December 2020 IF/EF Chat Thread

(Tamela Robinette) #21

Well I did NOT make it 20 hours on Saturday but I did stay carnivore for the most part and I blame it 100000% on the holidays and my inability to say no to family when I’ve consumed adult beverages. I went for a run on the local trail and immediately decided I needed a big meal, so I ate(carnivore.) Then later in the evening attended a family Christmas party which as you guessed was loaded with holiday SAD foods. I nibbled here and there, I’m just not disciplined when I drink, plus my sister kept making comments that she didn’t want to hear “excuses” about why I couldn’t eat this or that. I know I shouldn’t have given in but I was weak. It was a very small amount compared to what I would have eaten in the past so I’ll take it as a mini win. I don’t feel bloated or achy or swollen and I’m actually getting ready to exercise. We shall see what the scales say tomorrow. Going to probably do OMAD today but may fast through until lunch tomorrow.

(Bob M) #22

Personally, I am ALWAYS hungry after a drink. The drink could have a ton of calories (been drinking Maria Emmerich’s eggnog) and fat, and I’ll still be hungry.

I made it OMAD twice last week. Trying to get back to 36 hours at least once a week, but since the kids are at home due to distance learning, it’s tough not to eat with them at dinner. Maybe Wednesday, we’ll see.

(Tired of the yoyo) #23

I was so close to OMAD yesterday, but I ate a 1/4" slice of summer sausage. I was preparing a plate for someone else and mindlessly popped it in my mouth. Oh well, just something to be aware of in the future! Today is TMAD. I find OMAD easier if I have something to look forward to at the evening meal. Need to work on my menu planning…

However, I do have something positive to report. For dinner last night I made keto chili- basically all meat with a little tomato paste and broth and I actually experienced fullness! I think this may have been the first time since starting keto three months ago. It was pretty neat because that feeling has really been elusive. Maybe my hormones are finally cooperating! :grinning:


As far as I know, it’s typical. I only knew 2 people who said they don’t eat when they drink, one of them was me. But it’s over, my 11ml whisky really does nothing to my hunger and satiation :smiley: 2 shots were effective, easily triggered skipping dinner. I don’t see the logic in it but I don’t know why sleep or a little walk makes me more satiated either (if I am not hungry to begin with).

Finally, 20/4 for me today. If I won’t eat again (it’s only 5pm as I got hungry super early but we will see). My appetite was low, hunger usually non-existent and satiation came too easily in the last several days so I often had huge eating windows. And I prefer my small ones. Especially OMAD, hopefully it will happen soon.

(Laurie) #25

I don’t drink, but I’m trying to monitor what makes me lose my resolve (to intermittent fast). The main culprits seem to be stress, sleep, and feeling a bit sick.

Social pressure used to be a biggie, but I no longer eat with others, for that very reason.

(Susan) #26

I am on my normal 20:4 IF and I plan to do 100 hours or more on this month’s Zornfast again =).

Good luck to everyone =).

(Jane) #27

You go girl!

(sandy gilbertson) #28

I am doing my first 7 day fast. 48 hours in, I can do this!

(Doug) #29

Welcome, Sandy. :slightly_smiling_face: Yes - and being at 48 hours means you’ve gotten through some often tough times, like around 18 hours and “the second day.” :+1:

(Tired of the yoyo) #30

Awesome Sandy! I haven’t made it that far yet.

(Tamela Robinette) #31

I broke at 17 hours this morning in order to move my meal times to early morning. I read that is better for females so I figured why not. I naturally tend to skip dinner anyway because hubby is always eating high carb foods. Will probably do 20/4 or OMAD through the work week. I’m attempting to build more muscle. I’ve been lifting heavier and researching what it takes to build muscle as a “seasoned” female. If anyone has any pointers I’d greatly appreciate the input😊


Hey there!

This is a slight TW for anyone with eating disorders, so fair warning.

I recently got back onto the Keto horse after a little under a year of carb-loading. In 2019 I lost 100 pounds following Keto + IF/EF, but it got to the point where I was unhealthily addicted to fasting and weight loss. I was doing EF every week and when I WOULD eat, I ate ~700-1000 calories before fasting again. I loved the weight loss from it, but whenever I ate I hated myself for “jeopardizing” it all. I started to despise eating and developed anorexia as a result. Because Keto makes me full versus SAD making me hungry every few hours, I went back to carbs in order recover and fix my mental relationship with food. I needed to love eating again!

Now that I am a bit of ways through my recovery, I have gained 40 pounds from my lowest weight. I finally trust myself to return to Keto (which I have always loved but couldn’t return to without triggering things) and begin IF again. I’ve been taking everything VERY slowly, and making sure I keep myself from listening to my head instead of my body with IF. I have been doing pretty well maintaining this new mindset and schedule! I hope to keep making progress this month and eventually in 2021 make it back to being well enough for 1 extended fast every few months or MAYBE once a month if I am good. I know the benefits of EF are great, but I don’t ever want to put myself in that unhealthy position again, so I’ll have to be very careful.

Currently, while I sometimes get that mental urge to do an EF, ignoring it is my best option. My focus is on IF and doing it right! My split right now is 18/6 eating ~5pm-11pm and fasting the rest of the time. I work 8-5pm every day, but if I don’t take a lunch I get to leave at 4 so IF has been doing me a favor :stuck_out_tongue: I listen to my body though, and if the hunger arises during my shift I will take a lunch. Otherwise, lots of water, electrolytes, and patience! I hope everyone else is crushing their fasting goals as well!

(Susan) #33

Welcome to the forum, Sandy. I wish you the best in your 7 day goal =).

(Susan) #34

Welcome back to the forum and to Keto, Em =). Having had eating disorders most of my life (since I was 11) I can totally relate to your post and wish you all the best.

Some other people here on the forum are not able to do anymore than an IF schedule because of triggers -you are not alone. Don’t feel badly if you are not able to do longer fasts, the IF is still great =).

(Susan) #35

I am doing a fast that started at 1 am Monday morning. I joined @Momof5 who plans on doing a 103 hour fast. I doubt I can do that long but let’s see what happens.
24 hours in.
Just water and black coffee for now.
I am on vacation for the next 4 days.

(Laurie) #36

Good luck with the fast!

(Bob M) #37

Wait, vacation and fasting? That’s impressive!

(KCKO, KCFO) #38

Anyone up for the Zornfast this month? Come join in at:

(Susan) #39

I am at home, I can’t go visit my grandkids because of Covid. I have no food in my fridge to spoil as I have batch meals in the freezer. Everyone that knows me on here knows that I struggle with temptation at work. Therefore, it is absolutely no problem to fast at home!

36 hours in and I had the most lovely sleep! No night sweats at all. For the first time in ages I was able to make my bed this morning instead of having to let it “air” or change the bedding. Feeling Groovy!

(Susan) #40

Thank you Laurie, I am waiting for @Momof5 to show up here too.