Dread's Carnivore Muscle Thread

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I seem to recall you promised naked shots… just sayin’…

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I’m going to keep you waiting until you offer money honey.

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Alright, had a light deload and conditioning day today. Pushed the prowler with about 200lbs 100yd x 5, 2 sets of 20 kettlebell swings with 50#, 3 sets of 20 push ups, 3 sets of 6 pull ups, 3 sets of 10 ab wheel rollouts from the knees, a barbell complex with SLDLs, rows, curls, presses, and squats, 40lbs, 2 rounds to somewhat failure. Ended with half an hour walking. Was good. Needed to get to my office so I could get some paperwork done, because I’ll be in meetings all fucking day.

So here’s another progress pic from the same angle, first, the other two.

This one is from October or November 2017, 1 year ago:

This one is from July 2018:

This one is from today, October 17, 2018:

Bonus one of my favorite classic poses:

So hungry
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Also, tried seasoning with my dad’s home made pepper last night…tasted great, but bound me up.

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What app are you using to track your workouts? This looks pretty nifty.

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That’s Progression, it’s only on Android though.

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I just got a Pixel so I’ll be checking that out. Appreciate it.

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Solid progression, sunshine.

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Alright. Monday morning had a site ride with my boss for a new client, very far away and we had to meet at the office at 7:15 (no sweat, I get there earlier all the time, needed to be earlier to squeeze breakfast in sooner). Gym opens at 5 on Mondays, which I hate.

Monday’s upper power workout went great. I moved with urgency and got through it.

Tuesday morning for my power lower session I felt somewhat nauseous, think it’s the added creatine in my preworkout. I cut that out today.

Wednesday’s conditioning sesh went fucking great. I did the following:

  1. Conditioning complex consisting of 3 rounds: Loaded prowler pushes down and back, 10 reps ab rollouts, 5 push-ups, 5 pull-ups, 20 kettlebell swings with 50lbs, and sprint down and back as many as possible. This was fucking MURDER. I’m sure my heart rate must have hit 200.

  2. Barbell complex: 3 rounds of 10 reps, deadlift, row, curl, press, squat with 40lbs.

  3. 10 minutes on the recumbent bike before I got antsy and left.

  4. 20 minutes in the sauna.

I feel great but I’m tanked.

In other news, the gym stache is in full swing. Time to bump up those rookie numbers and get serious.

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Made up for Tuesday’s bullshit leg workout today. Really seared my legs. They’re a little overcooked, TBH.

On an unrelated note, I managed to fix my son’s gaming PC that’s been out of commission for months. I have no idea what I did. He’s happy af though. Next task is to fix my wife’s PC. For some reason I can’t keep them from having issues - I believe they were both borked in a Windows update, possibly due to hard drives being full, but I’m unsure.

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Thinking about potentially moving back to a full body routine. I felt like I recovered better and felt stronger that way. Possibly starting tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Alright, so I’m trying this bad boy out for size. I’m making small tweaks here and there (like a distinct lack of bicep work in the first two weeks, and calves every fucking day).

Nothing new or groundbreaking, but I’d like to take it a few weeks and see if I can stomach the 2 - a - days.

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The lack of rest-and-repair time will be interesting, indeed.

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I find I respond better to frequent full body training. In my head it’s all about adaptation - it might get a little harrier at the point when I’m training 2x a day but I feel like this program ramps it up pretty good. Hopefully I don’t get bored.

This morning I got in the gym at 4am and left at 5:20 which included a tan. Gave me some time to drive Lyft before work and make a couple extra bucks.

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I tried doing split workouts about a month ago. 25min of intense work in the am, and then go back in the afternoon for a quick finish to the workout. I could never do it, Id instantly get cramps in the muscle group I was working on (if Id do lats/back in the am, hitting biceps in the pm was instant cramping in my forearms/biceps). I wasn’t expecting that to happen

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Interesting, not something I’ve encountered in the past.

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Conditioning today. 4x prowler pushes down and back, 4 sets of 20 on swings at 50lbs, 4x sprints down and back, 4x5 pullups and push-ups, 4x10 about wheel, 3x10 barbell complex wide grip behind the neck.

Follow my new fitness Instagram public account, @carnivoremuscle.

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Finished the first week of this new workout. Not bad. Remembered I hate sumo deadlifts. I just don’t spread my legs well and it feels wrong. I switched to conventional halfway through. Also added shrugs, 135, 225, 315 and some very light single leg leg extensions.

Also I have a meeting Monday and need a new shirt.

“Clothes rip like the incredible hulk…”

More pics from this morning: