(Karen) #596

Do you think the eggy flavor is in the yolk?

(Karen) #597

Good point! Mayonnaise is actually mostly egg yolk and oil.

(Steve) #598

I do think the eggy flavor comes from the yolk. I also think that the shredded cheese in the original recipe makes it too cheesy sometimes especially in a sweet chaffle. Don’t get me wrong, the original chaffle with the whole egg and shredded cheese is fantastic and addictive, but sometimes you want just a more neutral taste. The fluffy white bread chaffle doesn’t have any egg or cheese taste at all and has made the best sandwich and burger bun so far for us. You can leave out the mayo, sugar, salt and just use the cream cheese and egg white with a little baking powder for the rise. Whip it up in the bullet and pour it as a batter to the consistency of a real waffle batter. I was weighing with the mini dash on the scale to an exact 38 grams but now I can eye it as to not make a mess. Also after I pour the batter on I smooth it out to cover all the waffle divots and leave the lid open for about 15 seconds to set the batter on the bottom iron plate so it doesn’t spill over the side. Close the lid and watch it rise so much that it lifts the lid. I go around 2 minutes and rest on a baking rack. My wife made one that went too long and when she took it off the dash the firm chaffle split in two for what she said was her best bacon and tomato sandwich yet.

(back and doublin' down) #599

The mini dash arrived yesterday and I broke a fast to try this same recipe. Didn’t mess with a blender, kept it simple with softened cream cheese that blended ok with a little almond flour beating with a fork. Lumps of cheese baked out fine. Delicious! Ended up having two small meals. May try with less or no almond flour next.

(Steve) #600

I tried just almond flour, egg white, cream cheese and baking powder. Whipped it up in the magic bullet, fast and easy turkey sandwich with Carrie Brown orange cranberry sauce.


I had the first one ever today (1 egg, 1/2 cup cheddar/parmigiano cheese) and NOT ONLY did it taste fantastic, it also gave me an insane rush of energy which had me take off and wash curtains by 7:30 in the morning. I got hungry at about 2 in the afternoon. WOW.
So - was the person who invented this shoved to the top of the queue of people up for sainthood? Or was he or she at least awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor or something like that? I can’t imagine that the person who gave us chaffles still walks about unnoticed and unregarded.



I wonder what discussion went on at the company as Dash could no longer keep up with the orders they were getting? Did they fire someone for not realizing the opportunity before?

I’m still shocked that Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, or Papa Murphy’s haven’t come up with a good keto pizza offering. If they don’t have someone working on it, they are idiots.


I would have loved to have a recording of what went on in their experimental kitchens the day the quaffle recipe arrived there:

“My god, they do WHAT? But…that’s not even a recipe!”

  • inaudible mumbling in the background -
    “Okay, okay, we’ll try it out…but that’s NOT what I became a chef for!”
  • rasp, rasp -
  • squish, squish -
  • sizzle, sizzle -
  • PLOP -
  • noise of fork on plate, then chewing noise -
  • PAUSE-
  • chew, chew -
    “Call the whole board! Heck, no, call everybody including Ellen from marketing! Do it NOW!”
  • noise of frantic activity of underlings -
    “Oh…and bring me…let’s see…spinach, bacon, mushrooms…and cheese! A LOT of cheese!”
  • fade out *

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Hi everyone! So I have a Chaffle question that I didn’t see anyone else pose or answer, please forgive me if I missed it in the 600 posts in this thread :blush:

I have made chaffles three ways : egg and cheddar, egg and shredded mozzarella, and one time each with egg, cheese and with two tbsp of almond flour.

Every time they taste fishy to me. Distractingly so— Like warm, fishy waffles. I have not been using omega 3 eggs— just regular eggs.

Does anyone else have this problem? Thoughts?

(John) #605

Not me.

If I do egg and cheddar, I get a distinctive “egg and cheese” flavor, which is great because sometimes I want to taste the egg and cheese.

If I do egg and mozzarella, it is a more neutral taste that works well as a bread replacement for a sandwich.

I only use the almond flour when I want to stretch it out a bit - i.e. make 3 waffles instead of 2. I also occasionally use a little baking powder, which makes for a crispier waffle but also more chance of it running over when I close the lid. :frowning:

But never a fishy taste.

I use farm fresh, cage free, free range eggs. My wife’s best friend lives in the country and keeps chickens as a hobby, and those are some pampered hens. We get tons of fresh eggs. I have met many of the chickens personally.


Elsewhere I posted the first chaffle recipe and reference I could find. Chaffle recipe 1981

More or less as in the Calvary Baptist Temple (Savannah, GA), 1981 for a “WAFFLE MAKER OMELET” Recipe. 2 eggs, 1 cup grated cheese. Set waffle maker on high. Let cool on a rack.


(Susan) #608

Thanks JohnH. I may need to try different eggs. Or it may just be the taste doesn’t work for me. But glad to know I might try again with fresher eggs…

(traci simpson) #609

Have you seen the ingredients?

(Karen) #610

I know in Korea that chickens are fed fish as part of their feed, and you can taste it in the eggs. Might that be the issue? Perhaps try switching brands

(traci simpson) #611

this is with mozzarella cheese and regular sauce etc.

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #612

I have tried this white bread chaffle recipe (adding an egg, instead of only whites), with home made maonesa (this is the right historical name, from Maó, Menorca), and it was delicious.

Today I have done the same, with almond flour but no maonesa (instead, Greek yogurt), and it was almost as good, but with a little bit less consistency.

What could be the reason? Maybe the reduction in fat? If this is the reason, could it be that adding a bit of olive oil could make it even better?

(Steve) #613

Mayo or yogurt is fine or leave it out all together for a more neutral taste. Whole egg or just egg white is a personal taste and doesn’t effect the chaffle structure much, egg white makes it a little less eggy tasting.
I give a squirt of oil to the waffle iron and move it around with a silicone brush for extra flavour and colour. We have been into the white bread batter chaffles lately for sandwiches, it holds up really well and is very good the next day too for a grilled cheese sandwich.
Here is a chicken, bacon, tomato and mayo sandwich, the chaffle holds up right to the the last bite. As you can see I sprinkled a little grated cheese onto the iron first.

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #614

I have done my third set of chaffles, with egg, Greek yogurt, xantham gum and almond flour, and adding a good serving of olive oil.

The texture and taste are wonderful. There is only one thing to improve: after finishing the chaffle, I get a bitter taste in my mouth. I do not know what it is, but I suspect it could be the baking powder I use.

For sure, I will buy another brand of baking powder to try, but so far, has anybody found this issue of the bitter taste after finishing the chaffle?

(Steve) #615

Is it the olive oil?