(back and doublin' down) #676

haven’t tried oil…nice idea! Thanks!

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #677

I want chaffles every day. Great invention. One very important thing is texture, which is mostly related to the time inside the maker. I tend to use a long time, which results in a more crusty, less wet texture. Also, I use xantham gum. And species and seeds. I prefer salty chaffles than sweet with chocolate ones. I am surprised to say so! For sweet taste, I prefer protein bars. But for salty, bread like texture, chaffles are unbeatable.


I bought the little chaffle maker for 9.99 on Amazon. It came with a certificate for $10.00 credit at Amazon if I write a review. I got it for free!

Yesterday I added some turmeric, some powdered tomato and a drop of truffle oil, to make it more savory. The previous version seemed a bit sweet and eggy to me, although I still like it very much too. Anyway, I omitted the small amount of coconut flower I had used in the pervious version, and while the taste was wonderful, they were too runny and not as fluffy as the previous version. I shall continue to experiment and we’ll see where this goes. Having fun and enjoying the chaffles!

(Rebecca ) #679

Chaffes have become a favorite in our home!! I make a great bacon and cream cheese chafflewich!! I have made sweet and savory versions…such versatile little things!!!:grin:


For me, the most important thing for texture is how I use the shredded cheese.

When I want them crispy for a savory application, I layer cheese+eggs+cheese, as the cheese on top and bottom crisps up after cooking.

When I want them soft for a sweet application, I make a batter. I first put the shredded cheese in my Magic Bullet, and turn it into a powder. This gives me a more consistent batter when I add the eggs (and whatever other ingredients I choose to add). Without the layering, the resulting chaffle is much softer.

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #681

I have never used cheese for my chaffles. This seems anathema, but it works for me. A bit of yogurt suffices. What matters the most is nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, the egg, the xanthan gum and the spices. And the mass has to be mostly dry, not wet. My first chaffles were wet, and I did not like them much. The big advance for me was when I decided to use a mostly dry mass.

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #682

In fact, I think that what I do (and what some chaffle recipes in internet do) is not really a chaffle, but something different. There should be another name.

(Jane) #683

Lots of cheeseless chaffle recipes out there… the name is an icon now - can’t mess with it!:laughing:


Like maybe … waffle? :slight_smile:


How about ketaffle?

(Rebecca ) #686

That’s what I was thinking!!:+1:

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #687

A waffle has for sure sugar. I would prefer a noffle, as a shorthand of no-waffle. Noffle is more generic than a chaffle, which requires cheese. But as said, many recipes here have no cheese at all. What is common in them is the lack of sugar, so ketoffle, or probably better noffle, would describe the concept better, imho.


I would say what defines a waffle is the cooking surfaces, not the nearly infinite permutation of ingredients that could be put into the batter or dough that is cooked within them.

If you cook the same batter or dough on a Dash mini round grill or a Dash Panini press or in a mug in the microwave or a silicone mold in the oven or in a fry pan on the stove, it would no longer be a waffle.

(back and doublin' down) #689

anyone else found that the mini dash is good for a start, and now considering a larger waffle iron? I detest adding to my collection of cooking appliances and related cause I live in a very small (but not ‘tiny’) house. However, if I can decide on something to ditch so I have room for a larger waffle maker, I just might…

(Rebecca ) #690

Yes!! I got the cute, mint green, Mini and really like it…HOWEVER…when making them for my Sweetie and myself…it is a drag making one at a time!! The Dash are small enough that I wouldn’t mind another one.

(Rebecca ) #691

On the subject of Chaffles. I am under a good deal of stress lately. We are making a move half way across the country in 4 weeks. My Husband is already there working, so I am here packing the house and getting things in order. I had a sudden attack today of “I Need Somethingness” so I made 2 chaffles (1 recipe split in 2)…1 Sweet Cinnamon and 1 Dark Chocolate…all I can say is…BAM!!!

(Susan) #692

That is great, Rebecca that you found something that helped and was Keto still, way to go.

I had to do a long stretch on my own (well with our 3 eldest and I was pregnant with our 4th) in a house we couldn’t sell up north from Setpember -June years ago. My hubby came home every few weeks for a weekend, but he was working in this city, and it was hard.

It will be over soon though, if you only have to do it for 4 weeks, you can do this!! I know it seems like insane atm, but you will survive and it will all be wonderful once you are relocated =) Hugs !!

(Rebecca ) #693

Thank you so much, Susan!! Fortunately, our 2 kids are grown and have their own families so I don’t have kids to take care of!!! :exploding_head: I have found myself so deep into packing that I forget to eat (WHAT?!?!) then I am suddenly HANGRY!!
You’re right though…good things a close ahead!!!:hugs:

(Steve) #694

Sturdy Burger Bun
For a good sturdy burger bun that lasts to the last bite here’s what I have found works best.
I add fresh Parmesan cheese to the preheated Mini Dash
I mix in some everything bagel sprinkles to the beaten egg mixture for great flavour
Pour the egg on top of the cheese but don’t add the second layer of cheese to the egg
Serve with the Parmesan side out

Smashed Cheese Burgers

(Rebecca ) #695

Look delicious!!