In training. Trying to survive at work. Here is an egg and bacon test. Practicing making take-aways, or take-to-works.

I need to make food to have at work. So, inspired by @Geezy56 Geoffrey and his wraps and stacks I have deconstructed the usual breakfast omelette into egg wraps. I was doing this about a year ago, or was it two years ago.

If I’m going to stress eat at work it’s going to be on plan.

Here was the test:

1 egg omelette
cooked in butter (today it was beef tallow)
raw egg scrambled up with a fork in a bowl then added to hot fry pan
add 10g grated Jarlsberg cheese - the cheese holds the omelette together by providing a matrix
floomph that omelette under a pan lid - listen for the cheese bubbling to create a pocked surface

Cook the fillings, the ones that need cooking, earlier. To add later. Today it was bacon. For classic bacon and eggs style. @PaulL I think would not complain.

I have added cold fillings like pate, terrine, sliced steak, anything on plan in previous attempts, the last time I was doing this.

Roll it, or fold it like a burrito.

The secret in the wrap layer is floomphing the cheese. Butter is better than beef tallow to get a nice looking omelette, the tallow seems to cook a bit hotter.

3 of these is enough for a grown man. But 4 creates that ‘stuffed’ feeling. When stress eating the dose might be 4. Or, 3 and a boiled egg. But as @Fangs might say, Eat what you need. As long as it’s on plan. These are one egg ‘doses’.

Note in the picture the bubbly cheese matrix on the omelette surface that adds holding-together, tenacity power when used as a roll-up.

Lots of experiments to try - different cheeses. Maybe a cheddar next time. Different proteins. I wonder about salmon or crayfish roll-up wraps.

How many do you reckon you could eat?

Inspired by Japanese Tamagoyaki (egg roll) - I might try the cooking method but with my ingredients.


Well we will be in February soon! Sharpen your fangs. What are good names for the 29-day February 2024 ZC carnivore challenge? One day longer than the past few years. Are we still feeling challenged? Maybe not by the menu. Maybe outside things, life things, are the challenge. Things we would like to be free of. Well, we can better cope with them by fortifying ourselves with a nutrient rich way of eating. Fort February? I’ll ruin by saying Fart February. Fart-free February…

You had better make some suggestions before we get stuck with that one.

Remember when you left me to name it in 2023?

Well looky there, I was the one irresponsible for naming the Feb 2022 thread as well…


What is a cheese whisp, @Shinita? I thought it said whip. It looks all nice and bubbly and matrixy, like it could be used to build something carnivorish and delicious. Are bacon whisps, prosciutto?


that is always the case :slight_smile: make yourself happy on zc at all times!
Plus remember, thru the years you had a year where you loved loved your egg roll ups you made…can’t remember what ya called them kinda but you had a special name for them LOL You enjoyed the heck outta them. Find the best ‘eat while away from home’ zc for you. Most of us never do ‘sandwiches’ but with chaffles and all that which Geezy shows means one can make a tag along sandwich fast when out and about too.

Maybe make a few at home, then bring with ya. I take it these would reheat easily do ya think if you made a supply and brought them for easy zc bun sandwich? No idea, I dont eat this way LOL but might be well worth thoughts on it to help improve your situation for sure!!

HEY! :crazy_face::laughing:
But everyone of us here on this thread have the darn sharpest fangs for prey take down HAHA Love this!!

can we include the word FUTURE CARNIVORE lifestyle somehow.
FutureFebCarnivore or ? something like that.

I don’t want it to be fart carnivore, hell most of us never fart again once ever when we get on this plan HAHA fart free is good but come on, lol, I being ever so sensitive and such a shy person would pass this one by :innocent::rofl:
too funny!!

if you want kinda a ‘cheese bun’ as support for meat you need to use ‘soft cheese’ that stays flexible while baking it, caues any hard aged cheese will become a ‘crispy’ and it will shatter with use as being a bun to hold meats etc. So if you want to go bun type, think soft cheese to make a tortilla, hard aged cheese makes the more cracker like crisp.

