Do nut milks have a place in Keto?

(Regina) #1

Is it okay to have an occasional glass of unsweetened, unflavored nut milk? I drink it to make sure I am getting enough calcium, and I also like the taste. Any downsides I haven’t considered?


Yup, just don’t overdo it. Although it’s not the same as fisting nuts, it IS water soaked in them so keep that in mind.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #3

Yes, just make sure you are using the unsweetened ones.

I love Kirkland Signature unsweetened vanilla almond milk from Costco.

(Regina) #4

Just one every other day or so. What did you mean by “water soaked in them?”

(Regina) #5

I use the unsweetened and unflavored.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #6

You should be fine. The one I use has 1g card per serving and 1g fiber, so depending if you’re counting total carbs it’s 1 or net carbs is 0.
So one won’t hurt anything.

By “soaked in water” I believe what they mean is that all nut milks are simply nuts soaked in water, then blended smooth.


There is no such thing as a nut “milk”. Nut’s don’t produce milk. Nut “Milks” are nuts pulverized and soaked in water for a period of time and then strained. End result is the “milk”. Nut flavored water is what it actually is, some add a couple things to give is a slight thickness.

(Regina) #8

I know this. Let me rephrase: Is there a downside to drinking a nut-flavored water calcium delivery system. :joy:

(ash) #9

I use unsweetened almond vanilla. I use it in my coffee. Since having no sugar for 7 weeks now it’s very sweet to me. I also add some hwc. I also might have a small 6 ounce glass on occasion with dinner. Love it, might actually like it more than normal milk.

(Candy Lind) #10

IIFYM , why not? I just discovered “Milkadamia” - macadamia nut milk (unsweetened, of course) - and I mix it with heavy cream and cocoa powder, plus a bit of stevia, as a “chocolate milk” drink. I tried this mainly for my hubby, since he’s new to keto and I’m trying to find him a few treats that are like the things he used to enjoy a lot (chocolate milk among them). Good or excellent source of Vitamin A & D, Calcium and Potassium; in 8 ounces there are 6g fat, only .5 g protein and .5 g net carb, so this drink will be a great way to add fat, as well.

(Regina) #11

Where do you find macadamia nut milk?

(Candy Lind) #12

I believe it’s popping up everywhere you can find almond, soy, and other “non-milk milks” - but not always in the refrigerator. It is shelf-stable without refrigeration before you open it. I found it in the refrigerator at WalMart, but in my local grocery it is in a beverage aisle.

(Regina) #13

Thanks so much. I will look for it!

(ash) #14

I’m going to be on the lookout for this, macadamia nuts have been my new fav.

(Maria) #15

I bought Almond milk then recently news stated a recall due to real milk being in it, uhhh so mine is still sitting unopened.:woman_shrugging:t2:

(Regina) #16

Wow, never heard that. I have snuck Soymilk.

(Maria) #17

Very true

(Maria) #18

Its one brand Almond Breeze. :astonished:

(Regina) #19

As long as it is unsweetened it is okay.

(Edith) #20

I love Milkadamia! I replaced unsweetened coconut with Milkadamia. It tastes way better. :yum: