JAN 2022 - Monthly Group Fast (Jan. 19-22)


Happy New Year everyone.

Get ready to join us later this month for the Monthly Group Fast. 3rd Wed.-Sat. each month.

I hope the New Year brings all of us many happy successes.

DEC 2021 Monthly Group Fast (Dec. 15th-18th)
(Karen) #2

I’ll give it a shot. K

(đ૯αท ʍ૯ઽƬѳท) #3

I’ll defo join.


Obviously in, I am stubborn :smiley:

I try to do OMAD all month - except maybe when the group fast happens, who knows? :smiley: I hope the OMAD and the strictness of my woe cause certain changes and maybe a 48-72 hour EF will be possible…? If not now, later but I am determined to make a really good attempt this month!


Hi guys I’m new here nice to meet you all… I would be up for giving this a go I have never done an extended fast before only OMAD and the occasional ADF (that was a few years back though!)

(Robin) #6

Glad you are jumping in with both feet!


Glad to see some new names and some returnees.

Remember to do you. No real rules here. Any fasting protocol you want to try is fine.
We are here to encourage each other, be accountable, ask questions, answer questions, etc.

(Tim Cee) #8

Fasting is fun.


You have to try new things to find out what works :wink:

So the fast would be all day Wednesday (19th) Thursday and Friday through Saturday (22nd) then breaking the fast on the Sunday? What is the best way to break the fast do you have to do it a certain way or is that only for longer fasts?

(Tim Cee) #10

For me the biggest difficulty when breaking fast is to not over-eat. I’m generally okay with just eating what I’m used to eating. After a seven day fast recently, my first food was cheesy eggs and bacon.

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Welcome to the group fast.

No rules. I personally start the fast after dinner on the Tuesdays, and end with dinner on Saturday, But “You Do You” is the motto around here.

Any fasting protocol is fine, some do OMAD for those days, others will fast for a period of time and then have 1 refeed meal and dive back into the fast. Whatever you want to do.

If you fast straight through it is suggested you have a small amount of a food that is easy on your body. Maybe a lettuce salad with oily dressing, then about half hr. later have a one of your standard keto/lc meals. Some have issues with eggs or nuts, but many of us don’t. Personally, I usually grab a few nuts, later have one of my regular meals.


My timing was very much off lately but now I got serious. I better start it today! I plan to wait for hunger at least on the weekdays this week. So I will have 0-1 meals every day, most probably. Only dinners as no way I get hungry before that time.
I will be a tad more determined when the group fast time comes and I definitely will have a very nice and satiating Tuesday dinner. I just practice a bit until now.
I am quite well-fed right now.
This time I try to get off my mind from food and focus on my art very very much instead (I paint rocks and digital stuff but it’s time to play on my keyboard too, I neglected that for so long).

(Robin) #13

So many creative outlets! Good for you.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

I am still looking forward to some pics of those rocks. I love how this became a fad over the last two years.

Any distraction from food is great while fasting.

OH make sure you feast the day before you start fasting. Much easier that way.

I have revisited Dr. Westman’s latest book, co authored by Amy Berger, End Your Carb Confusion and took the quiz, so I am adapting their Adaption Plan 2. You keep under 50 grams of carbs I’ll be eating that way today and tomorrow and starting my fast after dinner on Tuesday. When I break it will be under that Plan 2’s guidelines.

I will be looking into some genealogy info I got from a distant cousin recently, so food will not be front and center in my mind for sure this week.


Oh I try to finish some of them… Well my pink critter is ready, I think I made a photo about it next to some food… I bring some only rock photos this week! My new pink owl (for some reason I needed a little pink often and I always paint my leftover paint on some rocks. I have many dozens of nice shaped rocks, I live at the right place to go for a walk and come home with 22 new rocks… I usually don’t do that but it happened :smiley: so I had a big pink rock and I went from there, the friend I will send it to loves pink) is only half-ready but people already likes it (the two who get wip photos)… I work on it a bit more and then I will post it here.
I do some rock painting every day now. Sometimes multiple times. After I painted my nails (without it they broke and go below zero, I have very weak, fragile nails, no matter my diet)… I use acrylic paint for my rocks so after I wash my hands, I have to redo my nails too… But it’s not a deterrent, rock painting is fun and very much needed.

