Finally made some Meatza

(brian) #1

I finally had a chance to make a couple of Meatza’s yesterday based on a post I saw on the forums.

The only loose sausage I could find was Jimmy Dean regular and hot, so I ended up making two one with each package of sausage. I used a larger cast iron pan for the 2nd one with the hot sausage because the first one was a little thick for my taste, but I definitely recommend making meatza to anyone.

I wasn’t even tempted by the 16 regular pizzas I made. It is tough being a child who’s parents drove an hour to get to Pepe’s in New Haven, CT to not make pizza, but I had a great time making them yesterday and I really enjoyed the Meatza and didn’t feel like eating till 4PM the next day (today).

This keto thing is crazy, I wasn’t even tempted by my traditional pizzas. Thanks to the Dudes for the podcast and getting me into this. never thought this would be the case.

Ok onto the Meatza.

I put the whole package into the pan

Blind baking the sausage :slight_smile:

I flipped it just to be sure it was cooked (this is the smaller pan I used first but the sausage was thicker than I wanted so that’s why I used a larger pan for the Hot one.

Ready for round 2 in the oven

Checking on round 2 in the oven

Fresh out of the oven and sliced

Gotta have some basil of course

The finished Product

(Griffin Mekelburg) #2

Well I know what I am making later this week lmao! This looks incredible! Off to find a homemade tomato sauce to go on this badboy, I know theres gotta be one on the forums already lmao i love these forums so much

(Griffin Mekelburg) #3

DID IT!! Used ground pork and beef, seasoned and with 2 eggs for the “crust” then kinda deepdished it with cheese, low carb tomato sauce, salami, and andouille sausage IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Im having to shove macadamias in my mouth to not eat any more else ill have way too much protein (what sacrifices we do on this diet rofl) Thanks so much for this recipe, Meatza should be known around the world!

(Griffin Mekelburg) #4

hmmm anyone got any ideas why pics are upside down? I even edited and rotated the images themselves and the system still messes with me lmao

(brian) #5

That sounds awesome! I’ll have to try the pork and beef mixture next time. No idea why the picture would be upside down though.

(Griffin Mekelburg) #6

I used 1 part beef to 2 parts pork, let me know what you use and your results, i wanna try different ratios. I actually added the beef because i was low on pork but it turned out incredible lmao gonna probably stick with this

(Christopher Hodge) #7

Would someone mind pointing me in the direction of a list of general instructions? It looks like baking sausage/beef in the oven till you have a solid base/crust, then adding more toppings and heating till it’s ready. Sort of like a pizza casserole.

(Griffin Mekelburg) #8

Yea that is the gist, here is how I did it:

(brian) #9

Here is what I did. I literally flattened the whole 16oz package of jimmy dean sausage into the pan. Baked till crisp. Flipped it. Covered in maybe 1/2 cup peeled crushed tomato. Sprinkled on minced garlic, oregano. Topped with fresh mozzarella (this one was sliced from a roll of mozzarella and prosciutto), ground Romano cheese and olive oil.
I put it back in the oven to bake again till melted. Topped with some fresh basil when out.

I also want to try adding some egg like you did.

I tried both hot and regular jimmy dean sausage. I didn’t get much heat from the hot. I would use at least a 10 inch pan for the whole package maybe bigger if I had one but I don’t.

(Griffin Mekelburg) #10

love it! I was going to try the flipping the crust, but i saw a recipe online where they flattened the middle a bit more than the sides and turned out great! I love this recipe so much more now cause seems theres 101 ways to make it and still be successful!
Yea since i put my own spices and knew it would be mild i topped it with the andouille sausage, not spicy throughout but pockets of decent heat!
Think imma try some romano and olive oil as well next time making this, this time was just straight mozzarella and colby jack. mmmmmmm maybe a layer of ricotta, make a more Meatzagna lmao…omg Metzagna…someone please lmao

(Clare) #11

Here’s Nigella Lawson making Meatza;

I’ve been making it on an almost weekly basis for the last 6 months and given the recipe to friends who love it too. At first, I substituted the breadcrumbs (or oats) with quinoa. Now I don’t bother with this, and in fact I now omit the egg in the base, as I’ve found that if I press the meat (ground beef) into pan firmly it all holds together fine. I let the tin of tomatoes drain for at least an hour (I leave them in a sieve over a bowl and get on with other stuff!) Put the drained Toms on top of the raw meat base, scatter torn mozzarella and basil leave over the top & cook in a hot oven for 35-40 mins. I quite like the mozzarella to brown a bit on the top, but that’s just me! You can add any extra toppings that you like, when I’ve done that I’ve cut back on the tomato.

It’s really good

(brian) #12

Great idea to drain the tomatoes, thanks for sharing the video!

(Mike W.) #13

Had one at a local Italian place. The crust was almost dough-like not just like a slab of sausage. Not sure how she makes it. It was incredible though.

(Clare) #14

Wow, that looks amazing. Was it a meat base or cheese/eggs (FatHead Pizza)?

(Clare) #15

I forgot to say, you can use the drained juice to make a keto Bloody Mary! Carl & Richard talked about it in the Alcohol podcast (I think?)


I use this recipe – – and the caraway seeds do indeed add a nice flavor component


Oh my goodness! I use 1 pound of ground chicken hand mixed with 2 cups of grated/powdered parmesan cheese and 1/2 tsp salt. Mix well , press into a circle or square; cook in oven (425 degrees) on a preheated stone for about 15 minutes. Then add the veggies, tomatoes, cheese, etc. cook for another 8-10 minutes. The crust has a mouth feel of a heavy bread crust. Love the videos!