---------------So I woke up feeling damn fine. Like I am on auto pilot of health. Can’t explain it. After that full belly of meat I wanted nothing more so didn’t eat anything else. ZC ZEN BABY!

but I feel so ‘alive’ with like a connection to the outer space around me, in like an electrical way, hell I don’t know how to explain it but all is good and I give 1000% to my eating lifestyle point blank.

So today will be breaded pork chops for hubby, I will be eating my country pork ribs first meal. second meal not sure, I am not hungry, no big food focus so hmm, pork might be my omad today? will see

hold strong all, new Feb is coming at us :slight_smile:


The cheese isn’t THAT amazing now but still nice. It was so extremely tasty after not eating it for a while! :smiley: Pure. Bliss. I was very, very far from being hungry too. Odd that cheese has this, I don’t remember any other item with this behaviour. Tasty meat always tastes the same to me (or nearly the same). My desire towards it is closely correlated to the amount I had lately but the taste is pretty objective, apparently. The same with eggs.

It turned out 1300g turkey with less than that vegs is not much food. It always was so very hard for us to cook a proper amount that lasts for 3-4 days! It won’t. And I didn’t even eat much as I really don’t care about the veggie part. Alvaro can have it. Curry isn’t one of my big favs anyway. So I fry up some green ham again today… I started not even mention this stuff, it’s virtually my every day item… I may have some fattier meat too (I should) but I still have this lean one. I got some fattier slab again so it’s not super lean but in my world, quite so. I bought pork loin with a cute fat layer again, this time it won’t be just a small taste (well as small as I could… it was great) for me, I consider it food for both of us. Maybe Alvaro can put garlic only on his half. It still may affect the taste of mine but less so. I can’t fit 2 separate dishes into my mini oven… Can I?

I still drink coffee but try to stop in February. We will see.

Oh and I still eat at night. I totally shouldn’t neglect meat eating during the day… I have a hunch eating too early easily leads to that. I should wait. Hungry me surely jump meat and all is well on that front. But I need some eggs too. I never can miss dairy enough to eat late at night just because of that but with meat and egg, it’s possible.

It is a proper word, I saw it, cheese whisps are even sold in some stores (not here)! Hm apparently some people call it crisps. Whatever, crunchy little wonders. Cheese lace! :smiley: It just takes a cube/slice of half-hard cheese in a sylicon mold in the microwave oven! At least I don’t risk it sticking to plates but that may work too… And not all nice tasting half-hard cheeses produce really good ones. IDK why. And some burns easier so I end up with pinkish things instead of yellow ones, not like it’s a bad thing but the taste changes too. Or brown as in the photo… :wink: That shows the different behaviour of different cheeses quite spectacularly.
Bacon just gets crispy. Only cheese does this bubbling lace thing as far as I know!

Oh that’s a HUGE thing here…Breaded everything in general but the lean pork is the ultimate main ingredient. And Alvaro never has it (except at his Mom sometimes but she typically fries chicken thighs, no breading is involved!)
Now I start to realize how lucky I am. Or him as no way I would make that thing, I always considered breading a huge mess and an impossible mission and very unnecessary. How almost all housewives and many others can do it all the time I don’t know.
But nope, he is very happy with a piece of lean pork, fried or roasted with some salt. Of course he eats it with his carbs but the meat part doesn’t require anything complex. He is a simple one. We may have multiple courses but those are simple… :slight_smile: He doesn’t seem to get bored of the usual lean pork ever but to be fair, he doesn’t eat it every day like me…

But I lost farts on keto already… I got the ghost wipe from carnivore but I am with Fangs, don’t name the month about those things. We aren’t shy here, we can talk about poop and whatnot too but the name of the month, nope. I like when we focus on the food :slight_smile: Or maybe some effect… I don’t even remember the old month names… :thinking: And never participated as I am not good at naming (naming my OCs, I always was great there and it took hours to days almost every time. I don’t name things unless I have to. maybe cats, they often are so easy to name. some of our cats have multiple names even if only the ones we gave them count. as the neighbours name them too. Pie is “little calf” to them as she has spots like cows. but it sounds silly in Hungarian). But maybe one day.
F like… fluffy. My February surely will be fluffy but it’s me. F like fabulous… I really can’t think of anything else now. I will have fowl too, for sure :smiley: And hopefully I won’t be too flexible, I need the opposite of it now! :slight_smile: At least in the beginning. I will even attempt dairy free days… Or meals… That’s challenging enough.

