FEB. 2021 Zornfast Feb. 18-21


Come join us for the monthly Zornfast. It runs from the 3rd Thrusday to Sunday each month. You can get and give support to other fasters.

Remember to do any fasting protocol that works for you. You can start earlier or later, doesn’t matter.
Watch your electrolytes.

Looking forward to seeing some new fasters and catching up with the regulars.


JAN 2021 Zornfast Jan. 21st-24th
February 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

I had some difficulties lately. I really, really feel it would be best to try an EF now. I try to do my best to practice with some late OMAD until then! And I may start earlier.

I regenerated from my very stressful times and feel ready to do things more like the way I should and not what seems easier. My determination grew, it’s a good sign.

Good luck, everyone!

(Susan) #3

Thank you @collaroygal for making the new thread for us all.

I am currently on a Fast that I began yesterday at 1pm --I am not sure how long I will take this but I have done 28.5 hours so far. I am aiming for at least 48 and maybe longer, and then I will Fast again starting on Monday -hoping for at least 100 hours for the Zornfast =).

I wish everyone the best in their Fasting goals.


I’d love to do a straight 100 hrs. again. But since I lost my weight, the longer fasting periods are hard for me. I am happy if I hit 80 straight hours.

I mainly do 48-60 hrs., take a break and refeed, and do another 36-48 hrs. So lots of hours, just not straight through. So I just do me.

Shinita, I know what you are going through. Glad your feel you grew from the experience.

Hope others join in.

(Susan) #5

I did 52.5 hours on my Fast and I am going to begin the Zornfast today at 5pm with a goal of at least 100 hours.

I wish you all the best =). I realize that I am beginning mine much before the Thursday but I find with my family’s schedule that this works best.

(Richard M) #6

Obviously I am new to this board, but what is ZORNFAST?


Years ago (2016?) Brenda Zorn started this monthly fast held the 3rd Thursday to Sunday. We carry on the tradition she started. It is for extended fasters to be supportive of each other.

If you are not familiar with Brenda check out her bio here: https://www.ketogenicforums.com/u/brenda/summary

(Susan) #8

Welcome aboard for the Zornfast @Richard_M if you are joining us =). If not this time around, you are certainly very welcome for future ones!

You have been doing well in your journey thus far, Richard, so I wish you continued success.

So far I have been Fasting since Sunday at 5pm and it is going well so far. I am at 70 hours so far and counting, hoping for at least 100 hours.

I wish everyone the best on their own Zornfast =).


Susan, you are doing well.
@Shinita, hope you are doing well, too.

I started last night at 6 PM. Early hours so nothing much to report. I did just black coffee, no HWCI usually add that to my IF coffees. I had a bounce up this AM, so a bit more motivation for me.

I still use Zora for tracking. Anyone else use an app for tracking? The other thing I do is keep my distance from the kitchen, too many triggers for eating in there. I read a lot, go genealogy research, and look for cleaning tasks I don’t do on a regular basis.

KCFO everyone.

(Susan) #10

I wish you all the best on your Zornfast @collaroygal =).

I just passed 96 hours and I am doing well. I am a bit tired and cold, but that happens to me when I am Fasting. I also did a lot of walking today, in the icy snow so that was good for exercise but tiring too.

I don’t track anymore as it was triggering my anorexia too much. I keep my carbs extremely low most days though when I eat –I am mostly carnivore many days or very low amount of carbs in coffee or very little vegetables – although my meal I am breaking my fast with tomorrow will be peppers/cream cheese, wrapped in ham in the oven meal that I have about once a week.

(Doug) #11

No time like the present, so what the heck? Had some sardines 10.5 hours ago… In.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

@OldDoug, glad you decided to jump in.

Susan, you are doing so great and planning ahead, yea, you.


I just do IF with a smallish eating window now. 3 hours, 1.5 hours with 2 meals… Very unusual but my timing changed when I got close to carnivore (I am a tad relaxed now to get these tiny windows. but at least I easily can do carnivore and IF together now unlike in the past).
It’s not so bad - and not so good but I mostly focus on the right food choices and not eating needlessly. If I keep up with it, my next Zornfast probably will be different.

(Doug) #14

Well said, Shinita! This has application for most of us. :slightly_smiling_face: I do think that keto makes it easier.

(Susan) #15

I wish all of you the very best on your Zornfasts. I broke my Fast at 2pm today, I made it to 117 hours, so I am pleased with that. That is my longest Fast so far.

(KCKO, KCFO) #16

117 hrs. that is awesome results.

I’m working on 47 hrs. at the moment. I’ll only had water and coffee so far. I did have to leave the downstairs because I kept smelling food. This is an important time for me, I often cave and have dinner at this point, but I really want to make it further this time.

(Susan) #17

I wish you the best for your Fast =). I always have to make meals for the family during my fasting -which was really hard when I began but I am used it now. None of them eats remotely Ketogenically so it isn’t that hard now.


Maybe it’s the less food yesterday, maybe my bad sleep but I broke my fast extremely early today, at 10:30am. Very unusual from me but what could I do? I was hungry.
I wrapped up my eating in 2 hours (2 meals, it seems I do that nowadays, very close meals, I mean) and now I am looking forward for a… maybe 30 hour fast now. But definitely more than 24. Short but I didn’t do even that since many months (that was 48 hours though).
As it’s a longer than usual time, it’s more exciting and I will put a little more extra effort into it and make it as long as I can, comfortably enough, at least. Sometimes I feel so very obviously not ready to continue, it feels wrong to try… I had that today. It must be serious if I break my fast before 3-4pm let alone way before noon, a simple soft hunger isn’t enough (I had that yesterday but I waited a tiny bit and it disappeared. it’s not typical for me but sometimes happens). Normally I can’t even eat before noon (without a small force, not like I ever do that. I had to as a child, each and every day and I hated it).

I cook keto and often carnivore food for my high-carber SO too :smiley: The carbier (still low-carb most of the time) stuff isn’t even nice enough to tempt me so it’s perfect: I don’t want it but I get food joy through cooking.
But as long as I am satiated, only my biggest favs are tempting anyway. My fasting was always about keeping my “I can’t eat” and “I can eat but I don’t really want to” states very long. If I want to eat for any reason, I probably will.
I am not particularly good at this. 20 hour fasts are ridiculously easy and natural (not always but often) but 26+ hour ones are super rare and require strong determination or some lucky circumstances where my body forgets to scream bloody murder and stop working properly when I skip a meal. Or my mind, some of these 2 is against me and they are me too.

Oh well. I try to stick to my 1-3 hour eating window at least. And do 24+ fasts now and then. It still will be an improvement.

(How can I still write this much about my fasting or lack of it I don’t know. I didn’t change much since a year except I got these super close meals but that has nothing to do with my longer fasts. That don’t happen despite my intention.)

(Doug) #19

Very solid, Susan - while we’ve still got a lot to learn about the human body and fasting, there’s really good evidence, at least in my opinion, that for initiating/increasing autophagy, resetting/strengthening your immune system, resting/healing the liver, pancreas, etc., you’re getting benefits there.

(KCKO, KCFO) #20

I often eat a meal partially through this fast. So far, I haven’t had any real hunger signals, so working on the 65th hr. currently. My target is 80. Just water and coffee so far.

@olddoug how are you doing. You haven’t been joining lately. Are you maintaining IFing protocols lately?

Keep Calm Fast One everyone.