Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020

(Cheryl) #1

November 01 to November 07

What are your reasons for participating in the challenge?
Mine is to lose the last bit of excess fat.
I’ve already lost over 50 lbs doing Atkins. I’ve recently quit a daily wine habit as well. This precipitated a strong desire for alternate feel good substances and the carbs began creeping back in. Hence the decision to just do carnivore. I’m curious to see how it plays out.

What about you? I’m totally curious!

OctCarniFest :)
“Slaptember!” Challenge
(Cheryl) #2

I am very excited going in to this challenge. Here’s a cheer to Day 1.:+1:


I’m all in. HOORAY to Day 1

I love a challenge. I sometimes have a Dirty Carnivore Day…like last night I had shrimp and used 1/4 cup cocktail sauce. YUM. But if I want a challenge to be strict….the cocktail sauce goes bye bye. I rarely do Dirty Carn but it can creep in like that so clean up time. I ate my cocktail sauce cause I knew it was going bye bye LOL

Lose some gained lbs. when I failed to climb the carb ladder. Ugh. Can’t do it. Carbs are true poison to me so gotta lose the gained lbs. and then I want all the best carnivore benefits to kick in full speed…they are wonderful.

Congrats on 50 gone Cheryl!! I lost 70 lbs then gained back, lost, gained til I hit Carnivore and then I did wonderful…walked away from Carn a bit experimenting on me with carbs, gained up and now I am back on full speed and losing lbs and doing wonderful. Carn has to be my plan and I want it to be my lifestyle long term.

I woke up very not hungry as usual. Will just wait to eat til I am truly hungry and require food and then fry up the yummiest big ribeye on the planet :slight_smile: Other food today will be a tin of sardines, a small chuck of cheddar if wanted. Other than that I am a go for a simple meal eating today.

(Cheryl) #4

Great Fangs!! I have about 20-25 more to go. Very curious to see how this goes. I’ve lost 5 in the last 5 days but I know that’s fluid… Lets see what the next 90 days yields.
I was unusually hungry this morning so I had 3 eggs and cheese to make some Chaffles. I’m comfortable now and will likely not be hungry until dinnertime. Beef burgers and chicken thighs if I do get hungry.
Woot! Woot!


So happy you found a great mix to make you satisfied and stable.
Key for that…eat how ya need to eat at all times in Carn.

Eggs for me are gone. Been doing Carn too long in that they hold no substance for me. I need the dense food for that. Eggs were a big staple for me longer ago and I did very very well on them…but something changed and now mostly use them for my emergency ‘order a bacon/cheese omelet’ out when I eat at a diner on the road cause it is something I can always get and I am happy eating it.

burgers and chicken thighs…oh yea :slight_smile: I sure ate my weight in chicken thighs over and over…HAHA

(Tracey M) #6

Hello @CherylP! I’m jumping in on the challenge thanks to @Fangs recommendation.

I’m having some MAJOR issues with carb cravings at present thanks to medication, and I’m generally flailing around inbetween cheats and trying to get back into keto, so I’ve decided making things simple by going carnivore for a while could be really helpful for me.

I hope :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tracey x


Good afternoon, @CherylP :slight_smile:

I’m trying to improve my health by going Carnivore. I was keto for 3 years before this and saw good results but I’m hoping for more. Thank you for starting the challenge. :+1:

(Heather M) #8

I am down! I’ve done keto and IF on and off since early 2016. I’ve attempted carnivore but never lasting longer than 7-10 days. I think carnivore is beneficial for myself because I can’t do moderation - I’m either all in or all out - can’t just have a little cheat here and there or I’m totally off the rails. Today was already my Day 1 so when I stumbled upon this it seemed universal. I’m hoping to finally lose 30 lbs that have been haunting me for a long time and affecting my mental health very poorly. Looking forward to 90 day challenge with everyone!

(Cheryl) #9

Yeah Heather!!!

(Cheryl) #10

Hey ReneeRC, I’m so happy you’re here. Woo hoo!

(Cheryl) #11

My thinking too. Keep it simple.


Had pork belly today for the first time. Major YUM!! :slight_smile:

(Tracey M) #13

So technically today is my Day One, went shopping…

Kippers and eggs for breakfast :+1:


Tracey so glad you joined. I so hope it helps you for crazy cravings from the meds. I bet you get fine results!

