December 2020 IF/EF Chat Thread

(Susan) #41

49 hours in and I am laying wide awake in bed I took my sleeping medication and slept for an hour. I feel like I could get up and dance! No physical hunger but I already have my next meal planned.

(Bob M) #42

For longer fasts (multiple days), I’ve had some great nights of sleep, and some where I sleep a limited time – but I don’t feel tired.

Anyway, good luck on your fasting, and it’s too bad you couldn’t see your grandkids. Let’s hope these vaccines pan out, and we can vaccinate enough people, to allow us to get together with families.

(Susan) #43

76 hours. A few hunger pangs but I will be sleeping soon so that doesn’t bother me. After I wrote last night I slept like a baby for hours.
Tried to take my ketone level with the keto mojo but I forget how to use it.

(Susan) #44

I just posted on the Zornfast thread, but will post here too =). I have been Fasting since Monday at 2pm with a 103 hour goal to go until tomorrow night at 5pm (Friday).

Congrats to all of you for your Fasting and continued Fasting.

(Bacon for the Win) #45

Thank you for this thread. I don’t know how I’ve missed it until more than halfway through the month. I’ve been IFing most of this month, using the Zero app to track. I like seeing the calendar full of fasts. I also put myself back on night shift at work. I find it easier to not eat there at night than to not eat there during the day.

Another thing, I have developed an annoying habit of raiding the fridge in the middle of the night while home. I have no idea why I do this or how to stop it. I have no problem not eating at night when at work, but when home? I don’t sleep well and this night time eating needs to stop. I’ve listened to Glenn Livingston’s Never Binge Again, and while it’s useful, it still hasn’t stopped the behavior. Maybe putting it here will.

Anyhow, IF today and stayed out of the fridge last night. Not back to work until next Thursday.


I have night eating too, it’s only this year I think but pretty annoying sometimes. I usually eat after midnight in those cases, sometimes at 2am and very rarely at 3-4am. Very nearly no way I ever wake up at night (and I can’t eat after waking up anyway except very rare circumstances) so these are before my bedtime and I may or may not be hungry at that time. So it’s partially mental but sometimes I am hungry, valid reason to eat but it still feels odd the next day and mess with my food intake too. And I tend to be somewhat uncontrolled, sometimes unsatiated then. It’s nothing like eating lunch or dinner.

A not too early, big enough OMAD meal solves this for me (as I am too full until bedtime then) and this annoying late eating is one reason I try to stick to OMAD now. Not every day, only if it’s comfortable, doable.

(Susan) #47

I made it to 104 hours. I wish you all the best =).

(Susan) #48

Nicely done Susan.
79 hours for me. I am back to eating OMAD.

(Bob M) #49

I’m almost afraid to say that I made one OMAD yesterday…might try for two (Wednesday). You all seem to be able to do this with not much effort.

After that, 2MAD during the holidays.

(Jane Srygley) #50

Hi all! I’m on day 2 of a 3-day fast. Really struggling with it emotionally. I’m an anxious eater and miss food when I don’t eat. Usually I only fast for one full day, 36 hours or so. I’ve only ever done a fast of more than that one time about a year ago. I’m at work, so my anxiety level is higher. I can keep busy but I’m used to eating while I work and can’t do that so… I’m struggling. How is everyone else doing?

(Laurie) #51

I understand how work anxiety could test your resolve. These days I do 18/6 intermittent fasts (IF) only. Twice a month I go shopping; this involves ferry travel and a switch from rural to urban ambience. It isn’t even what I’d call stressful, but I’ve come to accept that on shopping day and the day after, IF goes out the window.


December is my least controlled month. It wasn’t so bad now but my stupid midnight eating still happened. Oh well, I know how to solve it… Today I had a very good dinner (I ate twice but my eating window was small, maybe 1.5 hours except a bite outside, still not very very far. so it wasn’t OMAD at all but good enough for me) and I reached Perfect Satiation again. It’s nice to do a carnivore or carnivore-ish day with really good food… (I had duck and roasted piglet with beautiful crunchy red skin!)
I am so very satiated and satisfied that the usual midnight urge surely won’t come. And if it does, I will laugh at it.
Now I get my act together, December with its circumstances is almost over! I have LOTS OF piglet left… It will be easy.

I will be quite happy with a small eating window in January. Slightly longer fasts will come naturally or not in the near future. But I definitely want to stop eating at night. Except if I need fuel at that point but I try to avoid that, it’s always better to eat in my natural eating window, in the afternoon/evening.

(Susan) #53

I plan on fasting to see the new year out. I ate at 11:30 pm on Wednesday, I hope to get to New Years Day at 11:30 pm.

(KCKO, KCFO) #54

Hang in there Susan.

I opted to start fasting after New Year’s Day supper. Want to do a 3 day one then.

(KCKO, KCFO) #55

New month, new year, so here is the new thread.