(KCKO, KCFO) #636

Yea, guys always make the worst patients. Either they moan about EVERYTHING, or they do as he is doing they want to do EVERYTHING before it is time for the body to heal.

Wishing you well during this stressful recovery phase. Good reaction from your son too.

(Susan) #637

Thanks! It was my Lisa, but yes, for sure when our son comes on the weened he will help do stuff around here too, he is always really helpful =). Our girls are 19,21, and 25 and the boys are 23 and 28 (the girls all live her still, except the 25 year old bought a house with her bf they are renovating and she will be moving there soo).

(KCKO, KCFO) #638

Opps my bad, either way, good kid you raised :).

(Susan) #639

Thanks, they are all quite good, I have been lucky that way. Sometimes they can drive me nuts, but I drive them nuts at times too, that is just normal, haha.

I would be really bored without them all, I know that for sure!

(Steve) #640

White bread batter mix is our go to at the moment, one batch makes six sturdy chaffles for burgers or sandwiches

(Steve) #641

Glad your husband is recovering nicely!
Are you whipping your chaffle ingredients into a batter and pouring on the Dash?

(back and doublin' down) #642

That would be @Momof5 's husband ~ I too am glad to hear he is rebounding well from what sounded like a major medical intervention!

Yes. Softening the cream cheese briefly in the microwave and then mixing just with a fork. I find it easier to separate the batter into a couple of little waffles that way.

(Bob M) #643

You didn’t have to adjust the liquid at all for the coconut flour? I’m trying to avoid almond flour, but I’ve read that coconut flour sucks up liquid.

(back and doublin' down) #644

Bob, I cut the coconut flour down to a tablespoon, and add a tablespoon of water depending on how much egg white is there. I get farm fresh eggs, and some are small with almost no white, others are large with major “egg white” ~ so I go by feel. I’m a “dumper” sort of baker and tend to measure things in my hand or rough guess with the spoon. I really like these better with the coconut flour!

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #645

Today I have tried chaffles without baking powder (only an egg, almond flour, Greek yogurt and tikka masala powder) and they were great. I thought that without baking powder, xantham gum and / or psyllium husk, the consistency would be bad. But not at all. It is clear baking powder is not needed. I will experiment adding small amounts of xantham gum or psyllium husk to see if consistency changes a bit, but if not, I will continue using the simplest chaffle described above, which is delicious.

(traci simpson) #646

I can’t get on this chaffle bandwagon. I’ve tried a few ways to make them and I just don’t like the taste so I’m selling my two waffle makers. Good thing I got them second hand.


True. If you were replacing 3 or 4 cups of almond flour in a recipe, you’d substitute 1 cup of coconut flour and also need to add up to 6 eggs and a cup of liquid.

But in small quantities, it’s a minor adjustment. It may not scale down as much. Adjustments can also vary depending on the brand of coconut flour.

Typically, if someone says coconut flour creates very dry or crumbly baked goods, it’s because not enough eggs or liquids were used.


There’s so many ways to do the waffles. My next attempt won’t even use cheese, but protein powder in its place, in an attempt to lower calories.

You should be able to use almost any “muffin-in-a-minute” or “mug cake” batter in the waffle iron…

(back and doublin' down) #649

ooOoOOooo going to be trying this at some point!

(traci simpson) #650

Nope, done trying!

(KCKO, KCFO) #651

We are all different, if you don’t like’em you don’t have to eat them. Just more for OgreZed, me and others.

(Steve) #652

Sorry I meant Momof5.
Have you tried mixing in a bullet, it works great with easy clean up. I have a new recipe batter that makes 6 perfect firm enough chaffles for sandwiches and is really forgiving on ingredients. If you don’t care for yolks, cheese, almond flour, psyllium, sugar or whatever … leave it out and be creative with whatever you like.

(Susan) #653

He did great with the surgery and is in mega pain; but either wise doing great, Thanks =)).

(back and doublin' down) #654

One of my favorite things about the chaffle concept! Have always described myself as a ‘dumper’ rather than a strict measure each ingredient person. I go by feel and experience. @Jamboribs don’t have a bullet or a larger waffle iron. Have wondered about a bullet for BPC, just haven’t been sure I’d use it enough to justify.


Well thank you for this post and thread! Let me add pics of my first attempt at chaffles. I’m so excited I came across these on here. I’m not much of a baker so I haven’t tried any keto breads. These will do nicely though. Yum!