HI EVERYONE so happy we got a crew for the challenge!

hXbomb….I can so relate to your post and have written it myself. I am one of those black and white thinkers, I have to abstain, I can’t moderate at all. I think any carb limit for me into the 15g range and I start to crave it all. I do so well on carnivore and am staying here and just enjoying life without the hassle of fighting cravings and going batty on ‘diets’ and all…done with that. Carnivore is the bomb :slight_smile:

so yesterday food changed a bit.
woke up oh so not hungry.
around 5 I starved LOL

ribeye steak
1 chicken breast sautéed in grass fed butter
12 jumbo shrimp with little alfredo sauce for dipping

Down 1 lb. on this scale this morning.

I also have about 30 left to lose and I am going down the scale on carnivore easily where before I was fighting all the time with carb counts and cravings and all that stupid stuff. On carnivore I just lose easy and eat wonderful!

not sure on food today. gotta see what I am hankering for and go from there.

Tracey…food porn pics. I love it.

(Cheryl) #15

ReneeRc, pork bellies rule!
Tracey, that is some haul! Woo! Hoo! Kippers, never had kippers. Will check it out.
Fangs, some days are like that. Hungry first thing. But for me, most days I don’t feel hungry until about 1-2 pm. And depending on what I eat, sometimes I don’t feel for supper. I just pay attention to my hunger levels.

(Tracey M) #16

Kippers are delicious smoky goodness, very salty flavour. And little bones, good for vitamins :ok_hand:

I picked up some ox heart… I’ve never tried heart before. I’m not a great fan of liver or kidneys (at least, I didn’t like them when I last tried them as a child :joy:), so I’ve no idea if I’ll like it, but I wanted a broad range to start with :grin: Very important to me that I try to do this thing right, as I feel like it’s last chance saloon before I end up on the carb train to hell again :heart:


Kippers are great, I got tired of sardines so started getting these. Being a small fish you get the benefits of eating fish without the amount of contamination of the larger fish like tuna.
Another thing to check out that I love are tinned smoked oysters. Just be wary of the brands as most of them are packed in toxic seed oils.
I like these and they’re not terribly expensive. I have to order them though as the local Walmart doesn’t stock them.

Ingredients are smoked oysters, water, and salt.


What I find funny as heck is the ‘big promotion’ of being fat free LOL
Trying to get those ‘low calorie/low fat’ dieters on board and directed at them HAHA

Still a monster sardine fan here. When I want them they just hit the spot.

(Daisy) #19

I have been kind of doing dirty carn for 3 weeks. Mostly carnivore but added in some yogurt to keep from wasting. This will likely be a complete lifestyle change for me, but I’m joining in on the challenge for the heck of it :smile:
I am an absolute abstainer, can’t moderate anything. Had never heard of abstainer/moderator before this past week, but that knowledge has become so empowering!

Yesterday went fairly well. Bone broth in the morning, a ground beef and sausage bowl for lunch, then we went to a bbq with some friends last night. They know I’m trying carnivore, so they had “plenty of meat” for me. However, the burgers were covered in spices, the sausages had a bit of corn syrup in them and the little bacon wrapped wienies tasted very sweet. She had made a plate with brown sugar and a plate without (for me and another friend who is limiting sugar), but I’d say either the wienies or the bacon still had some sugar. Overall though, it was delicious and I’m not going to stress over it. The hostess had tried to be so thoughtful in everything she had prepared, she just didn’t know and I’ll never tell her!
I did go ahead and take measurements this morning. I’m planning to abstain from the scale, as much as I abstain from everything else, because we don’t have a good relationship!! And I want to see the change in body composition more than a number on the scale. But I did get on this morning for my starting measurements. I started dirty carn at 155, dropped to 150 in the first week, then bounced between 150 and 153 the next week until I swore off the scale this past Monday lol. This morning, my weight was 149.8 :smile:


HI Daisy

jump right in and have at it :slight_smile:

yea I get ya on other’s making our meats for us. They don’t get it but it was a valiant effort :slight_smile:

When you have your own control in your own kitchen we shine best!

Congrats on that new decade…140s :slight_smile: and you will keep trucking!!