DEC 2021 Monthly Group Fast (Dec. 15th-18th)

(Bob M) #21

Is this also for fasting 36 hours or so? Or only extended? I’ve hit 36+ hours for one day, each of the last three weeks.

Did Dr. Fung say not to “overeat”? (I don’t have time to watch videos.) I personally eat whatever, and I try to eat more the day before fasting. I’ve been finding that makes it easier for the fast.

I’ve had my third covid shot, no side effects at all.


36 hour fasts are extended to me (anything beyond OMAD is)…
This thing is like the Zornfast was, even IF counts.

I cooked good food (and baked less good food. last year I couldn’t resist, now it wasn’t even hard) but didn’t feel the need to join my SO at dinner… But soon afterwards eating freshly roasted pork sounded a good idea :smiley: Still no proper hunger but the usual slightly dizzy weakness came and there is no point in borderline suffering for another half an hour.

Another small meal happened. The more I fast, the smaller my meals become (even OMAD may be affected, it seems) and it’s too tiny on carnivore but it’s not for long.
Eating is a bit surreal if I wait this long… But it was still okay. I had some bad experience with too late first meals but I am over that it seems.

I do the same. And I focus on satiating food.
(Nothing helps more than a really big, carby meal but I don’t do that anymore. My carni food works well enough as long as I eat a big enough meal and I figured out how to make it happen, almost no matter what.)

(Bob M) #23

What I have been doing is breaking away from my higher protein diet and eating more fat, particular the night before a fast. I’m assuming - though I could be wrong - that fat will provide more “energy” that’s available the next day, than will protein.

And I’ve been adding more saturated fat, mainly because that’s what’s easy for me to eat (eg, sour cream, cream, cacao butter, etc.). And because I’m trying to see if that makes me warmer (it might at night, but it’s not reflected in my morning temperature).


I always eat much fat but indeed, a bigger meal tends to be fattier as it’s easier for me to raise my fat than my protein for various reasons.
I prefer my satiating fats and they are in my protein sources. The others are good at boosting my calories but I suppose satiating fats (if I manage to eat enough at one sitting) are better. Never tested this theory but it sounds logical to me. And anyway, I train myself to stay away my not satiating items I had strong ties to and I rather don’t risk a fallback…

Today was TMAD… I ended up with 2 very small meals (not so small together), dinner and second dinner. I still wasn’t hungry but I felt super odd and weak and I realized I ate too little. No food all day is tricky enough but sometimes works. Little food NEVER works.

Oh well, I try again. Tomorrow I track earlier to make sure not to eat in a bigger window.
This is so complicated :smiley: Not eating at all is simple just unrealistic. Sigh. But I trained my fasting muscles, it’s a bit surreal to fast until 6pm at least but it’s easy. It’s a step forward… Right?

(Tim Cee) #25

I didn’t fast today, but I will tomorrow.

(Robin) #26

Some day I hope you share some of your art.

(Michael) #27

About 46 hours in here. Actually surprised to be a bit hungry, but I am cooking for others. So far no one has noticed I am not eating.

After fasting does a week a few months ago(and not telling my daughter) the first day back to eating, my daughter complained that all I did was eat /boggle. Teenagers = self absorbed :upside_down_face:

(Robin) #28

You’re doing great!

(Robin) #29

You saying you “don’t have time to watch videos”…
Whenever I hear that, I think you don’t LIKE to watch videos. Cuz every time I say I don’t have time for something, I really mean I don’t want to. But maybe that’s just me. :wink:

(KCKO, KCFO) #30

Hoping to continue through Saturday.

(KCKO, KCFO) #31

Yea, You do You, is the motto of the monthly fast thread. As John Lennon said “Whatever gets you through the night is alright.”

I would love to see some of your rock art, please take some pictures of them if you do any during this fast. There is a family near us that the kids have put up a rockart gallery along their sidewalk, so cute and they do a great job on the rocks. It is fun stuff.