10, maybe. But if it’s filled, less may be enough. Are there some specific rules? I will come back to it [nope, of course I couldn’t resist…], I already had enough forum at one sitting and my mind thinks about the pork I should start to fry… But eggs? :smiley: Of course I am interested. If it’s close to an egg fast, that’s bad as it was worse than my fat-phobic day (and that was very bad but I was curious).
I just know 10 eggs is way too little for a proper first meal for me - but if I add meat and cheese, that may be just perfect! I can’t handle too much added fat and I never made it like this… I make scrambled eggs with cheese on top or mixed in so it’s soft. I don’t even know if I can get Jarlsberg.

Can’t be bad :slight_smile: I don’t think I ever mixed eggs with fish but what could possibly go wrong…? :smiley:

As many as gives me 100-150g fat and protein. If I am hungry already. Tricks never worked, I need a decent sized first meal when hungry.
If the fat is way more than the protein and a big part of it is added fat, I get nauseated and only can eat one based on my egg fast… I will try it with little added fat but a big fat/protein ratio. Egg with pork belly or pork jowl :wink: That doesn’t make me nauseous.

It sounds a nice experiment and I do still like eggs. But I still want a meaty meal today… And just some eggs and cheese (cheesy “pasta” in my world) later.
But what if I make such experiments once a week or so…? With various fillings :slight_smile:
It really matters if one adds a rasher of bacon, a tiny fish or 100g pork belly (86% fat in weight) per egg… :wink: So I can’t tell how much I would eat but see what I wrote about macros, that’s accurate enough.

Tamagoyaki is lovely, sometimes I make some :slight_smile: But it’s just for variety, I am fine with my way simpler scrambled eggs…


Me again but it was such an unusual meal…!!! I rarely can do simple but it happened today. About 400g pork (freshly fried green ham and some leftover bratwurst) for lunch, I am wonderfully satiated now. And my energy plummeted but it happens after big meals especially at 3pm. It can’t happen in the evening when my energy is highest and I get awake even when I was a sleep deprived zombie during the day (doesn’t work against the absolute worst zombie state but that requires some super bad sleep).
Perfect time for a nap in my sunlit room but I don’t need it now so it won’t happen.

Dinner will contain eggs, that’s sure. I already miss eggs a bit but wanted a simple meaty dish. It was enjoyable. A tad chewy as I didn’t cook it for as long as usual but still fried and good. I decided slices are better especially with leaner meat so it won’t dry out even if I fry it longer.
The taste was really good. I didn’t have very much pork in the last, more fowl-y days, that made me basing my lunch on my usual leanish pork this time. And it wasn’t lean anyway, it’s a new slab so I cut the fattiest slices and it was a nicely fatty slab anyway, for this cut. So the usual, IDK why I write this down every time… So everything combined to make this great lunch possible. I can’t do this just on any day so I best appreciate it now.
No photo as the thought hasn’t crossed my mind. It was pretty though. Maybe I shot the leftovers when I stop being this lazy/sleepy.

I planned making meatballs with pork skin (the best kind, well-cooked soft smoked pork hocks skin! yummy!) tomorrow but that’s so great for using up lean pork and this one is nicer, fattier than that. I will just fry the leftover raw meat. Alvaro still have his turkey curry. I only will bake tomorrow, for both of us.

(KM) #168

You are so inspiring!!!

I’m not usually so gushy, but every time I read one of your posts I want the feeling you describe. Maybe Fart Free February is my month for pure carnivore. :grin:


it took alot of time on plan to hit my personal ZC Zen in that I knew very very fast this lifestyle made me feel extremely well for my physical body but it took more time for the head to clear more, for that overall ‘true well being’ to kick in. Yrs in fact but I always had glimpses of ‘how great I could be in total zc zen’ if I just held on and hoped and boy when it kicks in it is the most precious thing in my life now. I won’t give up carnivore come hell or highwater ever which is why I am into year 7 now and holding plan like a mother :slight_smile: I can’t go back, I can’t give this up.

best part was thru the yrs as I experienced changes in mind body and soul I almost couldn’t believe it. It would waver some as I let outside forces and NOISE of this Earth get me, but there came a time when I flipped my focus totally and became, I don’t know, like ‘a natural being’ and dumped all toxic stuff.

See me and FB are kinda alike in that he is the off the grid type person and so am I. I can so feel his tough times with having to hit the city for work and all and with our type of natural lifestyle I truly can feel his pain in that situation. I was corporate til I had to run from that rat race and into farming :slight_smile: being a farmer.crop,livestock etc was the best damn decision I ever made. So I already feel very grounded, but ZC put me over the top literally into just a new person. Having this early retirement time to myself to work on me helped alot too.

ok I ranted a bit LOL

but luckily now I am into more semi retirement being 62 now but I never felt this great in all those back years, well, except when I was in my early 20s I guess HAHA

You hold strong KM!!! the zen comes to many if us, but time on the change means we have to hold plan tight that suits us best for our physical being and at the same time, I tried to definitely change my mindset about this big ol’ planet and my role in it. I hope to keep improving too, even tho I can’t imagine what is beyond how good I do feel now :slight_smile:

ok chatty chat over, I had to gush out also. But longer term zc’ers have the zen and when we do chat about that feeling that is undescribable in a way we all get it! Many will join this chat, just hold on for the ride :slight_smile:


breaded everything is a thing here too LOL

--------------------so this is pic of my food today
chops, breaded for hubby for din din tonight.
mine are the bagged country fatty pork ribs. YUM, in oven now.
I am SO hungry for them, cant wait.

(Geoffrey) #171

I like how you put that. I thought I was close to ZC but after actually looking at what I was eating and tracking it I discovered that there were a lot of carbs sneaking in but that’s going to change immediately.
Your ZC attitude is an inspiration to me.


KM, we started hobby farming when we were 60 years young. Five years later we have put ALOT of muscle and bone into clearing, fencing, gathering wood, etc. I eat carnivore to maintain my fitness. Son tells his dad that I am the best bit of farm equipment, and that I am like a green ant lifting many times my own weight!
We came from a city apartment to a small farm and I wouldnt change it for the world.
I feel so much better after quitting alcohol and sourdough. Back to carnivore and loving it.

(KM) #173

Ayup. I got out of the corporate world when I was in my late 30’s (serendipity, this happened after a trip to Kangaroo Island and New Zealand opened my eyes). And every time I read one of FB’s posts I want to either swoon for how well he’s found his bliss (my bliss! my bliss! how come I’m not there!!!), or cry for the fact that he’s still caught in that city stress.

I am a big fan of getting all the garbage out of my life, whether it’s food-related garbage or social messages. I just struggle with 60 years of conditioning that tells me vegetables are my friends and it’s my duty as a responsible human to eat them. Workin’ on it! :grin:


oh yea, I walked that tightrope also :slight_smile: til the day I went ‘all in’ and said I either do this 200% or walk away, I chose to tighten the noose and plunge ahead LOL

sneaky plant carbs. Key being once I went fresh meat, cooked by me, then I had total zc control and that is what flipped me out of that little bit of wavering that never does us zc people any good :slight_smile:

funny thing is those sneaky little bit of carbs seem so innocent and in a way they are but in the end, for me personally, when I dumped them I actually felt a big change moving forward on carnivore.

when this thread was started, ohhh how many years ago now @FrankoBear? Cheryl started this thread and I jumped on it fast along with FB and Shinita and a few great others, cause she wanted to go all in zc and I was still sneaking a bit of 90% chocolate late at night, ohhh me bad and that was the first thing I said has to go and with Cheryl starting this thread is the reason I went full on and dumped the sneaky little bit that held me back in a way.

I tell ya we can become new on zc. Not a doubt on that in my mind. I know you will keep on trucking!!

@Matamoros, wonderful post to read!!!

