@Momof5 I shared this recipe about 300 posts ago. It’s dairy free and you can use your mayo in it. It has the texture of toast or a bun. It’s really good and not eggy tasting at all. The recipe makes two mini waffles.

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To cancel the eggy taste, since you can’t add mozzarella, try a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice), just a few drops. It will react with the baking powder as well, making them a bit airier.

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There are MCT oil powders that don’t have artificial sweeteners. I use one because my taste buds have changed enough I don’t like sweetened drinks anymore.

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Awesome, thanks Sara!!

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OKay, thanks for the information @DeeCS and @kaclp =).


You’re welcome! I don’t like the regular chaffles either.

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Ricotta Cheese
Pancakes or Cornbread?

Wow what a pleasant surprise!
My wife and I both agreed that these fluffy chaffles tasted like pancakes. They had the consistency and texture of cornbread, if you added corn flavoring extract it would be a great cornbread chaffle but we don’t have any corn flavoring . Next time we are going to try the recipe as a pancake chaffle.

This recipe made 2 chaffles on my double iron

3 Tbsp high fat ricotta
2 Tbsp almond flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
1 beaten egg
Grease the iron well for that crispy golden crust

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I have been loving the chaffles made in the little Dash mini-maker, and the size is great for making a bread replacement or having a mini-chaffle as a side item with bacon and eggs.

But sometimes you don’t want to stand there making 2 or 4 of them, one after the other, having to decide whether to eat the one that just came out while it is warm, or wait until you have finished them all so you can use them for bread replacement for your sandwich.

So I got a full-size Cuisinart round waffle maker for about $30 so I could make bigger ones. I gave it the first try today. It has a slider so you can control the cooking temp, unlike the Dash. It has 5 settings, with 3 being the middle. I set it to 4, which made for a beautifully browned waffle.

Other than me slightly overfilling it and having to clean up a little over-run, it turned out great. 2 eggs, 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella, 1/8 cup almond flour. It made a nice, crispy full-sized waffle for breakfast. Big, filling, and satisfying, but basically a 2-egg cheese omelet with a side of a few almonds, just cooked differently.

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You tuber Ketofocus has recently posted a recipe for stuffing/dressing for the Thanksgiving table which looks very promising. (Sorry, can’t create a link.). It’s chaffles with savory flavors combined with traditional additions like onion, celery, broth, etc.

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I have to say, I’ve made these about three times and it’s not all that. It’s not bread, it doesn’t stay crunch for very long and it’s a bit bland IMO.

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Thanks - will look her up!

I got some sweet corn exctract to make some cornbread, so if I had a chaffle to go with it (my dressing has mostly cornbread with a few slices of bread) I can make keto dressing for Thanksgiving!


Cheesy garlic Chaffle…because the plain ones suck (imho)

4TBSP egg white
1/2 cup mozza
1/3 cup Parmesan ( I use the pedals)
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp psyllium fibre powder
1 TBSP almond flour

Mix and cook. Fills one four sectioned Belgian waffle
Cook for 8-10 minutes for that yummy and crunchy fried cheese taste…
You could likely get away with omitting the fibre and the almond powder but not sure.


I made these, finally, yesterday. I think I made a tactical error trying to get fancy off the bat. I added some herbs and garlic. Also some almond flour and baking powder. They came out puffy, but too … I guess garlic-y or herbal. Something was off. I think they might make ok pizza crust. I’ll try that later in the air fryer. Alas … keep it simple!

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You have to add spices and play with it, took me awhile to find flavored I liked.

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Was looking at carpet samples tonight with my husband when he says “oh look, they have Chaffle carpet”! :laughing:


:joy: this totally fits into “you know you’re keto when…” category
Keto must have, like butter and steak :slight_smile:

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Can’t decide whether I want to walk on it with bare feet … or eat it :joy::laughing:


Failure report. I eat pimiento cheese on my chaffles (usually the everything bagel chaffle, 1 egg + 1 c mozz + 1 T almond flour ½ t baking soda 1.5 t almond flour) but I thought —hey, why not IN my chaffle. after all it is just cheddar cheese, mayo sour cream cream cheese, some pimientos and spices…

Not good. tried several variations.

PC is better ON a chaffle than IN a chaffle.

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Your favorite single serving minute muffin recipe makes two mini chaffles. Good stuff!