this was me. but my problem was the tiny amt. would mostly always, always be a trigger! and that thinking on the few times I ate some tiny carbs and did fine, well that fine time just made my brain think, wow, I did great, I can do it again, and again and then snowball into hell again for me. My only resolution is total abstain.

you are so right, every individual has to face this issue and find what it is for them. for me even the tiniest is misery.

AMEN! I think every single human on the planet needs a therapist HAHA Don’t worry, you are finding you and dumping the drilled in programming of others, even if they are our parents LOL

@FrankoBear, YAY good, we never used ZC Zen as a title, lets go for it!!! I also feel alot of want to hold the ZC Zen and take more control over ourselves and work on us in many aspects so yea, lets do that in Feb.

I grew up in New Jersery and took the Path into NYC alot.
we had vacay houses in MA and NH.
I am now NC kinda in the boonie area but now the rural is becoming more darn housing developments. All my horse riding trails from my house are gone. I see this and feel the noose tightening around my neck :slight_smile: All the old farmers passed and kids sold their lands and I tell ya, time marches hard over alot of us lol, everything darn changes. I want my location to be non-progressive HA but sadly the people are moving in all around me now, time to sell and run to more isolated again.

-------------------so woke up ok after wanting to eat the kitchen down last night around midnight HA didnt do it but wanted too, lol
still feeling fine. feel very peaceful and calm and controlled.

today I am not feeling it, what I want first meal so when that is going down again, I am gonna defrost a nice steak. never go wrong with a steak, it is my 1000% smartest meal when I have doubts about what to eat. OK…gotta go search my freezer and see what I will be dragging outta there.


Yeah that’s important for me that the tiny things aren’t freebies! The default is pure carni (or very very close, I am so bad at pureness now as I don’t think I need it… still kind of have the attitude, it’s NOT freebie, I need a good reason). But if now and then a tiny extra is just perfect and borderline needed for my meat, I don’t resist. I shouldn’t add even tiny things willy-nilly. That makes it the norm and I am the type who want extras over baseline sometimes (I blame my rebellious inner self. freedom just for the sake of freedom!) so if tiny extras are the norm, I add more - and that probably becomes too much carbs and it messes with my head.
And not only the tiny amount and rare occurrence and reason for it is important but the item itself. My carnivore-ish allows tiny items but the type of the items is very limited. It’s allowing if it comes to condiments (I try to avoid sugary ones but I don’t have very sugary ones and I am not into condiments so it’s never a danger) and sometimes tomato or onion (stew, things in purgatory… those are just too good and Alvaro eats them and I want them too, it’s really little plant matter and it has the best reason: I can’t separate it from the meat! and it adds variety) but it has a zero policy with sweeteners (except my mustard, that has a little erythritol. I use very little mustard now so it’s good enough to me) and fruits (except lemon. I use super little lemon on carnivore, usually a few drops per week at most? what would I use it for? I just put a tiny bit into my desserts when they call for it, it doesn’t get lemon-y, it’s just better with it for some reason) and most other things. Like peanuts. I am bad with peanuts :smiley: I can eat one half if I want but nope, better without. Some of my off days still have too much… I LOVE crunchy. And roasted peanut flavor. I know what I need to avoid :slight_smile: Like fruits. Except a rosehip per walk, it would be fine. I just don’t want it so I don’t eat even that.

Sunny day, I had my half workout (arms and shoulders) and fried the usual pork (that is unusually fatty so it will be a nice meal again…).

(Karen) #184

Started trying to catch up but my head went foggy :joy:
Danced Sunday afternoon, monday was shopping and a bit of sewing and today a bot of sewing this morning and indoor climbing with the U3A this afternoon.
Foody pics since Sunday


It’s good someone is diligent… I keep forgetting making photos of my food… Not like it’s so interesting, you saw it before. I cut my pork into bigger pieces now though :wink: It was nice today too but I think I am ready for something fattier again. I make meatballs with pork skin tomorrow for both of us. And get 50 eggs, I only have 2… Forecast promises a nice, sunny weather just like tomorrow and yesterday.


Bit of a summer heat blast while up in the city. 37’C (98.6F) today, forecast 41’C (105.8F) tomorrow, and 37’C (98.6F) on Friday. That is not eating weather. Clear blue skies. But birds drop dead at that temperature.

Down at the homestead (285km closer to the pole) it is about 5’C cooler at maximum, and the beach is right there. But the beach is right here in the city as well, it’s a capital on the coast. Wild coast at home, domesticated in the city (and crowded). There is also a river that is safe to swim in, except the standard Australian sharks.

A teenage girl got killed in a shark attack in the river last summer. So ‘safe’ means the water is not polluted and there is all types of wildlife in the river including dolphins, black swans, edible prawns and fish, and those pesky bull sharks.

I rolled up 3 x 1 egg omelettes this morning for breakfast with a coffee and cream. Ran out of extras like cheese. So it was egg, butter and salt, and that’s fine.

I saw a clip of a chef cooking eggs. Frying eggs in a deep pan of olive oil. We could use tallow. The egg whites cooked but the yolks stayed runny like a poached egg. Then just salt and pepper on top. I might try it. It was something like this but the chef folded the whites over the yolks to make a parcel. Just eat the eggs, none of the carbs.

Please could someone start the February thread? I’m at a conference for the next two days. So, I’m out.

Here is a parrot known as the red-capped parrot that was at our birdbath this morning. The male bird has the red cap. This is the hen. She still looks good, I think.


@Karen18, hey in your pic, what is the really burnt food plate?
gotta say that one is way charred, lol

@Shinita, you always have me smiling on that egg count you buy, :slight_smile: so many but I know you sure use them up!!

@FrankoBear, please please send me your 98 deg. weather to me!!!
You seem to really enjoy your eggs :slight_smile: Love you go off and find best ways to cook and enjoy! Active participation in your own zc journey!

-------------SO I went to get a London Broil cut for dinner tonight defrosted for hubby and he says, hey the grill is IFFY, we need a new one…ahhh come on. So I put the London back in the freezer. Hubby to buy a new grill, he been saying this one is older now and not to his liking anymore, so I said get a darn new one fast. I wanna grill again sooner than later even if it is damn freezing outside :slight_smile:

So I told him to buy some whatever food on way home for work cause I ain’t cooking for him and he said ok.

so for me first meal will be leftover country pork ribs I need to eat.
second meal I am gonna defrost ribeye steak.
but some reason my brain is on a big cheeseburger patties. hmm, eh, all good whichever way I roll.

tomorrow starts a new month, we rocked out carnivore this month, lets go into Feb full speed ahead


Nice weather, I took a walk but not a big one to get eggs as I had to wait for a courir (Alvaro ordered some computer hardware again, he never can have enough :smiley: just a few CPUs and 2 HDDs, it seems…). It’s quite cold but sunny, not in every minute though. But I got sunshine, yay!

So I have TWO eggs (and 2 boiled ones). I guess we just get 90 on Saturday then, it’s not impossible to survive until then, merely challenging… But we have plenty of meat and dairy (and seeds, fruit and chocolate for Alvaro. those are every day items for him, after all).
My meatball will be eggless today, it works that way too, it barely has any egg in it to begin with (but everything is tastier with an extra yolk so I usually put one in)… And I use a boiled egg in my peasant’s breakfast (I use the dish name for everything made in a pan containing egg, different meats and potantially other things :wink: cheese and sour cream is usually present too. it won’t have sausage or smoked things this time, just chicken, leanish pork and maybe the leftover fatty pâté but that will be added in the end as it’s so loose and fatty that it would melt if I cooked it). I like this dish :slight_smile: I can use up almost anything especially lean or otherwise boring meat that I couldn’t easily eat alone. And there is variety, every little bites are different! :slight_smile: Looks fun too.

(Judy Thompson) #189

Oh my, I finally read the 50 posts since my last post 6 days ago! Crazy week with a gig, a funeral and lots of visits. They always want to wait til the last minute to go to lunch or whatever before we go. All good on the ZC front, it gets easier all the time. Sunday we went to friends’ to watch the football game and the nice guy baked 2 nice salmon filets, moist, not overcooked. A high point!

For the trip I sous vided a tenderloin roast and a whole chicken which I boned and ate cold with mayo for lunch. At night I was satiated well by a couple rare cold beef tenderloins and a couple slices of cheese. So much better than the nasty hot dogs I usually get on this trip!
Hubby stuck with the hot dogs and ham sandwiches; more for me :crazy_face:

I love “Find your ZC Zen February!” How many people could calm themselves and everybody around them if they would? Does meat make you laugh more? Yeah it seems to!

(Karen) #190

@Fangs pork ribs… I got distracted … again :joy::joy::joy: nothing goes to waste even if it has been cremated lol

Embellished another 2 shirts for Raymond. Forgot to photo yesterdays but this is todays.

Food today and i have been a greedy hungry bunny …

Also had a tin of tuna and 2 more black pudding just a few moments ago!


Alvaro brought 20 eggs and egg lady called, there will be 30 more tomorrow! And we still buy 90 on Saturday… That should be enough for a while but it’s still not very much, we used to have 250 eggs in the egg cupboard occasionally at one point, it’s mildly risky in summer, it turned out. And we don’t eat so many eggs anymore. This amount will be plenty.
I won’t hold back too much regarding eggs, rather be very careful with my dairy - as I can’t eat many eggs and lots of dairy and meat too, it’s overeating. Feels good but well, not right.
But maybe my lunch skipping plan will work without being extra careful. I have plans for February, I will write down my goals and thoughts in the new thread tomorrow!

(Doug) #192

Beautiful stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:


no one post big posts here right now.

waiting on @FrankoBear to start the new FEB carnivore thread.
Can’t wait to see what he titles this one :slight_smile:
I am sure he will be here soon to get’er going and we can all get into a new month full zc speed ahead!! But if we post big here it is harder to respond again to the posts in the new thread. Sound good? :slight_smile:

(KM) #194

[quote=“FrankoBear, post:186, topic:120699”]
Please could someone start the February thread? I’m at a conference for the next two days. So, I’m out.
[/quote] anyone?


Yep I am totally holding back now. Had no Net for a while either though.

And keep forgetting making photos but it’s hard without the usual lens anyway, no direct sunlight (we have the one day of the week when we don’t have it for several hours… I can live with that) and I have found FOUR full CF cards… It’s good we have way more of them but some cleaning is in order…
I photographed part of my dairy. Maybe I will do it with the rest. It’s kind of impressive. And I need to eat it almost all up soon. Alvaro isn’t a big help for some reason. He only loves his milk, uses sour cream for the dishes requiring it and eats his cheese, of course (the one thing I barely partake in nowadays). He can help a bit with the quark if a pasta day suits him. I can eat quark in many other ways but he isn’t me. He barely can eat butter with anything, it’s so weird, I can eat butter just alone any time… But my butter phase is over. I will be modest.

(Robin) #196

Time to head over to the Feb thread. See you there.

(Robin) closed #197