DEC 2021 Monthly Group Fast (Dec. 15th-18th)

(Robin) #41

I take magnesium powder in water with a teaspoon of salt to deal with night time leg/foot cramps.


I take a magnesium pill but I never have that problem if I eat enough meat (like, half a pound in average…?) :slight_smile: My vegetarian keto was full with cramps without magnesium but since carnivore it’s different. Possibly the low amount of plant matter has a role too, I don’t care, I just like what I have.

Another OMAD day for today. I could do this much for now.

Next month will be different. I don’t know if it will be better or worse but January will be my very first carnivore month - or at least that’s my plan. It will be another world. Fasting will get quite hard but I like challenges…

(Michael) #43

Hunger is still around, but definitely better than yesterday. I always find that hours from 50 to 70 are the worst. Got all my marking done, looks like I am going to make it pretty easily now. Will update tomorrow morning after breaking my fast with the bone broth i simmered for 48 hours.

(KCKO, KCFO) #44

Turns out I broke my fast at 89.5 hrs. Didn’t make it to the end of day. But that is a good amount for me at one go. I was going to refeed and start again but my body had some other plans of its own. I’ m done with EXing until after Solstice. OH and I reached my desired weight on this fast too. It is all good!

@Tim_Cee I have been following you here and on the other thread you were posting too. You are doing a great job.

Stay strong Michael. Sounds like you had plenty of work to keep your mind off of food.

It gets into your blood stream faster, by passes the stomach. Under the tongue is how all homeopathic remedies are taken.

Hope to see everyone here again next month.

(Michael) #45

Good work @collaroygal - I appreciate your support for me and the others

(Michael) #46

Broke my fast this morning at hour 104. I could not sleep last night, and only got like 3 hours. I am going to try and grab another 90 minutes now (I hope) before the day starts.

My hunger was gone when I woke up - and if I had slept I might have considered extending further, but I am happy with reaching my planned time (this morning). I do not have a lot of food around, but I have enough for a few days - so I am going to eat a LOT today. I need to put some weight back on - and with that in mind
Starting Weight at hour 8 of fast:140.4 pounds
Weight at hour 104 of fast: 133.8
I credit eating 3000 kcal per day and having a fast metabolism with the extreme weight loss. While I am sure a lot is water, that is still quite a drop. As a male who can (now easily) bench press more than his weight, I want to put muscle mass/weight on and I do not have much fat to lose. I do however have some flabby skin that could remove another 10 pounds without losing any more fat. Slowly that will happen, over time.
Nappy time!

(KCKO, KCFO) #47

Great result, way to go.

(KCKO, KCFO) #48

Jan. fast is in place. Hope to see all of you over there and some newbies and returnees as well.