(Susan) #716

Yes please, I would love to get some, I have a Costco membership and I live in Ontario, thanks!

(Steve) #717

Hi Susan, My daughter said that she bought it at Costco Barrie but it might have been a temporary test item? I would ask at the Sobey’s and Superstore customer service, I thought I saw them in the deli section last summer?

(Susan) #718

Okay, great, thanks a lot Steve =).

Need help reading nutrition values
(Candy Lind) #719

I have GOT to be the messiest Chaffle chef in Christendom!!!

(KCKO, KCFO) #720

We need a photo of that chaffle. You can’t just make a claim like this and not provide some proof.

Been a while since I’ve seen you posting, hope all are well at your house.

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #721

Ditto, @CandyLindTX. Pictures, or it didn’t happen…! :joy::rofl::woman_cook:

(Candy Lind) #722

Oh, the mess is excess batter and fat going all over the counter because I can’t seem to get the volume right! The Chaffles are still awesome. I’m gnoshing on open face ham chafflewiches as we speak! LOL (pics on WDYKT4)


That’s why I put my mini-waffle maker on my kitchen scale and measure the layers – 10 grams shredded cheese + 25 grams beaten egg + 10 grams shredded cheese. Never an overflow.

If I do a batter, usually only 30 grams or so is sufficient.

(Susan) #724

I have a Belgian waffle maker that makes 4 at a time. I am lazy so i make 12 at a time and freeze them. I use the recipe that calls for 3 eggs, 1/2 C mozzarella cheese, just under 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp of butter. I put all this in a 1 L yogurt container and blend it with my stick blender. I then pour about 1/4 cup in each mold. I cook till there is no steam coming out of the waffle maker. They don’t seem to stick except in the corner when i am lifting them off. I also don’t use soap on my waffle maker, and season it like a cast iron frying pan. It smokes a bit when it is starting up.

(Vic) #725

I started experimenting with these chaffles, Love them

However I am having an issue seems the recipee’s overflow out of waffle maker

I had read that it is the mini that is required and I got this one

Is This too Mini?

I got this one instead of the dash suggested because it makes 4 and I do sometimes eat with my wife but I think its not a correct size not sure?


I cured that problem by putting my waffle maker on my kitchen scale. That way, I’m sure of getting the same amount of batter (or layers) into each waffle. Saves me a lot of time on cleanup.

But it’s easy to do with the small Dash mini-waffle maker.

(Peter) #727

I use this one, so you can use anything. It’s just a case of working out the amounts you need to use for your device, takes a bit or trial and error.

(Bob M) #728

Well, we gave up on our old waffle iron…and bought a new version of the exact same one. They look identical, though one is about a decade old. Anyway, the new one not only cooks much faster, but also – oddly – needs more egg/cheese mixture. The 70g egg, 55g cheese we were using for the old maker is now too small. Weird.

(Bob M) #729

So, we bought a new waffle maker. Exactly the same as the old waffle maker. However, the time to being done is much less, and – oddly – I can use a lot more egg and cheese. Was using 70 g egg, 55 g cheese. This morning, I used 87 g egg and 67 g cheese, and it came out great. 5 minutes cooking time versus 7+ minutes, too.

I find this odd, particularly the amounts.

(KCKO, KCFO) #730

Maybe the depression sizes are not totally identical? Often the same models do get slight modifications done but they still use the old model no/name?

(Bob M) #731

That could be true. I did not compare the two “plates”. Especially once I realized how well the new one worked. :wink:

Unfortunately, the other one is in the trash, so I can’t compare.

I think it (the old one) might have had trouble heating. The old one used to produce quite a bit of “oil” that would run off. I had to clean the entire outside each time. The new one produces none. The only time I clean the outside is if there is run-over.

(KCKO, KCFO) #732

Sounds like you really needed a new one. Enjoy, just remember the new measurements :slight_smile:

(Rebecca ) #733

I was at a local Salvation Armt store and found a cute red Mini Dash for…$3.99!!! BRAND NEW!! I already had a seafoam green one so now I can make 2 at a time!!

(Bob M) #734

I did get some “oil” with the new one, when I used a different cheese (cheddar instead of mozz). It may not have been the type of cheese, though, but the cut of cheese. Maybe finer cuts = less oil?

I’d have to run a test.

(UsedToBeT2D) #735

I added some sour cream and chopped arugula and some sharp cheddar to spice up the standard chaffle. Yum.