Today wasn’t the planned NOFUSS (no food until sunset) as I suddenly got really hungry and ate at 14:40 (a small meal but I really ate much lately). But if I am lucky, it still will be OMAD and a rare ~26 hour fast as well…

Today I had my workout (not fully, poor chest press didn’t happen, again… it’s the last one and I need help and I was tired with a headache when there was a chance to do it), my next one will be on Wednesday or on Thursday, it depends on my muscles, they usually need more than one day regeneration… I never did my workout without eating afterwards but if my body will be fine, I can try it. I would be happy with a single fasting day in this week.


Hi guys! :smiley:

(Ouch I forgot the photo, tomorrow then, I like natural night and we have great sunny days lately).

Yesterday was wonderful, I never got hungry again and considering I fell asleep maybe 11.5 hours after my smallish lunch, it’s remarkable.

Today I woke up and missed food. What. I had that before but always on EF, not mere 19 hours after eating and right after a sleep! I didn’t want food, I didn’t need food, I just missed it. So I baked a little and drank a lot of coffee… Sigh. I had a headache too, the coffee felt nice.

I am at 26 hours now :slight_smile: I am still satiated but it probably won’t last for much longer. I had stomach growls and while it has nothing to do with hunger, there is a small correlation in my life as I almost never get it early. It typically comes after 24 hours and at that time I usually want my food. Not now.

This is my smaller goal: doing 24+ hours fasts this week. If I can’t skip meals. It’s still OMAD but it’s hard to go beyond that for me. But maybe not for long… I am hopeful.
My proper goal is the usual, a 48 hour fast! I won’t be devastated if I fail to do it, I only expect a honest attempt, waiting for proper hunger every day. I plan to try harder to get my mind off from food but today it was hopeless. Thinking about food is fine and dandy until my perfect satiation lasts but it may trigger some realistic hunger beyond that. So it’s safer to focus on something else.

(Robin) #17

@Shinita, i think I would really be struggling if I was always thinking about food. I feel like the main reason I was able to stick to keto was the total loss of appetite and cravings.

But I guess I am one of the lucky ones.


I don’t have appetite or cravings at all today (I don’t think I ever have cravings on carnivore, at least in these modern, 2022 times… the problem is often the opposite, I often dislike all food I have while being in need of food) but they aren’t very common in my life anyway. I just think about food all my life, it’s what I am.
I think I messed it up when I got too much potentially free time and I left high-carb. I researched, I experimented, I made zillions of new recipes… I spend quite a few hours in my kitchen every day, it’s a compulsion level of thing. It probably would take a very long time to heal from this. But I quite like thinking of food too… It’s just such a waste of time if done too much :frowning:
(I still don’t like making complicated dishes. I am lazier than that. But I can drink warm water for an hour in the morning while listening to music, brushing my hair - it’s waist length now and it gets tangled super easily -, tidying up a bit, feeding the animals, thinking…)

So it’s mental and doesn’t matter if I am perfectly satiated, completely full or what. When I am uncomfortably full (not a hedonistic thing so it’s extremely rare in my life but it happened a few times), that’s when I am not interested in food. I have very long periods when I simply can’t eat. Satiation and negative appetite is guaranteed, eating would require force. That’s why I do IF on every woe quite naturally. Not each and every day but it’s what comes normally to me.
But my interest towards food, that’s all the time when I am awake. It doesn’t trigger appetite, hunger or need for food when I am safely in my perfectly satiated window.

And I stop now as 1. I need to do things 2. At 26.5 hour, I finally lost my satiation. I don’t want to make things too early :smiley: It’s fun I did it for this long. But I strongly suspect it will be OMAD today as well. I just want joy, where is my appetite when I almost need it?
Okay, I am seriously hungry now.

(Jane) #19

I started a 60-hr fast last night and will be breaking on Thursday midday before this group fast is over, but will hang here in the meatime.

16 hours in so far.



I broke my fast after 27 hours. It was nice and a smallish meal again… I wonder about eating another, dense bite…
Okay, I did it. Still small. Oh well. I feel full!

19:00, here we go!