Do you eat the fat?

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If you make a ribeye steak or another fatty cut of meat, do you guys eat the actual fat around the meat, or just cut that off and eat the marbled meat?

(John) #2

I mostly eat the fat, not if too thick and not rendered completely. Just a texture thing.

(Jennifer) #3

I started getting ribeyes after starting Keto and can usually eat most of the fat. The crispy outside fat is easier to eat then big lumps of inside fat. But that’s me…


The fat’s my favorite part!!! With pink salt on it. Yummmm. Sometimes I can get to the butcher before they have cut them up and removed the big fat cap. I love the fat as thick as I can get it! I eat a big rib eye or NY strip steak every day for breakfast and usually one for lunch too. (No dinner usually.) Switched to ZC to lose my last ten pounds and it came off so fast!! Maintaining same way. Fatty beef rules!!!


I try and eat a bit but I just don’t love it. Some of it’s just too much fat for me. Same with chicken skin. I can’t tolerate much. I do make up for it in other ways though.


I eat ALL of the fat…every juicy morsel. In fact, if there is too much food in my plate, the protein part is the leftover, and the fat is gone!

(Jo Lo) #7

Yes, everything. My doctor told me that such foods have the ideal protein/fat ratio. So do eggs. Ah, steak and eggs. There’s a meal.

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Whoa!!! That’s amazing!!! When you say zero carb, are you legit just eating meat? No eggs or any kind of vegetable? I may try a couple zero carb days.

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Also @Deb @Fiorella @trekkin1 - how do you cook your steak? On the stove, oven, or grill? I meant to grill mine tonight but I came home from the gym and didn’t have the patience so I threw it in a pan.

(Lauren) #10

I’ve loved steak fat since I was little. I even steal fiance’s since he doesn’t eat it. GIVE ME ALL THE FAT!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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(Todd Allen) #12

Mostly I only eat the fat. I found a place that sells fat trimmed from steaks cut from organic pastured animals (beef and pork). And it is typically $2 to $3 / lb. I rarely buy traditional cuts of meat any more and mostly buy fat and organ meats. I really like a 50/50 combination of thin sliced beef heart also $2 / lb slow cooked with beef fat. The beef heart is a dense lean muscle meat which would tend to be a bit dry on its own but when cooked with the fat is satisfying, delicious and has a good nutritional profile. I enjoy all the other organs too especially when combined with enough fat. Almost anything can benefit from adding in fat. And salted and seasoned the fat is great by itself.


Here’s how I like to do it:

(Jo Lo) #14

Yes, that’s just right. Try to avoid burning, or allowing drippings to flame up and put undesireable compounds on your meat. Many steaks come out fine just pan fried in grass-fed butter too. Flip it a few times, don’t overcook too much.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #15

I eat all the fat and the fat my Husband cuts off his steaks. We split pigs and cows with friends and the butcher leaves on large fat caps for us.


I eat three or four eggs with grass fed butter about twice a week in place of one steak. (If just three I’ll have about 16 oz of beef bone broth with it as I like to get no less than 94 grams of protein per day. It’s where I fell best. I’m 5’4".) ZC just means only food from animal kingdom. There’s another good Facebook group called Principia Carnivora that helps explain it all. I think there’s some posts on here about it too. Since hitting maintenance I have deviated from it a few times but if I’ve gained a bit, going right back to just meat with its own fat has taken it off super quickly!


I should add that I like wild salmon and ground beef too once a week or so. :blush:

(Scott Telfer) #18

I think it’s instinctive but was often conditioned out of us. I remember in the mid 80s (height of fat phobia era) and I was about 6, my mother (thinking she was doing the right thing) cutting the fat off of our pork chops and put them to the side of the plate in shame. My brother and I instinctively went for them first and then used to eat our parents cut off fat too before we ate the ‘meat’ of the chop. I remember her shuddering and rolling her eyes under the 80s perm saying ‘but think of the of the saturated fat?!?!!?’ Luckily three decades on we are much better educated and relish the fat! If you look at any large land mammal carnivore after a kill and they immediately go to the stores of fat and offal in carcass before another predator turns up, then they eat the muscle if they have time. Same as nomadic cultures, they used the muscle meat for the dogs and gorged on the fat, liver and kidneys.

(Alex Peralta) #19

Every last glistening bite!

(IDM Educator) #20

OMG you are serious