Extended fasting = Diarrhea

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I just did my first 90 hour fast. Had 3 very minor bouts of diarrhea. They were small and not disruptive, seemed more like a release valve than the kind you’re describing (a kind I used to experience quite often pre-Keto). Didn’t mind them at all.

I take magnesium citrate with my ketoaid but in doses far less than the amount the bottle says to induce a laxative effect. Maybe next time I’ll leave out the magnesium and see if I have any bouts at all.

I’m pondering getting magnesium through the skin via epsom salt baths (feet only for me, no bathtub) based on something Dr Fung said in a video about absorption rates. Need to do some more googling on it, though.

Seems like there’s a lot of variability in how people react. I wish you could find a clearer answer. Good luck.

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I broke my fast last night somewhere around the 104 hour mark and my diarrhea ended almost simultaneously. I also did not take my magnesium last night so I can’t say for sure if it was the food or the lack of magnesium that stopped it. Either way I picked up some new magnesium that is 200mg instead of 500mg. I also chose a type of magnesium with supposedly better absorption. I am going to start taking 400mg on the days I eat and only 200mg on the days I don’t and see what happens.

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Maximum. Some days only two, but when I’m fasting I definitely drink a minimum of two a per day. I always drink an entire bottle the hour and a half at the gym while I’m lifting. I found out my limit is 4 bottles a fat.
Anything more and my stools become loose. Everyone’s limit is different you’ll have to find the balance for your body.

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I hear coconut oil referenced so often. Almost a cure-all. :slight_smile: What type/ brand? Always a solid version? I’m guessing the local Walmart kind is not what people are talking about…?


I use unrefined organic. Refined organic for my husband who hates the taste of the unrefined.

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Widebody, I was glad to see someone else experiences what I have. Everything I’ve read only discusses explosions upon re-feeding. I have it usually around hour 36 of a fast and accompanied by nausea, sweating and dizziness. Then, once my bowels are emptied, I’m good! Of course, this happens around 10 am on a Tuesday while I’m at work!!! I was wondering if you found that lowering your magnesium and / or salt intake during the fast helped to alleviate any of this? I also take magnesium daily for leg cramps and I increase my salt intake while fasting. I’ve been so discouraged but I refuse to give up fasting, as it’s the only way I’ve found I can lose weight.

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I started restricting the lengths of my fasts for this reason, 3-4 days were my limit.

Metamucil is your friend. I only use on extended fasts starting on the morning of day 3. Two teaspoons in water once in the morning and again in the evening. Since following this protocol I have never looked back.

FYI I Fat Fast with heavy cream in my coffee, not sure how this would go if you are water only fasting.

I would hazard a guess that the Magnesium is definitely not helping the issue. If you really have to have it maybe Epsom Salt bath might be a better option. Personally the one time I did take Magnesium suppliment it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Now I make home made Bone Broth.

Hope this helps. Everyone is different so no one solution, I just had to do research and experiment and repeat.

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I have indeed found some respite in reducing magnesium and changing which type of magnesium I am taking. Now on days when I eat I take my normal 500mg of magnesium citrate and on my fasting days I take 200mg of magnesium orotate. Doing so has not eliminated the issue, but has greatly reduced it. Which in and of itself is a blessing and may very well get me into fasts longer than 96 hours.

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@9256 (Collene), read this thread! The answer to your “instability” while fasting might be to decrease your keto-aide some.

PS to the rest of you guys, Collene is KILLING IT on keto! She started in January ('18), adapted very quickly because she was already eating low carb, got into IF right away, and has already completed a 100-hour EF with flying colors, after only about 8 weeks keto. YOU GO, GIRL!

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Thanks Candy

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I am startind day 7 of extended fast, today I have had the same experience…all the day long! Nothing prior to this…thinking it could be the pink salt? Too much?

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Not a doctor, but with a bit of research on the subject found this is probably a very MINOR case of refeeding syndrome which typically occurs after extended periods of fasting / starvation (7+ days). Since this your fast is a smaller scale, I’m guessing it’s minor with less severe side effects (i.e. diarrhea). You can read up on it on PubMed: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/?term=Refeeding+syndrome

From what I gathered, the best solution is to ensure sufficient electrolytes are taken during and after fast (I recommend SaltStick tablets), proper vitamins are taken (specifically Vitamin B), and slow refeeding, 50% of daily intake w/ easily digestible foods.

It could also just be your body and is fairly common among fasting practitioners. It will pass, just stay close to the bathroom.

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Its 100% the magnesium.

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I do a 48 and 72 hour fasts pretty much every week, two hours after breaking the fast I make a “splash down” at the porcelain throne…small price to pay for the excellent results :slight_smile:


Just had this experience today, drank a cup of salt water and then a cup of mg for good measure. Didn’t really think too much on the wisdom of this until a few hours later I was running for the bathroom. 10,000 steps to the bathroom later I’m glad I didn’t go furniture shopping today like I had planned. Lesson learned: measure and maybe don’t double up on things. Lol I have been trying to lose water weight gained after being glutened earlier this week… I may just make my 3 pound goal by Tuesday at this rate.

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Too much salt can cause diarrhea?

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Hey there,

I haven’t read through the whole thread, so apologies if I’m adding something that’s already been said.

I came to Keto from a 10 year background in EF.

The only golden rule we had on the (non-English) EF forum I was on is that you use a mild fasting laxative to totally clear out your gut before going on an EF.

For IF, ADF, OMAD this is not necessary.

But for EF, you clear out your gut COMPLETELY before you start (i.e. have a 2nd lot of fasting laxative if the first lot didn’t quite do the job) and then weekly during the EF, depending on how many weeks you are doing.

So if you follow that protocol, there shouldn’t be ANY stool left to turn into diarrhea?

I mentioned the fasting laxative and reasoning in this thread yesterday:

I think the fasting laxative I use is basically that stuff Brenda uses in her Ketoaide?

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Too much salt in water can cause a salt flush.

(Raj Seth) #52

Old style Shankhaprakshalan by Yoga dudes 0.9% saline full purge of the entire GI tract
Done it. Feels good. Better be near the bowl😀

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That is the truth.