Cholesterol not linked to heart disease/stroke

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Can someone point me to the huge study that shows no link between cholesterol and heart disease,stroke etc. I’m blanking out on the name of it. I have a patient who is in an argument with his cardiologist b/c he hates the statin side effects. The study would help him make his case. TIA.

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Peter Attia wrote lots of stuff on this, in several blog posts, in his eating academy website.

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Wow!!! That’s a boatload of info. TY.


Yeah, and Dr Attia is very good at laying it out in an easy to follow, logical manner. A very good communicator.


That article was the start that convinced my Healthcare Provider (HCP) to not prescribe a statin when my cholesterol was over 400 and my TG:HDL ratio was 0.3.


Wow!!! That’s amazing!!! :open_mouth: very happy to learn that today :slight_smile:

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I particularly like the series by Dr Malcolm McKendrick on what causes Heart disease and his collection of paradoxes of populations that have high cholesterol and low rates of heart disease is up to over 100.

I think the debate around the causes of atherosclerosis suffer from the same “blind men describing an elephant” problem as diabetes.

We can see that chronic exposure to Insulin in the blood vessels of dogs can reliably produce atherosclerosis (independent of their lipid state),

You can knock out of insulin production in rabbits can prevent progression of the disease in reliable models.

Apparently in species that can become vitaminC deficient like guinea pigs, producing a deficit of VitC can turn atherosclerosis on and off - independent of lipid status.

So chronic Insulin exposure and VitC deficiency are at least 2 ways you can develop heart disease that have nothing to do with Cholesterol. Both can be remedied with a ketogenic diet including vitC potent plants such as peppers.

The Minnesota Coronary experiment (Ancel Keys) is sufficient to cast doubt on the idea that lowering Total or LDL cholesterol will reduce cardio vascular disease, as it did the first thing (lowered cholesterol 13.8%) and did the opposite of the second thing (22% higher risk of death for each mg/dl reduction of cholesterol).

At the very least someone who holds to the cholesterol hypothesis must explain the confounders - which I have never seen anyone do. The only thing anyone has ever done to refute that study was to pretend it doesn’t exist - and that includes the lead author (Ancel Keys who sat on it for 18 years and published the results as he was retiring in the least influential journal he could).

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Also this study

found that the level of LDL cholesterol of people who were admitted into hospital suffering an ACTUAL heart attack was actually LOWER than the national average.

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The statin nation video has a BRILLIANT explanation of arteriosclerosis. What happens is that when the artery is damaged, e.g. a micro haemorage or tear then the cholesterol (and calcium) come along and repair it by forming a scab over it. However, unlike a scab on the skin which falls off after its job is done, having a scab float around the bloodstream would be bad news, so the endothelial cells grow around the scab, and envelope it, so the plaque ends up being inside the artery wall.

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OMG. All of this is what I was looking for. If my doc saw my NMR (which I won’t show her), she’d prescribe statins too even though my trig/HDL ratio is awesome.

I’m going to print out some of these and give the links to people who express concern about their statins to me. They’re few and far between. Most of my patients don’t question anything their doctors say. Even if they know they are getting sicker. Thanks everyone.

@richard do you think the vit C thing can happen in humans? I’ve read this somewhere else. My concern is that Maria Emmerich says (in her book) that almost all vitC supplements are bad for us due to contamination or some such thing. So I’d love to supplement but am not sure how to do that. Peppers aren’t a favorite in my world.


Some brands of salami in the US contain substantial amount of vitamin C.
It’s used as a preservative.

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He mentions Vitamin C in this video Reversing Atherosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries) by Doctor Burg and how it needs to come from vegetables, not artificial supplements.

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Does anyone know if statin nation or statin nation II can be found in German anywhere? I would like my Mum to watch it and she doesn’t understand English.