March 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #1

New month, new fasting thread.

KCFO fellow fasters!

February 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
(Jane) #2

Started a 40-hr fast last night after dinner. Trying to do a 36-40 hour fast once every 2 weeks for autophagy mostly.


Thanks Janie for getting us going on a new month.

I am going to try and duplicate my success from last month, will start Wed.and go thru Sunday this week.

I keep dropping weight and then over a few days it all comes right back. Hopefully some longer fasting periods will keep some off. I have been really lucky this year, didn’t put on any permanent weight and now all of a sudden, my body seems to want to add 3 lbs. Not going to let that happen.


(Laurie) #4

Thank you for the new thread.

I’ve mostly been doing fine with daily intermittent fasting (2 meals a day). On shopping/errand days and the day after, my schedule is disrupted and I feel tired and sore. I’ve accepted that I’ll eat an extra meal on those days (about 4 days a month).

But for the past week or so I’ve felt hungry in the evenings for no particular reason. Well, maybe there is a reason. Certain food items seem more “snacky” than others – not because of their content but because of their form. So maybe it’s just in my head.

That might or might not be why. I’ll experiment by not having those things around.

(Jane) #5

27 hours in and ready for bed. Will break my fast sometime tomorrow mid-morning when I make hubby some breakfast.

(Jane) #6

Broke at 37 hours this morning. Could have easily made it to midday for 40 hrs but hubby wanted breakfast so I made it for him.

(Susan) #7

Congrats on the 37 hours, Janie. Thanks for starting the new thread. It is Thursday so I am going to start a new Fast starting at 5pm and see if I can get my weight to shift. I am not setting a goal of hours yet, I will see how it goes.

I wish you all the best =).

(Bob M) #8

I was able to make it about 36 hours (Tuesday after “dinner”, which was late until Thursday around 10am), mainly because my wife did it with me. I was about to eat dinner, but she wanted to continue. Yeah, wife!

This is the second 36 hour fast I’ve made, one last week, one this week. 36 hours/week might be all I can do for now. We’ll see about after I get the covid-19 vaccine. Maybe then I’ll try a 4.5 day fast.

(Bob M) #9

Oh yeah, had a cramp in my lower leg at night. Hmm…I might have to increase my magnesium/salt/potassium on these fasts.

(Susan) #10

I find swallowing some Pink Himalyan Salt rocks help a lot with curbing hunger and avoiding cramps when I am fasting =).

(Not a cow) #11

I started ADF last Monday , 4 - 36 hour fasts, M.W.F.and Sunday and then this week it’s supposed to be 3 36 hour fasts. I faltered on this Tuesday’s fast day, and needed some nourishment by 6pm, so I ate a normal dinner, and then the next day ate large to start a another fasting day today. I really like it so far, my fasting blood has never been lower, even first thing in the morning.

I was going to see how the two weeks resulted before I continue further, but I was also thinking of comparing it to the Krista Varady EOD diet where you get to eat 500-600 cals on your fast day. She said it works even better than not eating at all during your fasting day, which I kind of doubt, but I wanted to try it to see if I could manage so little food without it making me binge further. I would use Keto foods only, and not the rules she allows of anything you want.

Going to join you guys to help me make it through my tough fasting days. I love seeing all the support you give each other and will try to help where I can as well. On hour 25 now and just working on the mental side, as hunger is no problem. ( I keep telling myself that anyway )

(Susan) #12

Congrats on your 25 hours in so far =).

(Not a cow) #13

Thanks Mom, good luck on your fast for this week. I’ve noticed you are upping your fasting hours like a real expert these days, so hopefully I can get into the swing of things like you have!

(Susan) #14

Thanks! I am at a plateau at the moment and I haven’t cheated at all but been doing a lot of walking and my daily exercise videos (so upping the exercise a lot) so maybe building muscle that weighs more than fat --I am thinking that is why the scales are not shifting. I thought that getting on a regular Fasting routine might help get the scales moving again, haha =).

(Bob M) #15

Actually, muscle and fat weigh the same. :wink: It’s just fat is more dense. Back when I used to use the scale, there were plenty of times when I’d have to change a belt loop, but the scale wouldn’t move.

(Susan) #16

Ohhh okay, thanks for clarifying that for me, Bob. I always thought muscle weighed more. I learn new things on here daily!

(Bob M) #17

It’s one of those “a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat” (typically) snide remarks one can make. But people confuse weight and density. 1 pound of muscle will be much more dense than 1 pound of fat, and therefore much smaller in physical size. They will weigh the same, but they won’t look anything alike.

But if you’re exercising more, you could be gaining muscle, connective tissue, etc., and all of that is hard to tell without something fancy like a dual energy x-ray absorptiometry scan.

(Susan) #18

I think I will fast today. My last meal was at noon on Thursday so that’s 20 hours so far. That is nothing for me, I usually have OMAD most days.

No work tonight, so no stress about sleeping today. I will nap for a bit this afternoon and hopefully have a good sleep tonight.Night%20shift

(Not a cow) #19

I’ll sleep well tonight but starting a fast again just now, so tomorrow will be the problem night for sleeping. I’m also usually an OMAD eater so sleeping on an empty stomach never happened until I started fasting last week. I find it much more difficult to sleep on a fasting night, but maybe I’m just not used to it.

Finished a 42 hour fast today and now through my 6 hour eating window, and on to the next 36 hr fast. My gosh it’s never ending it seems.

I think it’s still easier than a 3 day fast, which I had done in the past. Once!

I hope everyone is doing well on their fasts!

(Susan) #20

You are all doing great, I wish you all the best =).

I am at 48 hours so far and doing just fine, no desire to eat anything so all good.