February 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Susan) #41

40 hours is great, Janie =).

I had Lunch at my regular 1:00 pm time and then things were really busy around the house at my normal 4:30 time so I am going to go to see how long I will Fast. I will wait at least until 4:30 pm tomorrow, but I might go into a couple of days --I will see.

Tomorrow my husband has an MRI at noon, so Fasting until the 4:30 is easy as I don’t want to eat anything and leave the house anyway so that is fine =).

(KCKO, KCFO) #42

Here is the Feb. Zornfast link for anyone who wants to join in.

(Jane) #43

Broke my fast at 39 hours because my husband cooked me breakfast w/o asking if I wanted any (I didn’t) but wasn’t going to refuse. Loaded omelet and bacon.

(Susan) #44

Sounds delicious, Janie, I don’t blame you for breaking the Fast, I think most of us would have! 39 hours is still nice, grats =).

(Jane) #45

Thanks, Susan. I miss my longer fasts when I was traveling but can’t complain being home all the time now - a nice tradeoff!

(KCKO, KCFO) #46

I’m doing 36 hrs. started last night, so will be breaking around noon on Friday.

I’m doing the online Roots Tech genealogy conference, so staying distracted has been really easy today. I might decide to just fast on with such a great distraction going on for the next couple of days.

My Zornfast was a good one, nice and easy, I had bounced up and I got back down plus a couple of more lbs. when it ended. But just refeeding Mon-Wed., the bounce was trying to come back, not as high but higher than I wanted it to be. So I decided to do this current fast.


Now I am in my strictest carnivore(-ish. I am not the 100% type in this) ever (almost only meat and eggs). It will work, it’s great, I had days with 21+ hours total perfect satiation (i.e. I can’t eat without force but not too full or anything, just perfect, nothing can tempt me and fasting is the only and very nice possibility) but it’s hard for me to eat enough in my tiny window using my current options as they are so very satiating. Then I get hungry too late.
But I am usually satiated until 5-6pm now (new development, yay! I had it occasionally before but now it’s the norm) so it’s hard for me not to do IF even under these circumstances :smiley: But I need my tiny window. I can bring it back. Eating enough is my forte, it’s just harder with my current woe using 3 hours or something. But I need both so I will learn.
I had enough of my struggles… I want success now.

(Bob M) #48

Isn’t what you put in that paragraph success? It seems like it to me. The ability to eat only once a day is something not many can do (I can only do this occasionally).

I did my first 36 hour fast, with a shorter body weight training and biking at about 32 hours, in a long, long while. Felt good, and I had plenty of energy for my workout.


I find my week successful… Even though I still eat after midnight sometimes but I need the calories and it’s tricky to eat them in my natural eating window now. But it will be fine, I am very hopeful now!
I can’t do OMAD long term either especially on my current and best woe ever… But it happens, yes. IF is my thing since long and my ideal and usual eating window diminished. I tend to eat big meals, it would be horrible if I would eat many times too (as I can’t keep a long time between my meals on the same day. some people eat every 12 hours and it’s fine for them).
Even being able to do OMAD every day is no success alone. I met someone who allegedly couldn’t help eating super huge meals on OMAD… But TMAD worked for them.

Most people can’t wait until 3-6pm with their first meal and I am very satiated until then. It doesn’t mean I can’t mess my eating up epically, I too easily overeat if I don’t do everything right. I am stalling or gaining since almost a decade, sometimes I almost lose patience (but it wouldn’t help so I stay patient but try a tad harder…? not the right word, but I put more effort into it).

Congrats for the 36 hour fast! I still don’t feel ready for it but I will be totally pleased if I lose my around/after midnight eating. I probably will if I stick to my current woe. Even with shopping and a relative visit (dangerous things for me), I did it well today. 21/3 unless I get hungry later. I ate borderline enough again.

And I am a chatterbox, well always but now I am excited and hopeful so it just makes things worse :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #50

My 36 hr. fasted ended at 45th hr. I did a refeed and started doing OMAD again. I did wake to a slight bounce up today, so will be doing another 36+hr. fast starting tonight.

Hope everyone is doing well.


After a wilder weekend I am back to a cute 3 hour eating window now. I try to do OMAD but some factors changed so I have no idea what is ideal right now. I suddenly fancy fattier food. Uh-oh. But nothing that carnivore OMAD(/TMAD) can’t handle. Right? We will see. Either way, I get to experiment! :smiley:

Surely no longer fast in my near future, maybe later.

(Jane) #52

Started a new thread for March: