(Final thoughts/recap as I reach the end) Time To Try An Extended Fast! 21 Days or Bust


Done! 33lbs total loss

Last night I had some broth and this morning I had a few peanuts. I’m going to keep snacking on my little bag of peanuts throughout the day. I gotta say refeeding syndrome is freaking me out! I’ve read a lot and am trying to be smart but everyone says to break a fast with watermelon and fruit juices. I want to stay keto while ending it.

Thanks every one for the awesome support. Now I need to focus on not smoking again.

(Arlene) #42

“Everyone” does not say break a fast with watermelon and fruit juices. There are many who do say that, but only because they are vegetarian-based fasting sites.
There is good information to be found regarding ketogenic fast/feast cycling. It’s perfectly acceptable to begin your eating after fasting with ketogenic choices. If you’re worried, start with some bone broth and/or 2 eggs, then if that doesn’t bother you, add in some bacon and a few more eggs, gradually increasing your volumes and ketogenic food choices.

(Toni Peter) #43

That’s awesome @Niner!! You were damn brave to take on all of that at once and yet you did it like a badass. Congrats.

(Lauren Hardy) #44

I’m fairly new to fasting…what is a Zorn fast?

(Lauren Hardy) #45

I absolutely LOVE pink Himilayan salt! I add it to my morning coffee, all of my food and on really hefty cardio days, I add it and Ultima Replenish to my water.

(John) #46

A 3-day fast that Brenda Zorn does every month, and invites others to fast at the same time as her. If her last name were Smith, it would be a Smith Fast.