I am super lazy and unskilled even after decades (with lots of breaks)… My profile pic is mine though, he is called Dingle… After I watched a Preacher episode where this word was used for penis… He has a daugher too, Dee. One day I want to make books and videos with them, they already have cute stories made by a friend! Kid books are so lame so often (especially the story but sometimes the “art” is clearly bad, it’s not I don’t understand there are different styles and tastes, I love many but sometimes I can’t see any worth in them), we can do something better!

I got hungry WAY earlier today but I can last until sunset at least… 15:52pm… And I start with not exactly broth but close enough to see what happens (I get super hungry, probably but sometimes I get a tiiiiiiiny extra time).

So I won’t fast today either. Tomorrow I will be away, shopping and whatnot so I am not very hopeful but still open for anything my body allows :wink:

I think these days were quite useful. I used my fasting muscles and I ignore my borderline, not serious enough hunger like a boss now. Even this annoying one, I am stubborn and determined and can wait an hour more.
And it resulted in a calorie deficit for every day, even on my unfortunate TMAD day! And I still wasn’t hungrier the next day.

I really need to choose a day per week to practice this. I don’t want to do it every day as it’s still tiring a little bit, no matter if I stop when it gets bad.
Not eating until sunset is my new norm though, I just want to give a little extra push here and there, waiting until fasting stops being comfortable and natural…

Maybe he doesn’t like to make time for a long video. I can relate to that. I even have time, theoretically
(it’s complicated. I don’t use my time well, I actually have zillion things to do) but spending a lot of time on something, it must be very important or dear to me. As for me, I simply never watch videos about nutrition. Okay, there are exceptions but it’s maybe one short video a year. I just can’t focus and am not interested and it’s very odd as I am interested in nutrition… But I don’t understand/know any Chemisty, basically and I like to read, not to watch videos if I want to figure out something… As I watch zillion videos about corpses and mythology and space and other things :slight_smile: Well only if the drawing is nice (many informative things has that. I got a kurzgesagt calendar, it’s cool! :D) or the person is captivating, talks in an amusing way…

And many nutrition thing is someone’s opinion… Or some boring study… Totally useless to me.
I like the “lipids for dummies” and “quick talk about why high-protein is fine on low-carb” things :slight_smile:
I don’t need anything about fasts for myself - but I am interested about performance and muscle mass changes on a longer EF merely out of curiosity… I don’t ever plan to do longer EF and clearly one starts to lose significant amount of muscle at some point but the details may be interesing.

I was super lazy :frowning: But I will make some soon. It’s high time!
Most of my already painted rocks are gifted away, I have some photos though… Oh when I was a brave newbie and painted a cactus scenery :smiley: Well, two, one side is night, the other is day… Some of them was sunset. With lots of clouds, I love them. It wasn’t THAT bad so I was impressed. I can’t use brushes well and even my acrylic paint wasn’t as great as my current one.

Maybe I should paint some for the forum… If my imagination gets better. I usually just search for ideas and make something similar.

Perks of a long comment, time passes. It’s sunset in 3 minutes :smiley:

(KCKO, KCFO) #33

If you are using LIfe app to track your fasting, have you read the info you access by clicking on the little icons that come up in the time circle? I decided to read all the info that is linked there. Some very good information.

What really caught my attention was info on caffeine I decided to switch to decaf, since I drink a lot of coffee when fasting.

I’m 65 hrs. in and doing fine so far. Glad I didn’t have to break at the 48hrs. like most of my fasts theses days.


Oh people use apps for not eating, sometimes I forget :smiley: First it seemed very odd to me, now I understand the perks but never will use apps for fasting.

I made the decision for today, OMAD over carnivore (I couldn’t do both this time) and ate some nice keto meal (with 3 carnivore courses and some others). Smallish but maybe enough, I am super full now but I had no better options. It will pass. Fasting is VERY welcomed for the next almost 24 hours at least…

I drank some coffee while fasting but the No Water November that I did partially (like water in my fasting window, at least before my first meal so until 3-6pm. not even every day but often) definitely helped… I focused on water and tea now but tea is boring, maybe I can do water only fasts more often soon… I am in no mood to try hard until January, it’s Christmas time and chill and joy to me.

