DEC 2020 Zornfast Dec. 17-20th


Okay, 2020 will be leaving the building soon :slight_smile: It is the 3rd week of Dec. so it is Zornfast time.

This is a place for support no matter what protocol you are following. You do you, if it is IFing or EXing or OMAD, fat fasting, whatever. it is all good.

December 2020 IF/EF Chat Thread
NOV 2020 Zornfast

Last month was a total failure… I didn’t even report it as I remember… It was a mess. But I am nothing if not optimistic :smiley:
I have one important rule for the rest of the year: I try not to stress about things. I fulfilled my stress quota for sure. I don’t try hard or anything like that. But a Zornfast sounds just good right now.
I came back to my most comfortable tiny eating window already (and carnivore-ish). OMAD can’t be a big challenge so that’s my goal in the very least. And the usual thing, I don’t eat unless I feel hunger or need for fuel. So if my body cooperates (it rarely does lately, my Zornfasts reflect that), I will have longer fasts than since many months. We will see.

(Bacon for the Win) #3

thanks for posting this,


I feel the same way, Shinita.

I have actually started fasting today using OMAD. I am going to try and make it through til Sunday night doing this. With the cold and not being to get out much here, not sure I can go that long but who knows, stranger things have happened. I am also not afraid to mix up my protocols.

NelleG, thanks for joining us.

(kirstin) #5

hi everyone. I am here to join in the fun! I am on day 2 of my fast. Not sure how long this one will continue.

(Susan) #6

I started on Monday at 2pm and I am planning on going until Friday at 5pm, for a total of 103 hours. It is now Thursday at 6:20pm so it is going well so far.

I find with the situation/family environment, this is much easier for me to do this during the week than it is on the weekends, so that is why I chose to do it from Monday-Friday.

I wish you all the best in your Zornfast and I hope that we all have a less stressful 2021!!


That is why it is good to just do you. Glad you joined in this month.

I am doing a series of OMAD, coffee and broth if it gets too hard. Working so far, drifting downwards off of a bounce up I had last week. It’s all good.

(Susan) #8

That is great, @collaroygal =). I can hardly wait for maintenance, I figure that will well over a year or more before I am there; but slow and steady then maintenance on Keto forever anyway, so not in a rush.

I ended at 6pm tonight for 104 hours of total Fasting time. I meant to finish at 5pm, but we had company and I had to wait until then.

Best wishes for everyone that is still on the Fasting trail =).


I finished up this AM. I did OMAD. Will be doing more of those between now and just after the New Year.

I hope everyone did what they where trying to accomplish over the Zornfast.

Hope to see everyone and more for next month.

Happy Holidays to all of you.


(Ketoing to health & happiness) #10

Alright, so I’m a tad late here, can’t wait to join for the new year. I am doing 72 hours starting tonight and breaking Wednesday evening! Bye 2020!!

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Hope it goes well for you. I decided to wait till after New Year’s Day to start another fast.

Be sure and join us for the Jan. 2021 Zornfast. The more the merrier.


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Jan. link:

(Susan) #13

Awesome, thanks @collaroygal --I will be participating for sure. I generally prefer doing it during the week due to family events on the weekends =).