Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


Your scale doesn’t stand a chance, lol. 149.8 is a nice loss!

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #22

Kippers are actually herring and can be large. Typically kippers means small herring but not always. I eat Bar Harbour which are wild caught off the coast of Maine and packed in water. Smoked and yummy.


The Bar Harbor are my favorite as well.
My only exposure to herring are kippers and references to Opus eating them in the Bloom County comics.

(Cheryl) #24

I love Bloom County!!


Down 1/2 lb on the scale. Cool. Right direction. Makes me happy.
Usually I don’t weigh all the time, hate it, but since I am challenging I will be checking each morning just to see for a while.

food yesterday

3 sausage patties
1 lb. ribeye streak…yum
1 s/b chicken breast sautéed in grass fed butter
4 chunks cheddar
can of tuna and mayo

on plan tight and doing well. I hope everyone is embracing Carnivore!!


I kinda dated myself on that post didn’t I. :laughing:
I was a big Bill the Cat fan back in the day.

(Daisy) #27

I’m staying off the scale. It sets me up for failure. Yesterday I had bone broth around 12:30, sausage and eggs around 2 and rotisserie chicken late last night around 9:30. I normally would never eat after 9, but I took the kids trick or treating, then to 3 grocery stores, so I didn’t get home until 9:15. Feeling great, sleeping well, very happy so far. I bought a dress 3 months ago that fit me like a glove. I forgot about it until this morning and when I put it on, it’s too big! I’ll take it, even though it was an expensive dress! Lol


Wonderful NSV Daisy!!! Cool!

(Cheryl) #29

A new week ahead. Woo hoo!
Well done Ketodaisy!
Me too barefootbob!
Fangs, I’ve been weighing daily too but I think I’m going to do it once a week instead. I get a little obsessed. I can fluctuate by 3-5 pounds in a day so it’s frustrating.

Have a great week ahead everyone.


Cheryl yea I get that. I said to myself last night, since Cheryl is doing a weekly challenge thread thru this whole 90 days…once a week weighing is enough :slight_smile:

but I had to hit the scale this morning cause I felt so light…Down 1.4 lbs.
Oh heck yea. But stopping the reporting and putting it to the end of each weeks challenge. That is enough, the scale is getting on my nerves already LOL

yesterday food was:

10 slices bacon
1/2 lb. meatloaf
1.5 lbs. snow crab legs with butter

I woke up very hungry. Will be eating heavier today…no doubt about that. Got my eye on a ribeye and it won’t escape the fry pan HA…it can’t outrun my fangs!

and never worry about that daily flux…means nothing. But it can blow your mind, I so understand that!!


Welcome to week 2 y’all. Keep up the good work and I’m cheering for everbody!

(Daisy) #32

Excellent Fangs!!!


how about other’s…anyone weighting a bit to just see…curious yet LOL
I know strict Carn is working for all of us :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #34

Yesterday didn’t turn out as planned and I didn’t eat ideal, but it is what it is. I had an event that I had forgotten about, plus meetings all day. So I had a glass of broth in the morning (usually fast until after noon on Sundays, but was feeling a bit of hunger.) I teach a Sunday school class and at least one of the kiddos always gives me a piece of their pepperoni, so I ate a tiny piece of that. Had plans after church to go home and make a nice steak, but after my husband’s meeting, and we were about to head home, my mom reminded me of the event I was supposed to be at in 30 minutes. So we went through Wendy’s drive thru on the way and I ate the meat from a double stack and 4 chicken nuggets (:frowning:) then I got my steak in the evening after all my other meetings.

I will report one negative so far. I had terrible RLS before going keto and starting magnesium glycinate. Haven’t had much trouble for the last year and a half. The last few nights have been pretty terrible. I make a magnesium body butter that I use in emergency situations (have used it maybe twice in the last year) but have needed it almost every night for the last few nights. I’m going to try increasing my magnesium supplements before bed to see if that helps.


Daisy this is where you have to plan. You must take care of you. A lot of meats travel in a cooler bag. Get one of those small ones, for these forgotten situations where you know you are prepared.

The nuggets, I get that. A side item LOL and one thinks the burgers aren’t enough and we ‘just go there’…well you don’t have to go there. Just double your burger order!!! Yea we want it, I know, but you do not have to choose that :slight_smile: :slight_smile: You have the control. Double that better meat choice and go for it!

And another thing, ‘intentional fasting’ is not on Carnivore.
We eat. We eat well. We eat meat/seafood and good fats from that.

So even if you think you are not that hungry in the morning have bacon, sausage, eggs, whatever…put some UMPFFT in your body. That helps a lot.

I travelled with a cooler a long time. I had to be sure there was available food at all times for me cause I knew me…yea I could find an excuse for it all…to leave the desired plan that I love and gives me so many benefits…well once I had that cooler food of acceptable food I had no excuses. I helped me SO much. Beef sticks in your purse for any situation. I carried a lot of them with me :slight_smile:

Yea mag might help. I had some RLS for a bit. omg. I know. I truly don’t know why they left or what I did…but longer on Carn they never surfaced again. Horrible thing that the body does to us. But keep the faith with some mag and moving and EATING! will help you.

I know you will only improve on Carnivore. But you must eat. You have to plan for it if needed.

You are doing this for you and it is all about you and now it is time to take time literally to plan for you!!!

sorry for the long post…I get fired up cause I been there. I know what it takes to hold changes…be prepared for big changes…caught in that food trap of no food and having to scrounge.

Think a carnivore. Will eat a scrapped over, leftover boneyard of a demised critter for nutrition but it sure ain’t gonna eat an apple or wheat for its nutrition so it finds what it must to survive and be true to itself.

You got this. Your wake up call if you want Carnivore and hold strong.

sorry again, I get chatty too much sometimes HAHA Take what works for you in this post and what doesn’t. Just spouting some experiences and some works for some and not for others. Pull what resonates and leave the rest :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #36

Haha it’s ok I appreciate the time you took to reply! I didn’t actually care about the chicken nuggets, we just all bought the “4 for $4” meals and it includes nuggets. I am very anti fast food, but I don’t worry too much about it since I almost never eat those things.
I had my keto emergency food, I need to replenish my carnivore emergency food lol.

I take a pretty low amount of magnesium, so I’m hoping upping that just a little will fix the RLS again. Here’s hoping! Thanks again for your reply!


Cool you are doing very well for yourself Daisy! I love it!!! Rock on!


I decided to weigh myself yesterday and I’m back down a pound. So far, I’m liking this Carnivore/PKD. :slight_smile:


Congrats Renee! what is PKD
yea I don’t know…can’t seem to put it in mind LOL


Hi Fangs,

It’s called: Paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD) and there is a clinic in Hungary using it to cure (yep, CURE) folks with auto-immune issues. It’s a very strict, high-fat carnivore diet with lots of organ meats.

Here is a link to their website:

Here is a really good YouTube with Dr Zsofia Clemens where she goes into a lot of detail about the diet: