Coronary / Arterial Disease Concerns w/ Keto

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I am relatively new to this (concept). I viewed the Jason Witrock video from the Facebook page “This Keto Life” recently (the video was called “Keto Mistakes”). While I would love to eat fatty foods and would happily replace bread and pasta with a ribeye wrapped in bacon, my concern is that I have not found any information (research/scholarly/medical) regarding the implications of eating the things that we have been “brainwashed” into thinking are so harmful to our bodies. It does not help that I am genetically “predisposed” to heart disease and all that goes with it. I’d love to think that I can break through that genetic trend. I read someone’s comment (on that video strand) “Fat + carbs = heart attack. Fat without carbs = heart healthy” and I am intrigued. But I am looking for more. It makes sense to me that cutting carbs and sugars is healthy and right, and that I can do it as a lifestyle, but are there any studies/resources out there that speak directly to the concerns I have (coronary/artery issues)?


There’s ton’s of stuff to read.

I would suggest the Obesity Code which explains that carbs are the main thing that cause coronary issues not eating fat.

I thought Carl had ton’s of links on the 2 keto dudes web site, but I can’t find them. But, yes there is tons of stuff out there.

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Welcome! Yes there are many resources and linked studies throughout the forums on why the ketogenic way of eating is healthy.

The Newbie section will answer a lot of questions, including the Tips from the Oldies section.

Show Me the Science is a good place to search research to backup claims

Checkout The Big Fat Surprise and other book recommendations on the WikiBook list linked below. There are many Wikiposts in the Forums that will help launch your discoveries

An informative and entertaining way to hear the science and follow the research is to start with the 2KetoDudes podcasts

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I forgot this topic, it was helpful for me on understanding the heart health connections

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Thanks for the information so far…I will get to reading!

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I would also check out Ivor Cummings blog Malcolm Kendrick is another good place for heart disease info. I like these blogs because they present the information in an easy to understand way and also provide references.

Do you already demonstrate symptoms of heart disease? Not just high cholesterol (about half of the people who get heart attacks have normal or low cholesterol). I also have a lot of heart disease in my family, but getting a Cardiac Calcium scan (CAC) showed me that I fortunately dodged that genetic bullet. Ivor has a lot of info on CAC and what to do if you do have heart disease.

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And through Ivor Cummings you can find out about Dr. Joseph Kraft. Kraft did autopsies on young men killed in combat and discovered a large percentage were showing significant atherosclerosis in combination with inflammation. Later he linked this to hyperinsulinemia and made some pretty strong statements such as hyperinsulinemia is heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Both diseases (and likely several others) start with hyperinsulinemia long before they progress to the acute stages when they would be diagnosed by conventional practice. And these diseases rarely occur without hyperinsulinemia.

This view may not be definitively proven but there is quite a bit of supporting evidence such as Gerald Reaven’s work characterizing “syndrome x” later called metabolic syndrome. I believe a major reason a keto diet is being found beneficial for so many conditions with a metabolic component is because it tames and then reverses hyperinsulinemia.

And to understand more about chronic metabolic diseases and aging I recommend watching

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My cardiologist just reduced my Statin from 80mg to 5mg and I have Keto and the Keto Community at large to thank!

First off, I know the overwhelming opinion about taking statins, I’ve listen and read a lot of what is out there about that topic, but things are a bit different when you’ve experienced an event (99% & 75% blocked artery). at least it was for me. In fact, I’ve had a few well respected docs from the Keto realm tell me that things are different when you are recovering as apposed to preventing. I was lucky to find my doc in CT as he is knowledgeable about the Keto diet and supported me as I started to heal as long as I felt good doing it, and I’ve never felt better!

I’m on a quarterly advanced lipid panel schedule and in only 9 months all my numbers have plummeted well beyond expectations. I’ve lost 50 lbs, my a1c went from 5.9 down to 5.0 and my HS CRP .9 down to .2!

I’m sharing because I want everybody to know there is hope! And it is tangible!