Starting a 60 day water fasting

(kathy) #1

Hello everyone,

I will be starting a 60 day water fast starting today. Throughout the fast I will take some liquid multi vitamins and minerals, to make sure I do the fast safely. I will post my weight loss results weekly to keep track. I have realized life is to short to be wasted feeling miserable and trapped in my own body. I want to wish everyone a happy fasting.

My starting weight is 270lbs, I really do not have a goal weight at the moment, but I really want to get under 200lbs.

(icky) #2

Hi Kathy,

Are you using a mild laxative for fasting to clear your gut before you start?

In my (non-English) extended fasting forum, everyone uses a laxative before starting and then once a week during the extended fast, to make sure the gut is truly cleared out. It helps a lot.

(Jack Brien) #3

What does it help with?

(icky) #4

For one thing, by completely emptying the whole digestive tract, it signals your body that there is NO food available at all (not even a rest in the gut) which shuts down your digestive functions quicker, putting your body in a fasting state quicker and it helps to stop cravings cos your body accepts that there is simply zero food available.

Also, when you start fasting, as your digestive tract starts to shut down, so does gut motility. The muscles of your bowels stop moving food along and so it can kind of just sit there and either rot or ferment.

This is how I understand it and in my (non-English) extended fasting forum this is what EVERYONE does. It’s the only golden rule we have and all the literature (books/ websites/ medical resources/ etc) used on that forum also point out the importance of using a laxative before fasting and at weekly intervals during fasting.

So, I always thought it was an absolute given, til I met people here on the Keto forum not doing it.

Dunno if that’s because extended fasting is not done here so much. It seems to be mostly IF and ADF and OMAD. For those types of fasting, clearing out your gut isn’t necessary.

(Jack Brien) #5

Good luck. You might want to reduce your magnesium if you get the runs and investigate whether you need some supplements at all.

(Jack Brien) #6

I don’t think your bowels actually stop, just slow down. Also different laxatives have different actions, a bulking agent and a stimulant, for example will have very different actions.

(icky) #7

Yeah, but if bowels slow down a lot, then it’s kinda close to stopping.

I use a special fasting laxative.

It’s mild and is based on magnesium sulfate.

(Jack Brien) #8

Mild is good. Shitting yourself in public isn’t

(kathy) #9

I did take laxatives, to clean out my bowel. I took some senna laxative tea. I did not want have a full bowel while fasting.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Extended fasting = Diarrhea
(karen) #10

Good luck! Were you doing a ketogenic diet before you started?

(kathy) #11

Hello Everyone,

Today is day 2 of my fast. So far everything is going well. I got some hunger pangs, it just come in waves, but I just got to ride the waves and drink some water. If I do something busy or focus on something else, the hunger goes away. I know after few days the hunger should go away and the body should start burning fat for fuel.

(kathy) #12


I did not do ketogenic diet before I started, I just ate only raw fruits and veggies for about 5 days, to ease into the fast. But after I am done fasting I will start Ketogenic diet or interminent fasting

(Jay AM) #13

A 60 day water fast for someone who was a sugar burner before doing it is going to be a nightmare at best. What are the nutrition facts of your liquid vitamins and minerals? What do you plan to do to avoid refeeding syndrome? How do you plan to intake sodium and potassium?


Hi there,
First of all congratulations for making the decision to loose some weight and improve your health. :+1:

It is a very ambitious goal you have set for yourself, I hope you will achieve what you are looking for.

You have not provided any info about yourself but what I have gathered in this thread is that you are not
fat adopted, heck you are not even in ketosis! As @J_A-M mentioned in her post it wont be easy.
I don’t write this to be discouraging, I’m writing this as a concerned fellow who wish for you to be successful.

I am sure you have read about people who fasted for months and lost incredible amount of weight.
What usually don’t get emphasized is those people have a very good understanding of the subject and or
have a doctor or a team of doctors monitor them and provide support and the necessary supplements.

My other point is that most people who make decisions like you did, do it for 2-4 days and say “screw it”
and disappear. I have made similar mistakes myself before. I hope you have an extreme commitment to this and achieve your goal but if things go south please read on, I am only trying to help.

Fasting is a muscle that needs to be flexed and exercised, I do intermittent fasting on most days and I have several 1-5 day fasts behind me. I wanted to go beyond 5 days myself but I’m just not there yet.

Loosing weight is a marathon and not a race. I highly recommend reading the forums and transition to
the keto lifestyle read the Obesity code book, listen to “obesity code” and 2ketodudes podcast, (Hi Carl and Richard :wave: ) ask as many questions as you like, Get in ketosis, get fat adopted, and KCKO :vulcan_salute:

This is getting way longer than I wanted it to be so…
I don’t mean this as a discouragement, on the contrary, I wish you success and just in case hiccups
happen I hope my ramblings will help you to overcome them.

Good luck.

(kathy) #15

Hello everyone,

Today is day 4 of my fast, so far everything is going well. I am not feeling any strong hunger pangs, my body must have switched to ketosis by now. I could probably use a ketosis strip to test the level ketones in my body, but being on fast I am sure body has no choice but to be in ketosis.

Throughout my fast, I will be monitoring my blood pressure levels, to make sure it does not go too low, I will be taking some sea salts and water soluble vitamins to help me through the fasting. I am going to go as long as I can on the fast, my goal is 60 days. But I will listen to my body. If for any reason, I am not able to complete the fast, I will write a post when it ended.


I’m glad to see you back.
You have a strong will/determination.
Keep us updated of your progress.

(icky) #17

Sounds great Kathy! :blush:

(Bunny) #18

Sounds really really dangerous, are you having blood work done while fasting so extensively?

One thing I would not be doing this for is to lose weight!