Extended fasting = Diarrhea

(Allie) #22

My friend’s mum does too! :joy:


What type of magnesium are you taking?
Some of them have very laxative effects, and cutting out food may ‘reveal’ the effect whereas it is hidden by your normal food intake.

Way back in the day I did a bowel cleanse using magnesium.
Oh my goodness. :open_mouth:
That was quite an experience.

(Gargantuan B. Widebody) #24

Sundown Naturals Magnesium 500mg. The ingredients says Dicalcium Phosphate, Vegetable Cellulose. Contains <2% of: Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide Color, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

So it that a good one or should I be looking for some Magnesium Orotate?


Honestly, I can’t say. :slight_smile:

I ended up going for the Mag Citrate, on balance of price, bioavailability and bowel effects. LOL
But I bought several bottles a couple of years ago, and am only now looking to repurchase… so will have to decide all over again.

Can I suggest that you just stop taking the one you have now, for a few days, and see if there is any difference? If it doesn’t, then my suggestion was just incorrect speculation. :grin:

(Candy Lind) #26

If this is what you normally take when eating, it might be too much when fasting. @Brenda’s keto-aide has 75 mg Mg per serving and she drinks 4/day when fasting, which = 300mg. Try backing off or just using keto-aide instead of the Mg & salt.

(Carolyn Zick) #27

LOL! thank you for posting this. I did my first extended fast (just ended at Hour 43) and at Hour 36 today…at work thank you I became saddled with this situation. I immediately came back from the restroom and did a search here and you came up. My problem went away in an hour but it was mighty uncomfortable. That and feeling tired right now were the only two hardships. Next time I’ll be more prepared :slight_smile:

(Gargantuan B. Widebody) #28

My concern is leg cramps. I get nightmarish sleep-shattering jump-out-of-bed not-going-back- to-sleep-anytime-soon leg cramps if I don’t take enough magnesium. But I might skip it tonight just to see. Fingers crossed.

(Gargantuan B. Widebody) #29

Yep, I take 500mg every day. On keto or off, eating or not. I am looking at other brands/types and will pick up one that is like 250mg and one that is 500mg to take depending on if I am eating or fasting. But I would not feed keto-aid to my enemies. Blech. :dizzy_face: :wink:

(Liz ) #30

FWIW I take a 99mg potassium for night cramps at the moment they wake me up, it works almost instantly.

(Candy Lind) #31

:rofl: Funny, I’ve grown quite fond of the taste. I even quit adding sweetener.


I also enjoy it, I add a splash of ACV to mine.

(H) #33

I just did my first 90 hour fast. Had 3 very minor bouts of diarrhea. They were small and not disruptive, seemed more like a release valve than the kind you’re describing (a kind I used to experience quite often pre-Keto). Didn’t mind them at all.

I take magnesium citrate with my ketoaid but in doses far less than the amount the bottle says to induce a laxative effect. Maybe next time I’ll leave out the magnesium and see if I have any bouts at all.

I’m pondering getting magnesium through the skin via epsom salt baths (feet only for me, no bathtub) based on something Dr Fung said in a video about absorption rates. Need to do some more googling on it, though.

Seems like there’s a lot of variability in how people react. I wish you could find a clearer answer. Good luck.

(Gargantuan B. Widebody) #34

I broke my fast last night somewhere around the 104 hour mark and my diarrhea ended almost simultaneously. I also did not take my magnesium last night so I can’t say for sure if it was the food or the lack of magnesium that stopped it. Either way I picked up some new magnesium that is 200mg instead of 500mg. I also chose a type of magnesium with supposedly better absorption. I am going to start taking 400mg on the days I eat and only 200mg on the days I don’t and see what happens.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #35

Maximum. Some days only two, but when I’m fasting I definitely drink a minimum of two a per day. I always drink an entire bottle the hour and a half at the gym while I’m lifting. I found out my limit is 4 bottles a fat.
Anything more and my stools become loose. Everyone’s limit is different you’ll have to find the balance for your body.

(Jeanne Wagner) #36

I hear coconut oil referenced so often. Almost a cure-all. :slight_smile: What type/ brand? Always a solid version? I’m guessing the local Walmart kind is not what people are talking about…?


I use unrefined organic. Refined organic for my husband who hates the taste of the unrefined.

(Terri Morgan ) #38

Widebody, I was glad to see someone else experiences what I have. Everything I’ve read only discusses explosions upon re-feeding. I have it usually around hour 36 of a fast and accompanied by nausea, sweating and dizziness. Then, once my bowels are emptied, I’m good! Of course, this happens around 10 am on a Tuesday while I’m at work!!! I was wondering if you found that lowering your magnesium and / or salt intake during the fast helped to alleviate any of this? I also take magnesium daily for leg cramps and I increase my salt intake while fasting. I’ve been so discouraged but I refuse to give up fasting, as it’s the only way I’ve found I can lose weight.

(Just add butter) #39

I started restricting the lengths of my fasts for this reason, 3-4 days were my limit.

Metamucil is your friend. I only use on extended fasts starting on the morning of day 3. Two teaspoons in water once in the morning and again in the evening. Since following this protocol I have never looked back.

FYI I Fat Fast with heavy cream in my coffee, not sure how this would go if you are water only fasting.

I would hazard a guess that the Magnesium is definitely not helping the issue. If you really have to have it maybe Epsom Salt bath might be a better option. Personally the one time I did take Magnesium suppliment it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Now I make home made Bone Broth.

Hope this helps. Everyone is different so no one solution, I just had to do research and experiment and repeat.

(Gargantuan B. Widebody) #40

I have indeed found some respite in reducing magnesium and changing which type of magnesium I am taking. Now on days when I eat I take my normal 500mg of magnesium citrate and on my fasting days I take 200mg of magnesium orotate. Doing so has not eliminated the issue, but has greatly reduced it. Which in and of itself is a blessing and may very well get me into fasts longer than 96 hours.

(Candy Lind) #41

@9256 (Collene), read this thread! The answer to your “instability” while fasting might be to decrease your keto-aide some.

PS to the rest of you guys, Collene is KILLING IT on keto! She started in January ('18), adapted very quickly because she was already eating low carb, got into IF right away, and has already completed a 100-hour EF with flying colors, after only about 8 weeks keto. YOU GO, GIRL!