Dr. Darren Schmidt: Science of Apple Cider Vinegar ACV

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The Biggest Benefit of Apple Cider Vinegar is Ketones

I am having a love affair with vinegar and I am not ashamed
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But, does it reduce mold? XD Okay okay! I’m trying to be serious now. Open mind. Watching…did he just say it’s as healthy as ketosis based on a quick search he did online?

Now, I do have anecdotal evidence of ACV doing stuff internally but, he’s watering it down with weird “science.”

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Here is the kicker about that; did you listen to what he was saying about a Doctor moving to a small rural town way out in the sticks in America and no one ever came to see this Doctor, so the said Doctor decided to investigate and lo and behold they were all drinking ACV, the people of this town were even giving the ACV to their farm animals! These people knew nothing about Ketosis or a Ketogenic diet! They had no diseases like city folks!

That says a lot?

Nothing weird or anecdotal about that!

(Jay AM) #4

A doctor we’ll never hear of in a town we’ll never find? Nothing weird there! Those lose ends have been cut clean.

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It is in that kind of thinking we forget what natural and organic means and the way of life that sustains the quality of life, that is why cancer, diabetes and a plethora of diseases rule the day! Considering how processed food make their way to distant communities etc… people forget?

Glossing over the most important fundamental aspects with a grain of salt, in a blaze of passionate ignorance or entrenched in a bold display of Orwellian like cognitive dissonance; because it just does not fit with what we are told to think? That is why nobody can figure out why they have diabetes, cancer etc. Or understanding why and how agriculturally (soil quality) and with livestock we create that type of biomolecular environment for nutritional values to decline and diseases to thrive in is key?

Scary to think that anyone who thinks everything is just a mythical fairytale and people just make up stories that has no possible fact rooted in reality would become a Doctor, someday, but unfortunately that is a fact rooted in academia and state medical board testing requirements!

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Maybe I should watch the video 1st😬
On My 10 day straight ACV drink b4 bed!
Newest in body experiment :smile:

Feeling great
Sleeping awesome
No stomach gurgles
Carries me right in to my morning IF…easily than without it

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I started taking acv three days ago before each meal. Not sure what impact it’s had on my lengthy stall but I can say I’m not wanting to snack at night anymore (I generally don’t but have to really fight the urge normally). I was intrigued by all of the health benefits beyond weight loss/insulin too.


lo, all our health issues can be attributed to a chronic lack of ACV :joy:


I’m trying ACV too. I stopped during my March Zornfast, but re-starting today. No problems so far (and to be fair, no positives that I’ve noted either) but I don’t get all the SNARK centered around a SUPER CHEAP intervention/KETO tweak… that has received a TON of anecdotal enthusiasm.

Not to mention, the occasional HUGE thumbs up from a chronic sufferer of …whatever… that subsequent to getting some welcomed relief, then swears their undying allegiance.

Am I missing something here? (I AM a slow learner…) :thinking:

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Good golly, lost in jolly, how merry we be! :rofl:

The thought here and lack of insight, is we are only thinking in the terms of apples from a tree? Vinegar (firmentation) does not only come from apples! Apple Cider Vinegar gets a lot of attention and steals the limelight in the dissonance of the universal glitz mostly attributed to modern day abundance!

Fermentation enhances and compliments mammalian physiochemistry (one of many factors) that can counter some of the the recent decline in nutrient values through the past let’s say 300 years e.g. other factors like omega PUFA ratios, ground soil quality etc…



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I expect it’s this book. I am in the UK and it was widely available about 30 years ago

(Duane Hewitt) #12

To be fair he did refer to the book the doctor published titled “Vermont Folk Medicine”.

His video did spur me to search the literature and I have a crafted a post on my blog about vinegar biochemistry.

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Beautifully executed!

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #14

Until someone can explain, mechanistically, how ACV works and how it is different from other fermented vinegars or products, I’m skeptical.

(Bunny) #16

Type does not differ or matter other than the vital importance of unprocessed organic mother (floaters) in ACV or whatever fermented substances one chooses to put in their body…

6 Steps to Rebuild Gut Flora Metabolism


Gut Microbiota Clinical Minute: Do fermented foods contribute to health? Note: keep in mind the excessive carb and sugar (nor keto considered?) dietary intake is probably factored into the information contained in this website link?

Newbie here. Probiotics on keto?
(Ginger) #17

So is he suggesting that you can get into ketosis with ACV alone, irrelevant of carbohydrate? He really seems to be saying that ACV causes ketosis. Well he says ACV is ketosis but i’m thinking that its just his turn of phrase and he doesn’t mean that literally?

Has anyone found that ACV increases their ketone blood level? Is that a thing? I’ve heard that it can help to increase insulin sensitivity or helps balance glucose levels but not that it raises ketones so would be interesting to hear if anyone has been testing that.

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #18

If he’s saying that, he’s beyond the science of the Krebs cycle and ketone metabolism. Glucose and insulin above a certain baseline will prevent the creation of ketones.

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I’ve just attended a recent lecture on this. Good info :rabbit2:.


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Once a day? How much ACV?

(Empress of the Unexpected) #21

I’m curious enough to test. I don’t get very high levels. How much and how often.