Congrats, @collaroygal, 65 hours is nice. One day I will do 72 I hope. It sounds realistic but still so elusive! I can handle my soft fat adapted hunger occasionally but I really gets weak - and now I know what brain fog is! I waited a bit long and in the end I couldn’t focus well and only could read slowly… I got dizzy even sitting… I am not willing to handle that, my body is clearly displeased there and I feel even more useless than normal and that’s a lot considering my “dark age” vs my strict inner self critic…
I didn’t suffer, I had no appetite, only a more than tiny but not bad hunger, I just stopped functioning properly. I can’t force this.
So my only hope is still that my longer term OMAD triggers the occasional shorter EF here and there.

(KCKO, KCFO) #35

Do you do any electrolytes? Even a big dose of salt helps with the dizzy feelings


Not below 3 days. I never seemed to need it. Sometimes I do think about eating salt but I forget (I forget ALL supplements, that’s one reason I never supplement anyone. magnesium if I get cramps, once and only then :smiley: but it never happens anymore) and I am pretty sure I need food, not sodium. It’s not only dizziness.
But if I manage to remember, I will try some sodium as it’s easy to do and I eat little sodium anyway (not too little for me but it’s possible problems come a bit earlier on a fast - or when I eat less than usual and even that has little salt. I still think I needed food but maybe some salt wouldn’t be amiss…).

(KCKO, KCFO) #37

Electrolyte supplements will have more than salt. I only use them occasionally, mostly a little pink salt under the tongue gets me through periods of feeling “off”. But sometimes the other minerals are needed to balance you out again.


But I don’t care about potassium (and no idea how to get it cheap, we don’t have those special salts here), magnesium problems bring cramps and I don’t have those, lack of sodium maybe brings dizziness (I had 2 times in my life when I possibly needed more sodium. I don’t know, it’s just an educated guess, there was a plausible reason and there was dizziness. One was the last days of my 120 hour fast without supplementing anything. I did nothing as I had no idea about electrolytes back then - it’s not like we learned about nutrition in school - but it was fine enough, even fun. but maybe not the normal functioning of my body… well being high or drunk isn’t normal either but potentially fun… it was the cheapest drunkenness possible and I didn’t even fall asleep when it got funny, I have no regrets!).

So if I am dizzy and not sure I need food, I eat a little salt (that’s the plan. I always forget or I never have this, it must be food) and if it doesn’t help, food.
Food always helps so why to go against my “not taking supplements” instinct? Eating salt alone is always a big deal (and I pretty much avoid doing it but it’s just salt so maybe I can try it as an experiment here and there. I love experiments).

I can’t put anything under my tongue, why is it a thing anyway? If my body needs salt, I just eat salt normally. Once I ate a tablespoon of it to try it out :slight_smile: (For reasons, mostly out of curiosity.) So I can eat salt. I just don’t like it and never need it IMO.

In the best case, baby steps. Eating a little salt is very hard for me already. But salt is a logical first step, maybe it solves the problem.

(Tim Cee) #39

I’ve been doing a lot of fasting this month, mostly OMAD but also a 7 day water fast. Today at work when I was connecting my trailer my arms got tired a little sooner than they usually do. Muscle tone and power are normal. It’s just the stamina. I’m ready to eat a bit so I am eating this evening and the weekend. Going to aim for OMAD starting Monday. I usually feel awesome on OMAD. even though I didn’t fast that long, I still lost a little weight and my overall inflammation is better.

(Michael) #40

About hour 81 here. Yesterday was rough, I am in exam week and I have been working hard to get all the marking done, so sleep has been less than I would like. More than that, I was really hungry all day yesterday, today already seems better, plus I just got 40 tests marked already this morning- so I am hopeful about the marking at least.

If today is not too bad, I will break tomorrow morning - we shall see. Still lotta marking to do though.