@kib1, ohh I so connect with what you are saying about FB!! I was caught in that life transition also and it can be very hard to make the bucks but live as we desire…ahh rough indeed for many of us.
Duty? I feel ya, alot of yrs of being programmed by the man for profit right? I now stomp the man HA

----------------------SO OMG I pulverized my fatty ribs that I cooked to so tender in the oven. I barely could finish but I got them all down.

not sure if I will eat again but if I do I will just make some shrimp but for some reason I got the idea of 2-3 tins of sardines on my mind…eh, will be what it will be.

right now I am kinda becoming a cheap carnivore date!


This is always so strange to me as it’s very different in my life. I always ate them like I ate sweets: for joy. Of course, as I ate them in huge amounts, I never needed to think about if I need to eat them, it happened anyway. And I did need them on my vegetarian diet… But yes, I considered them good and I still consider them good for many people just not me.
And dropped them without looking back right before carnivore :smiley: (Yes, I have them in tiny amounts but that is minimal. Nothing like the keto amounts and my keto amounts were so tiny as 40g net carbs is very very low for a veggie lover like I was… Keto was easy when I finally could do it for more than one day - except the below minimal amount of vegs, I missed them and had to figure out how to deal with it until fat adaptation - and usually later too but then I could go off whenever I wanted. I was glad I was familiar with raw vegan cuisine at that point, it helped.)
My body clearly tells me what it wants and that’s NOT vegs. I am very very relieved I don’t feel an irresistible desire towards them anymore, it makes my life so much easier!
I get my nutrients from the carni part of my food every day, why would I feel I need vegs? I don’t, they just mess with me.
But I don’t think I ever was conditioned to eat in a certain way anyway, I just ate whatever I liked and could… :thinking: It’s not that clean and perfect, sure, we hear and experience things, we have out circumstances and can’t be 100% immune right away but a tiny knowledge and listening to my body easily changed things.
But I heard similar things so many times from people. Like, “I know it’s wrong but I never eat breakfast”. I never eat breakfast and I always was perfectly sure it is the only right way for me. I always strongly FELT it. It’s the ultimate proof! Maybe other people don’t feel it this strong but maybe they are less hard-headed and more easily influenced regarding eating.

So whatever others think, that is fine. My difficulties lay elsewhere.
My very good relationship (I mean, enjoying them…) with things is something that either stops or I will have temptation problems, most probably… See fruits. I just CAN’T look at them as something not wonderful. I know my body isn’t into non-animal sugars but still. But while I really enjoyed my vegs, I can’t look at them and see food now (with a few exceptions occasionally and usually in really tiny amounts).
Many other carbs are in-between. That’s not necessarily bad, it’s fine to love various foods. I loved pork in my vegetarian years and it caused no problem at all. I can like something and not eating it and not even feeling bad about it. (Resisting when it comes near is another matter but I have some control over that. Not so much the resisting part but the tempting item coming near me.)

I guess some people have a bigger impact there than others (well of course, almost everything is individual)… I can’t possibly know what is the case with me as I never did pure carnivore truly long term (I usually get changes very quickly but who knows?) - but mentally, tiny carbs may mess up things. It’s complicated, of course. My actual state, determination and the item itself matters. Sometimes a tiny thing just keeps me from going off like crazy, other times it feels nothing but sometimes it may trigger going off (tiny amounts rarely do that, it’s not enough to change me but if I have some weaker, more easily tempted moment as well…). So there are some risks involved. But there may be risks at pure carni too, I never could stick to it for long.
I take more serious attempts between now and June. It’s such a long time and I keep changing… But if I just do my best, that is a big thing already, with extras here and there too. I refuse to feel bad if I won’t fulfill my boldest plans. It won’t be a fail just because I won’t do it 100% as planned.

But I really, really should be a bit more controlled, in many areas in my life.

(KM) #176

I come from a science-y hyper responsible background with very strict and perhaps spectrum-disordered parents, and it was drilled into me that Eating My Vegetables (and making my bed, and doing my homework, and on and on and on) were the healthiest and best things to do and that doing them made me a “good girl” and not doing them made me bad/stupid/obnoxious/worthless. (Can you say conditional love?? :roll_eyes:)

In almost every other arena I’ve managed to replace those automatic assumptions with thought-out choices, and leave the judgments behind, but Smart People Who Care About Their Bodies Eat Their Vegetables is still stuck down in there a bit.


