December 2018 ZORNFAST


I’m at hour 51 of my third 4-day (94-96 hours) water-fast in the past three weeks. Weight loss on a roller-coaster ride right now with each dip being just a little bit lower but each peak also a little bit lower with each fast.

Kind of struggled tonight with hunger at the infamous 45-49 hour marks but I pushed through and feeling much better now. Hours 60-64 should be OK but 64+ will be tough this go around, I’m afraid.

Both dreading and looking forward to Sunday’s family Christmas feed. I’m going in with good keto intentions but with realistic expectations.

(Carol) #82

Hi all, I’ve been reading on the forum for some time and thought I would join in. I’m 78 hours into my 5ish day fast. Tomorrow will be day 4 which, in the past, has always been the best day. I’m hoping to break Friday mid-morning and relax thru Christmas. May do a short one before the New Year.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #83

Okay I’m not in the date range but here goes: I’ve been IF 18/6 and OMAD as well as 3MAD for several months. Today I will eat breakfast and lunch. Drink some bone broth and start a 40+ hr fast for the first time. I’m off work today but work tomorrow and find I do OMAD better when I am working because of busyness. I’m hoping that sleeping through my most intense hunger time will set me up for success.

Going to make this a water and coffee/tea (black) fast. May eventually cut back on coffee so I can do a pure water fast.

Wish me luck.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #84

Hey there @goldwingnut.

When you do two Extended fasts back to back, it’s recommended you Feast for at least two days, two meals each day.
This assures you replace any possible missing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Also proper hydration in case it may be needed.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #85

This is a trick that has worked for me and many others. You have the skills, you will do fine.



I messed that up then. :neutral_face:

I just ate normally during my 4 hour window yesterday and re-started my fasting. That’s how I planned it and I did okay. I’m pretty focused and I proclaimed my plan on another forum I frequent, so I will try to complete it as best I can.

I did get calf cramps this morning (a DOUBLE no less…) so there’s that. I’ll hit the supplements, salt, etc a little harder today. I have my weekly trip to the gym coming up after Orchestra Rehearsal tonight.

I can always adjust to your recommendation for next time.

Fingers Crossed.



(KCKO, KCFO) #87

I will be starting after dinner tonight, sounds like I should hold off on a bit of food til later in the evening since we try to be done with food by no later than 7 PM normally. I want to do more than 48 hrs. this go around because I haven’t done that straight through for a while now. I have been doing @48 hrs. then refeeding and doing another @36+ hrs. Sounds like I need to do refeeding two days instead of just the one meal I have been doing.

I would love to sleep through the 24th hr. this time. Will 11 PM be a good stopping time as I often stay up til midnight or later. And the next day, I have to go to bed before that 24th hr. marker, is that the protocol?

I’ll be doing coffee/hwc, water and salt and ketoaide as needed. I have emergency bone broth if I feel myself weakening but hopefully won’t be needing it.


As I stated in the other Fasting thread, I broke yesterday due to having some stuff that needed to be consumed. But was at just over 41 hrs. with no issues with the Fast or re-feed. … Presently no plans, but at 17.5 hrs., and usually I too like to feed for a couple days between Fast, but can’t say what I’m doing tonight just yet? Don’t have any plans either way, so will just play it by ear. … If I do hold off, it will be the first time not putting at least two days between, but then again, I may just have something? Not sure yet.

Can’t say what others might think on this, or if it’s necessarily a bad thing overall. But for me personally, I prefer not to go to bed on a full stomach. Not to say there’s anything wrong with it, but I’ve never liked the feeling I get, so I usually like to have any last meals of the day at 5 or 6pm. (But you may differ when it comes to this?)

(Lonnie Hedley) #89

19.5 hours. So far so good.


Well, shortly after my last post above, my day took a complete nose-dive. Got pulled into a very long meeting, that literally aggravated me gave me a freaking headache, and put my in a pretty foul mood. (First in a while too) … The wife actually confirmed this as soon as I came in the door, stating just this. … Also just feeling just overall blah now, between the meeting, then the traffic, and lastly having to stop by the grocery store to shop.

Can’t tell ya the last time I came home feeling like this… So decided to just make this an OMAD and try to reset later… :exploding_head:


Well, Brenda, I kind of was forced into a different schedule. Cut my fast off right at 72 hours, fed nicely on [spoiler]On fatty ribeye and cheese crisps and Swerve-sugared pecans[/spoiler] all less that 20 carbs. That took 2 hours of eating and now I’m back on a 48-hour water-fast.

Dropped to all-time low of 199.8!! Now want to see if I can get to my Christmas goal weight of 198.

(KCKO, KCFO) #92

I stopped all eating at 11 PM, with a palm full of [spoiler]pecans,[/spoiler] not a full meal, that was done before 7PM, I can’t sleep on a full stomach either. Will be interesting to me to see if this tactic works for me or not.

Happy Fasting everyone.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #93

Had a [spoiler]large lunch[/spoiler] yesterday and stopped eating at noon. It’s been now 16 hours and sleep was good. No hunger pain.


Right, In.

(Martha Kefgen) #95

Well, here goes my first extended fast. My goal is autophagy and feeling energized. I’ve made up some keto ade and have 1 1/2 tsp of salt ready for the day. The plan is to keep busy and keep my daily life the way it was before the fast. I’ll be following this forum closely.


Doing Two Zorners back-to-back, with only 4 hours of Feasting between might not have been a very good idea. I probably won’t do that again. But I’m committed now, and I need to continue to exercise my FINISH IT! Muscle… if you take my meaning.

I’m about 40 hours in on my second one, having done 76 on the first, followed by 4 hours of Feasting.

I consider what I do now, to be “Dirty Fasting” since I can’t really go more than about 2 days without adding some healthy [spoiler]fats[/spoiler]…say 2 or 3 hunnert calories worth. Most likely, it takes the form of [spoiler]Cream in my Coffee.[/spoiler]

But this is one of my rare months, when at least one of my Zornfasts lines up with the group, and I like that. This one is just proving to be a bit more taxing, and NOT recommended by @Brenda And Co.


So we did end up eating a meal last night, and the wife says she wanted to try to fast til Friday or Saturday. So we started back again last night. Just over 17 hrs. presently, and will have to see how the day/s go.


Wow! What a whoosh!

Fasted 71.5 hours, broke it last night with [spoiler]fatty ribeye, melted cheese and Swerve brown sugar coated pecans, total of 18-22 total carbs,[/spoiler] and it resulted in a certain and long-awaited purging of my system. Everything backed up was released.

Despite eating well, I actually nudged the scale down from 199.8 to 199.6. Thought I would see a modest gain. But obviously timing was just right this time. Plus I embarked on a 48- to 72-hour “turn around” fast and am still feeling great at hour 17. I am cleansed.

Encouraged and on my way to that 198.0 Christmas goal. And then onward to 180.0 by March.

(Lonnie Hedley) #99

47 hours 18 minutes. Feeling good to make 90 hours.


Currently at 23.5 hrs. and no plans on eating, so will run it for a while… :slight_smile: