Christmas strategy

(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #41

Not just you, it seems to happen to a lot of people.

(David Cooke) #42

Thanks. As I mentioned above, we are heading for a 6 day long orgy of eating and drinking and I don’t plan to be sitting alone with a sad grin on my face. We will have up to 15 hungry Thais staying here… We’ll see!


We had a feast at work recently “international food day”, that butter chicken with rice is simply amazing. I’m pleased to say I dealt with it pretty easily. I had none of their food.

Before they brought the food out I went outside and had an avocado and some canned sardines in olive oil, then a tiny bunch of almonds. I ate until quite satiated.

Then I went back into the office, I was not tempted one bit.

Interestingly I was harassed from all sides “have some”, “have some”, “have some”. I reckon if I hadn’t gone keto nobody would’ve said one word.

My secret? Don’t face them hungry.

I didn’t even have to remind myself about how much harm excess sugar and carbs were doing to me (and still doing in the world).

Dare say if I was hungry it might’ve been a very different story.

(Karen) #44

Aargh, another party tonight. The meal was catered pasta and meat mixed. One marinara, and one Alfredo. Lots and lots of garlic bread. Salad already dressed with croutons. Tons of desserts. No appetizers which can sometimes be keto. I did poorly. I’m thinking tomorrow is a fasting day


We are doing Christmas this coming weekend because a lot of family are working over the Christmas period. Bith my husband and I are on keto as is our niece who is hosting the weekend. We have just bought them a combined family gift of a decent bbq (grill) which comes with all the bells and whistles including a rotisserie, so many meals will be easy. We have trawled our keto books and are making the majority of items keto friendly apart from brandy snaps which we’re happy to pass up. Of course, here in Australia (Queensland) its Summer so prawns (shrimp) avocadoes, salads, cheeses etc are easy to put together. Im making individual lemon cheese cakes (keto muffin size) some beef sat’e, keto chocolate truffles, low carb drinks etc, so we’re well organized

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My first keto Xmas I had 4 days off keto and it took me 3 weeks to get properly back on it, gained ten pounds which took until April to lose. Last Christmas I took Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off but went back onto strict keto the next day, one week later was back to pre-Christmas weight so I will be repeating that this year.

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Hi Alex,

I have been wanting to do what you are doing for the past few years. I lost the 30 pounds of fat that I hated on me a few years ago and have managed to keep it off. It wasn’t via keto, and it was difficult but I was committed and succeded…however I developed a chronic pain syndrome from over exercising…called myofacial pain syndrome in both my upper and lower back.
It is very hard to be around my family at Christmas. Way too much high carb party food, and gifting that is hard for some of us to do. I start worrying about it in Novemeber of every year and threaten to just leave for a few days at Christmas.
That won’t be happening this year, so I have decided to just take my keto food to the Christams day event and check in with this site on my smartphone for reinforcment to keep myself safe from a horrible sugar/regret hangover for a few days afterwards should I cave in and indulge… Next year, I am going to plain a little holiday for myself…away from all of this and I won’t let myself be talked out if it.
Thanks for posting this. I am just finished my 4th week on keto and so looking forward to being “keto adapted” and having all that mental clarity and really high energy I keep reading about.

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Not Grinchy at all, it is genius. You are doing what you need to do for your health and goals.

Years ago I stopped doing big family get togethers, they used to happen at my house, between those and work, I dreaded the holidays. No more. Now I eat what I want, for Thanksgiving we had lamb not turkey. Christmas, we like a good fondue, and with ketoed bread, ham, and some steamed keto veggies, it is a perfect keto meal. Even cheesecake can be ketoed.

So I think the smart thing to do it you do you. Enjoy and Happy Hollies.

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:bacon::egg::avocado::leafy_green: should get you right back on track.


(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #50

Me too!

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We still do “big” family get togethers. At this one, there will by our family (4), my wife’s sister’s family (4), her two brother’s families (2 each), their kids (2), and (1) boyfriend of one of the kids. 15 total people. Two vegetarians, several gluten free, one dairy free, one Jewish (no pork for us), etc. I’m the only keto person, though my wife eats the meals I make, and she makes a lot of keto/low carb meals. Most still believe saturated fat is deadly.

(Laurie) #52

Oh nooooes!

We hardly associate with our upstairs neighbors. At least I don’t. But today the woman came and invited me up for coffee, and it seems her main motive was to ask us for Christmas dinner. I told her I don’t do Christmas, and I told her why, and she seemed to understand. But.

I think it will be hard for me to get out of. We are very rural, and I have knee problems and no vehicle, so I’m more or less confined to the house. It might make people uncomfortable if I’m lurking downstairs. Maybe I can go for a while, eat turkey only (maybe a few veg), and then lock myself in the kitchen and wash dishes while the others are doing their thing.

My sister used to want me to go to her friends’ places for Christmas, saying they were eager to meet me. Okay, but please invite me any other time of the year–not Christmas!

(Karen) #53

Had :egg::egg::bacon::bacon::bacon::fried_egg::fried_egg::cut_of_meat::coffee::coffee::coffee:


Well, I live in South Louisiana where Cajun cooking is king. And I am from a big family.

Wish me luck.

Good thing I am into extended fasting … probably 2-3 days before and then after. And that’s just to recover before New Year’s Day.

(David Cooke) #55

Is there a point in fasting beforehand? It won’t stop you going out of ketosis, will it?

(Eric) #56

The first party of the season completed successfully. Progressive dinner party. The first house the only keto food was the london broil I brought and a hot spinach dip that was outstanding. Thinking there might have been PUFAs in it but I am not worried about that occasionally.

Other than shrimp everything else was carb heavy. Plus I’m allergic to shrimp.

Desert house had one plate with cheeses, cured meats, and raspberries. I had 3 raspberries and of course cheeses and meats. I did have 1 inch of a cheese stick. Did not taste so good.

My success was because of:

  • no drinking, no desire to drink - YEA
  • fasting till 4:30 pm and then having a medium sized meal, party at 7pm
  • bringing the London broil myself and some carbonated water to drink

Neighbors and friends were supportive of no / low carbs. No mention of keto. Wife just says “I’m a diabetic”. Daughter says “I’ve lost 36 lbs.” I keep my mouth shut. Wife agrees that may be a good thing.

(Jane) #57

I did a 36-hr fast the day before Thanksgiving and again the day after and ended up at my lowest weight in spite of enjoying a small slice of apple pie and a couple of my homemade yeast rolls. The rest of the meal was keto.

The fast before was to drop a bit before I indulged and the fast after was of course to get back into ketosis.

(Laurie) #58

I had a small amount of human-induced stress yesterday. It reminded me of how I really need to avoid certain interactions.

So I’ll have to tell the inviter that I really can’t participate in Christmas dinner. I made up my mind many years ago: I don’t do Christmas. Sometimes I let myself be persuaded, but I almost always regret it.

(Joanna Parszyk ) #59

I’ll be also alone for that period so keto as usual without any changes to the usual routines. I won’t bother to cook something very fancy just for myself.

(Daisy) #60

I have a revolving door of holiday events that started over a week ago. I’ve been eating 98% keto, even at the events and my weight is still all over the place. I just can’t stress over it right now. My main reason for keto is not having chronic stomach pain. My weight is massively important to me, but I just can’t stress over it at the moment. It’s not going to help. My stomach isn’t hurting, so I’m just going to carry on.