That has a ring to it. :bell:

How about “Find your ZC Zen - February 2024, 29-day Carnivore Challenge”?


Life with compromises is like dirty carnivore. This current place and lifestyle are the result of one big decision at the time it was made. The timing could have been better. But that it was made was the key action. Then, persisting with the not fully resolved plan.

And it’s not happening all at once. Gradient. It’s like most life healing experiences, there is a decision to heal, an action started to heal, the felt benefit from healing, and then, if one persists, ongoing healing. Hopefully to an optimal health point before something switches off the light.

I thought we had found it here in this beautiful place. But then there was even more beauty, simpler, to discover. Beauty, however, has its price. That is the work in the city. That’s where I’m paying. Some concentrated effort on that area is required for me to link up the bliss moments for me and Mrs. Bear to become bliss full. Ups and downs. Like ZC, it takes the effort of remembering the important bits.

I feel ZC Zen coming on for February as we combine our healthy eating with strong lifestyle decisions and actions. Maybe? Do we add more layers or shed some skins?

I’m reading Gordon Hempton and John Grossman, One Square Inch Of Silence, and Simon Cherriman, Hollowed Out, as guide books into 2024. Plus some fiction, I have a novel on the go for sleep strategy, it’s called, The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding.

(KM) #179

Can’t get any of those from my library at the moment, but I’ll keep an eye out. Lived in NYC and had a little off grid isolated weekend cabin in the northern woods; I left Manhattan for Bisbee az in 1998, after spending 6 weeks in NZ and 2 weeks tracking echidnas, discovering money wasn’t everything, for an off grid life out west … Hasn’t quite worked out like I planned!

(Geoffrey) #180

Last of the chaffles for awhile since they are a little to carby for me at this time but this was what I ate today.
Chaffle burger with smoked hamburger. Smoked venison pan sausage and a couple of eggs. Kept me pretty satiated all day.


That’s horrible :frowning:
Indeed, that is a factor too, how our parents behaved in our very formative years… I ate whatever I wanted, basically, not quite as Mom almost never bought any meat besides chicken, any cheese except the cheapest crappy option (IDK why, she wasn’t poor at all!) and I just didn’t go out of my way to get better stuff. I knew I loved pork but I still didn’t whined for it, just ate (or didn’t eat) what we had. But otherwise, I wasn’t limited. So I ate everything, typically in big amounts. Very big amounts, quite often. I could eat, that’s why I consider the food on my modest days very little. It hardly will change. If I feel I barely ate any, I typically still ate too much to lose fat.
But I ate whatever I fancied, that was mostly nice. I ate huge amounts of eggs and dairy :smiley: And very little meat. And tons of vegs and pasta and fat… Very much sweets. And tons of fruit, 1 kg is minutes to eat! I wonder what would have happened if I gained fat easily… Maybe it would have been better. Maybe not.

So, I get it now. Certain things stuck with us too much. You still did very well that got rid of most of such things!

I like it. It gives me a good message, not only for my diet…

You can write so, so well :slight_smile: Yep, I got this kind of message just reading the title option.
I will think about what I can change for the better in my life… There are many things.
And it’s 2024, Year of the Dragon and I am a dragon… It should be my year already!

Someone visited me an hour ago and gave the annual calendar and letter from the mayor. He was a greengrocer and as much as I saw from him, he is a good guy, for a politician at least. The previous one had great ambition, with the positive and negative side alike as far as I know.
The calendar has scenery shots, kids celebrating holiday, the new farmer’s market the mayor is so proud of… It’s a small village (population of about 2000) but we had things. Not a choir anymore, I so miss those times :frowning: I tried to sing yesterday and I am so rusty. But I started to use my keyboard again… It turned out my old sheets are super easy compared to Driftwell City that is mostly played on black keys but it’s not the only hardship… Good thing I am stubborn. It already took time to get proper sheets for piano, some people made interesting versions but I want something close to the original… I ignored my keyboard for YEARS, I am quite thankful for this irresistible meme now…