CHILI KETO STYLE by Kevin, NativeKetoMan

(Jane Reed) #18

I find black soy beans at Whole Foods Market, for about $2.00 per can or perhaps a bit less. I make chili about twice a year so that’s the only time I eat anything soy. I grew up on chili made with beans and that’s the only way I care to eat it.

(Stacey) #19

I made this chili without the beans. I used 1 lb grass-fed beef and 1 lb bison chorizo from US Wellness meats. Topped with chipotle cheddar and sour cream, it it wonderful!

(Sophie) #20

I use a pound of chorizo and a pound of beef also. I always get a package of mild and spicy then split them up and freeze. That way it’s not hot enough to make your eyeballs bleed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh yeah! Gonna try this one.

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Not for a small can. At my grocery their $2.80 for a small can so they are still pricey.

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It’s up to the individual if plant estrogens are an issue.
As far as “being keto or not”, there is no keto rulebook :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this. I will get them dried and can them myself, so much cheaper! I used to love canning beans of all varieties, and miss them!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #25

They are very low carb beans and therefore fit into the ketogenic diet easily :slight_smile:

(OM) #26

Sorry, I didn’t mean to preach. It’s just that a lot of people do keto in order to repair metabolic damage, and unless you are a post menopausal woman the estrogens are harmful and they can mess up the way your body functions. And I think a lot of people don’t know that soy is estrogenic. That’s all.

(Dawn) #27

I love @Brenda advice on making keto work for you so it is sustainable. That is great advice. I make keto chili all of the time without beans and I use big chunks of celery and mushrooms to replace the beans. I honestly don’t even miss beans in my chili. I am going to have to make some tweaks to this WOE once I get to maintenance because I will need help sustaining it. Keto treats will be one addition, some pre-packaged spice mixes will be another, more veggies including sweet potatoes, and good old fashioned low glycemic index pinto beans are some of the things that I want to try to squeeze in to my keto lifestyle. Hopefully I can remain in ketosis during my experiment.

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You’re not preaching, you care, and that is good, and that is why I mentioned the plant estrogens. It’s up to the individuals here to research and decide.
BTW, I did keto to repair metabolic damage, believe me :slight_smile:
Read my story here:


For anyone in the U.S., you can order a case of 12 cans of these beans from Walmart for just under $2 a can. With free shipping.

Update: Oops, forgot someone already posted this in the top of this thread! Also the free shipping is for orders over $35, otherwise it’s $5.99 — at least in my area.

(Sophie) #30

Walmart wanted to charge us shipping and wouldn’t ship for pick up at the store! We came out cheaper buying direct from the MFG and they delivered via FedEx within 4 days. I get screwed by Amazon because I have a Fulfillment Center just down the road so I get to pay an extra 9.25% sales tax on the top, so I don’t buy from Amazon anymore unless I have to. I’m in Chattanooga, so I guess Walmarts vary across the country. As an aside, I have my chili in the crock pot and I’m makin Keto Cornbread to go with. I think it’s going to be righteous!



Sorry you don’t get the same deal. Maybe I got the free shipping cause I ordered other stuff too. And glad you found them!

(Dan Dan) #32

Update:Edan confused me when they wrote and stated fiber was not included in the count. but as others have stated the fiber is counted. Go Chili Keto Style :yum:

I hate to be the barer of bad news :disappointed:

The total carbs is 8 per serving of Black Soy Beans :frowning:

I just found out that many nutrient data labels already subtract fiber :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #33

Not true in this case, the Eden foods label is accurate.
I’ve been doing keto 4 years and this is the first I’ve heard this claim about these black soybeans. Many people use them. Your info is mistaken.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #34

Half a cup of canned black soybeans has 1 gram net carb plus 7 grams of fiber (8 grams of total carbohydrate)

(Dan Dan) #35

updated in my post above :slightly_smiling_face:

(Justin Jordan) #36

That’s a labeling artifact, probably.

There’s a standard calorie count for fiber for labels. It’s actually the same as carbohydrates in the US, and different for Europe. Neither reflects the actual calorie count of the particular fiber, whose digestibility varies. If you look at the labels for, as for instance, lentils or rolled oats (I mention them because I looked up their labels on Amazon) the math is the same - calories only add up if you include the fiber.

(This would mean, in fact, that the calorie count is wrong, and it’s part of why using CICO is not especially useful much of the time)

This is easy enough to test. Eat them and see. If you don’t get the blood sugar rise or lowered ketones, then it’s not worth worrying about. It’s the same process I use any time there’s something in food that’s not supposed to be digestible (aka, sugar alcohols, etc).

For instance, the label on my Now Foods psyllium husk says it has 30 calories for 8 grams of carbs. I know, for a fact, it does NOTHING to my blood sugar, both immediately, or over twenty four periods, in MUCH larger amounts than those grams.

Them calories might be present, but they ain’t getting processed.

(Dan Dan) #37

thank you for clearing that up :smiley:

when Edan said they did not include the fiber in the count It confused me :crazy_face: