February 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #21

I know this is a fasting thread but hopefully nobody cares about the thread drift. If so, I will remove my posts.

She looks worse now. Her Welsummer sister next to her looks great

(Jane) #22

18/6 is great. Especially compared to how we used to eat!

(KCKO, KCFO) #23

So true, Janie. When I started fasting I could barely do the 14/10 fasting. Now I do that even when I don’t consider myself fasting. I do mix up 16/8 and 18/6 regularly, and often do 20/4 as well. Lately fasting has been harder. So I try to do OMAD at least every other day. But I want to do ADF next week. My fasting muscle is getting rusty :slight_smile:

Hope your choke gets better.

(Jane) #24

My husband used to struggle a bit doing 36-hr fasts but he didn’t have much in the way of fat stores.

Then our dog hit his knee at a dead run out in the meadow and his activity level had been greatly reduced since late December. He has put on 5 lbs w/o changing his eating habits but now fasting is easier for him.


Oh I couldn’t send it last time, it seems…

I used to eat close to 16/8 before keto… I don’t remember high-carb but it probably often was close to IF (and if not, I still started to eat late, I just ate at night too, before bed, of course, if I go to sleep, I will have my 6-9 hours uninterrupted sleep). Carbs makes eating at a small window (like one hour) super easy now, well it’s logical as my meals get big… But as my goal isn’t doing OMAD at all costs, it doesn’t even matter.
I go for as little carbs as comfortably possible now. Not all of my days are carnivore-ish, I don’t try hard now but I don’t overdo tasting things :slight_smile:

The left hen has a very interesting pattern!

Today was great! I knew it will be fine when I left the home at noon to go for a long walk and shopping… I got back at 3:30 but I had to prepare food so I didn’t break my fast until 5pm. 22 hours, it’s long for me lately… :smiley: I don’t know if it will be an OMAD day, I don’t feel I ate enough for that but we will see. {No, it became a TMAD day with a 4.5 hour eating window. Still nice.}

It’s so good to go back to my usual pattern… If I have something like that, my days aren’t super similar but not eating before 3pm is the norm since years except in “special” times. Before December I was almost never hungry at 3pm and often skipped lunch despite my social eating tendencies. Then came December and that tends to be a bit crazy, it’s tradition… And even a little wildness can mess things up if I do it for weeks (but as I don’t get carb poisoning, I need effort to do keto or carnivore again)… Extra huge stress didn’t help. But I think I am over those times now.


I did OMAD today! All is well. I didn’t even need an effort.


That’s great Shinita!

I’ve not been on here much for a while, but decided I want a bit of accountability, so I’m back. I’m fasting today and hope to avoid eating until at least lunch tomorrow, but hopefully until supper tomorrow. I will count up the hours when I break my fast.

While I continue to remain keto, I have allowed more fat into my meals (it tastes SO good!) and have started using Monk Fruit drops (just a bit) and cream to my morning tea. Anyway, I think the extra fat not be a good idea. That, coupled with less exercise hasn’t been good for me. I feel my clothes getting a bit tighter and I don’t like it!!

Anyway, I hope I don’t wimp out. I can easily skip meals, I just enjoy eating too much. :roll_eyes:


I am surprised by how tempting it was to break my intended fast yesterday! I haven’t been hungry, but I think I just like to eat with my family. :grin: But I have hung in there and it has been 35 hours so far. I’m going to try to wait until supper to eat. We’ll see. I have a friend I haven’t seen in a year coming over for tea this afternoon. While I will offer her something with her tea, I will only have tea. Or that is what I’m planning. :grinning:

(Laurie) #29

I have trouble sticking to my 6-hour eating window when I’m stressed, and sometimes when I’m tired. It’s quite predictable. I guess I have a choice between “white knuckling” it and giving in. Usually I give in.

This happens maybe 3 times a month – usually after a shopping trip (which is physically taxing for me), or when something upsets me. Typically it will be one small meal, a few hours after I was supposed to stop eating that day.

Many years ago, a counselor said I seemed to be a person who doesn’t handle stress well. And I’ve always been a stress eater. At least now it’s just small amounts of keto foods.

I wonder if anyone can relate.


After 2 crazier days (the usual, I break everything at once. but not as epically as in the past) I had an easy OMAD day. At least I hope so, it’s only 8pm, so many hours to mess it up - but I am very determined not to. I don’t feel a horribly stressed weak miserable thing anymore, I have some tiny control and enough stability again.
And I had enough, I want to do things right for a change now. Long term. That would be awesome.

I guess most of us don’t handle (too much) stress well (as stress is everywhere and that’s fine to some extent, it’s life). I am not really a stress or comfort eater, more like I care less and want to avoid trying hard when I go beyond my limits. It takes a lot to reach that but it is SCARY.
Being too chill can result in the same problematic eating too, by the way. At least in my case.
I should remind myself to be/stay just ideally strict. Not too strict, not forceful, not too relaxed (for too long). Mere ketosis doesn’t work, the carbs mess with me, almost always and quite badly. But strict carnivore (not what carnivores call it. I mean no plants. that’s super strict to me) is too strict, I need a weeee bit more allowance and sometimes even more, just for a single day. It’s a slippery slope but my only option now, it seems. I will get used to it and then I will finally do small eating window with carnivore-ish almost all the time. That’s the plan. It’s hard to do everything right if one is me.
But today was good and tomorrow should be that too.

(KCKO, KCFO) #31

Looks like my body wants the 18/6 routine for another week. Oh well. I don’t want to stress out about this so I will just go with this til the bod decides we need to try something else. It is all good anyway. .

(UsedToBeT2D) #32

Both look delicious. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #33


They are my pets and have names!

And when they aren’t molting they poop my breakfast


(Jane) #34

Hubby on a fasting kick so no complaints from me. No cooking, no decisions, no dishes - I’m good with that! :+1:

Another 36-hr one starting now. We have an ice storm predicted to hit the area over the next few days and with below freezing temps and no services to sand or salt the roads we will just stay home until the roads are clear.

We are stocked up, have a generator backup, plenty of wood for the stove and no place we have to be.

(UsedToBeT2D) #35

Nice. Hunker down and enjoy.


I made it about 39 hours yesterday. Would have lasted longer, but I had a friend over and felt like I should eat something with her. I set out Keto snacks and tea and it would have been awkward not to nibble on something with her. :slightly_smiling_face:

After she left I had a bit of lunch and a couple of hours later had supper. After that I’ve been feeling bloated.

(Jane) #37

17 hours in on a 36-40 hour fast. Just some mild hunger so far. Have online meetings all afternoon so will be busy and helps the time go by faster.

(Susan) #38

I have been doing OMAD for a few weeks now. Tonight is my 12th nightshift in a row and I am feeling stressed. I have no plans for an EF at the moment, I do get very hungry and enjoy the OMAD when I have it.

(Susan) #39

I have just been doing my daily IF TMAD 1pm and 4:30 for a daily 20:4 --I keep reading all of your posts and I am here to cheer you all on!

I am going to do the Zornfast with anyone that is participating though.

(Jane) #40

Meetings done, chickens put up… hunger almost none. 4-5 more hours to go and then I will be sleeping the last 8 hours of my fast. Well, not the last as I never wake up hungry after not eating for 36 hours so will probably go until lunch time for 40 hours. Unless my husband decides to cook some bacon in the morning and then I will cave in LOL.