” should never be in the same description. I agree with what the other guy said you’re gonna be low on protein and cals. You’re basically just calorie restricting which isn’t useful for sustained weight loss.

(Daisy) #6

If I just do the 6 eggs, I’ll be at 80% of my protein macro and I’m sure I’ll end up doing 8 today, putting me at more than enough in protein, fat and calories.

As I’ve seen it argued several times on this forum, water fast = water, fat fast = fat, egg fast = eggs, bacon fast = bacon. I didn’t name it and if it works, I frankly don’t care what it’s called. I’ve heard nothing but positive from people who have used it to break a stall, and I like eggs, so I’m going for it. It’s my n=1 for the week.


This makes sense but the common use of “-- fast” really facilitates communication, and short-term single-food protocols are fairly common and - for many - quite helpful.
How would you refer to a water fast or egg fast?

If @Ketodaisy is fat-adapted, she won’t be calorie restricting, since she can draw on her own fat stores for the remaining energy.

(Bob M) #8

I don’t think you’re correct. If you were correct, then I would not have gotten cold when overdoing fasting. I had to stop fasting, because I was freezing when fasting. To me, this means my basal metabolic rate was decreasing, even though I’ve been on a low carb diet for 5 years and keto for much of that.

It would be better to say “low calorie egg diet” or even “protein sparing modified fast”, though again the term “fast” in that phrase is a misnomer, since it’s really a high protein, low calorie diet.

(Daisy) #9

But it’s not low calorie at all. I just had my lunch: 2 scrambled eggs cooked in 2 T ghee with 2 oz havarti cheese. I still have dinner to eat (probably same as breakfast) and here are my macros before dinner.

(Daisy) #10

Thank you Madeleine. I am fat adapted :smile:


Yes, but the key word there is probably “overdoing.” When we have less fat, there’s going to be a (natural) reluctance of the body to give it all up, so there’s a limit to how much we’ll be able to use.
Personally I use body temperature as a gauge when fasting. If I get cold, I start supplementing with fat or I stop the fast.

(Bob M) #12

If it’s not low calorie, then what good is it? It’s just warm and fuzzy keto. And to call it a “fast”, is just terrible labeling. Perhaps an “egg diet”, like a potato diet?

(Bob M) #13

If I did that, I’d not have made it through any of my 4.5 day fasts. Seriously – I ALWAYS

(Daisy) #14

Again, I didn’t come up with it and I didn’t name it. Search google or even this forum and you’ll come up with tons of hits on the egg fast. :smile:

(Bob M) #15

Sorry, did not mean to send that. I’ve always gotten cold on all my 4.5-5.5 day fasts. All of them. My wife has fasted with me and done the same.


always get cold?

To each his/her own, I guess. I assume that you’re right - that cold means a downturn in metabolism - and I’m not interested in dropping my metabolic rate right now (though I might be in the future), so any sign of slowdown and I stop the fast.


Yes, it’s pretty common.
Personally I’d rather supplement with fat or stop fasting.

(Thao Le) #18

Keep us updated! Good luck! I did bacon and egg (OMAD lunch) for 1 week and it broke my stall, happy with the result.

(Daisy) #19

Ended the day with 7 eggs, 7 tablespoons of fat (cream cheese, mayo, ghee and butter) and 3 oz of cheese. Put me slightly over my macros for fat and protein. I’ll weigh in the morning.
Edit for weigh in after day 1: 140.4

(Carl Keller) #20

88,6 grams of ingested fat seems like a lot to me. I think your body will have a lot of fuel in that alone. Doesn’t seem logical to me that you would losing a lot of body fat doing this. But I do hope it works out of you. I will be first to say it was an eggxellent choice. :ok_hand: