oh me too.

I should not haved typed it that way.

I should say, I woke up with knowing I would not bother with food basically at all today. I have no interest in food at all and when I wake on days like this I can easily not eat the entire day. but of course I make sure I do eat something, even if I don’t want it :slight_smile:

I usually wake up and say, yum, ok steak at usual time but this type of day I wake up and say no food required.

I shoulda typed that out more clear.

I ate 2 small country pork ribs around 3? or so and barely could get those down—the ones in the picture I posted in my last post.
others are in fridge. will eat nothing else cause I have 0 food desire.

(Geoffrey) #143

Four eggs a two venison sausages.

I thought that might hold me all day but this evening I got a little hungry so I ate some sardines slathered in hot sauce along with some pork rinds.


woke up with the I dont care about food today feeling again.
No thoughts of first meal at all. I still love these days, not a doubt about that. Will eat remainder of leftover pork ribs from yesterday later in the day, don’t care when :slight_smile:

When I get these days for me I believe it is just my body is truly well fed, balanced and thriving on full speed and no interest in food at all upon waking means that I am in good shape, good zc form. One of the zc perks of course :slight_smile: just my thoughts on it.

yesterday after eating only a bit of the pork did I get hungry at all?
yea around midnight before bed I was a bit hungry LOL but sure wasn’t eating then. Thought I would wake up with food on my mind but I am happy to report woke up feeling no appetite or thoughts on meals.
Again I like this situation when it hits, means my life seems very well balanced and just on natural cruise control.

all the zc talk from me today LOL


Wow. I never can have any idea what will happen a few hours later. I feel my feelings NOW and they may even feel it will be for the day but it can change very easily. VERY easily. In the past I went from “so very full, I don’t even want to think about food for a while” to “I am starving!” in 2 minutes sometimes. My hunger is so very soft and gradual now, it’s wonderful but it sounds like what it should be…

And I always get hungry in the end :frowning: I have been waiting for a chance for a fasting day since years… Carnivore made my fasting abilities even worse and keto already damaged them. I could fast best on high-carb, it’s very understandable, though… Carby meals can last super long and then I am already well-fasted… After that point fat adaptation helps though :slight_smile: Just to reach it without much carbs… Very tough. Even OMAD has slim chances without my old carby meals :frowning: Oh well, I know it’s possible if I can just stop myself from eating before I get hungry. I almost never can but it probably will change soon, I really am not so much into food nowadays. But it’s nice to eat at 3-4pm already. So stupid, I need to wait only 1-2 more hours! It should be easy when not really hungry…

Erm sorry, personal problem. I try to bring nicer things here, not my individual stuggles.

I still couldn’t weigh myself in the morning (I just forget. and no way I will undress for that) but I am probably 76kg all this month.

Sunny day and fried lean pork for both of us today (among others but that will be the main part of lunch. if I eat lunch). Of course, Alvaro will eat it with 2 carby sides and his usual “carb with carb” dessert (at least he eats the latter with chocolate so the pure carb flow breaks… sometimes he eats it with fruit…) but each to their own. And carbs still are unable to become his main macro… It’s odd to think about people who can pull that off. Doesn’t sound a nice diet but I am horribly biased.


Your individual struggle is welcome here for sure! that is why we just ‘chat it out’ thru our posts and learn new things about ourselves and how we change and grab up some advice from others when offered to help us along the way if it suits us to try!! never think this change and your participation is not about you :slight_smile: it is and we all are here always to help along the way!!

I also was you with constant thoughts that flipped in relation to food and it was always, always, always on my mind. But remember, I am way longer carnivore than you…,but for most of us, as we do yrs on this plan we change. My circumstance is very normal for all longer zc people. We chat about it alot on zc forums. When food just doesn’t matter any more and from where I was on food thoughts and who I am today is way diff.

Your hunger is very soft and mild now. SEE that big change already? you are on a great path S in healing the body and balancing out the ‘reset button’ on your well being…you are changing for sure.

reason is on meat only your blood sugar is not normalizing and becoming way more stable then when you were adding in hits of plant carbs. As your blood sugar normalizes you find that your appetite will not ‘swing’ as hard and make ya go more crazy about being so hungry, but this again takes time for ALL the body to more normalize and at that same time, we must also ‘combat’ the old mindset of ‘our food’ in our life too. emotional and old habits of how we did eat etc much change too along with the blood sugar directing us so it is a mind, body and soul combo in a way we are changing :slight_smile: doesn’t all happen overnight, lol.

you are doing great, keep on going!

(Geoffrey) #147

Although I’ve only been carnivore for 8 months my experience with hunger mirrors yours. My eating window varies all of the time depending on my hunger signals. I no longer eat by the clock.
My hunger signals have changed to what I heard on another forum as keto hunger. I’m my case I would refine it to carni hunger.


But I struggle too much. And I am not even a carnivore. I am just trying. Sometimes. Or rather not, it just happens, I never feel I do anything particular when I manage to stick to carni for a while, it’s easy then.

Indeed. Even just being close to carnivore on and off for years changed me and every year brings more changes… It’s quite interesting and probably finally sticking to it significantly better (I can’t even imagine doing it anywhere near perfectly but I probably don’t even need that) would speed things up… I somewhat trust in February but my mind isn’t a nice place now and it can affect my diet. Not extremely much but too much.

My diet surely has an effect on my hunger but my appetite is a pretty independent thing from everything. It’s chaotic. And sometimes quite low on carnivore (I didn’t have that before) but maybe I just need skip lunches already and get a proper hunger. I will try.

I eat whenever I feel some urge. I just can’t wait for hunger. But it tends to arrive at the same time every day (and coincidentally it’s around the time when Alvaro comes home on workdays. I do have phases, sometimes I get hungry at 2pm and sometimes at 4pm and nowadays it’s super gradual and I can wait for hours more if I don’t get triggered…). And it wasn’t very different when I was a high-carber. 2-4pm is my natural lunchtime. But with a soft hunger I may ignore it as long as I don’t exercise in that window. As that makes me really hungry…
My mind likes rules for time too. Not like I respect them but it helps if I decide on something that suit my body. No wondering about when to eat if there is a time for it. If I get hungry earlier, I eat earlier and if I don’t want to eat and am not too hungry, I can postpone it, flexibility is highly important for me but some basic… guideline(?) feels right. I like to have some plan that I can totally mess up if I feel inclined to do it but if I don’t, I just follow it, it’s convenient. I like eating together and if the time is right, why not? Our other meals aren’t in synch and weekends are even worse as Alvaro’s natural lunchtime is around noon and it’s way too early for me nowadays (I had an early weekend lunch time previously, IDK why I got hungry way earlier then but I did. not anymore). Sometimes I try to eat my first meal when he has his 3rd but sometimes it’s not convenient either. No problem, I can drink a tea while he is eating or something, eating together is really not necessary though I like to taste some not very usual common dish together…

I probably would just eat whatever, whenever (I am very close to it, actually) if I didn’t mind overeating. Or inconvenience. But I do. I need some… Not control, I dislike that word used for my life and indeed, I don’t think it is a right word there - but something. I am way too chaotic if left to my impulsive devices. I am still left to my devices but not only the impulsive ones… That would go against my experiments too much, it already does.


remember also this is your walk into this lifestyle which you seem drawn to now.

I was low carb, then extreme low carb, then I was in and out of carnivore for a bit while I tried to add back carbs, but in the end, I found my best eating path and you will too. everyone’s walk is way diff. and it is normal to take time to make it all click.

-------------------SO woke up with 0 interest in food again.
loving it LOL

I am defrosting this sirloin steak for just in case later, I don’t even know if I will bother eating today, 0 draw to food.
freezer and gotta use up stuff so this defrost was a good way to go.

making big roaster chicken for hubby tonight but I know I have absolutely no interest in that chicken but defrost this steak means I have something if wanted.

doing well on low food intake cause I am just there. I am just eating as I want to eat at all times. If I want to inhale 3 lbs of meat I will LOL and if my eating goes low I just go with the flow.

beauty of zc is freedom of crazy choices I have to jumble and manipulate, on carnivore I just am directed by my body to eat when I want, not when I don’t, love it to the ultimate.

(Geoffrey) #150

Yesterday was Egglife Wrap breakfast tacos with chorizo and eggs.

Right now I’ve got some lamb ribs on the smoker.

(Karen) #151

Food yesterday and today pretty much repeated.

In fact that’s 3 days worth though today i didn’t have chicken thighs with the steak but swedish meatballs and pork ribs which as you can see i got distracted and cremated them! :joy::joy::joy: still ate them!

Dancing this afternoon at Lichfield and had a lovely time. Dancing again on Sunday.

(Geoffrey) #152

Fired up the pit today and smoked som beautiful fatty lamb ribs and while I was rolling smoke I decided to try something a little different and smoke a couple of hamburger patties and some venison breakfast sausage patties. That should take them to a whole other level of flavor.
I believe a smoked sausage and egg chafflewich will be on the menu tomorrow.


Eating and mental health. I’m going to have to cook more. Here at home I feel a weird safety. I feel safe with my pan, my bacon eggs, butter and steak in the fridge. It feels like, out in the world people are trying to poison me. I get to a point where I eat bad food because I am trying to fight of the fatigue of bad food. Something else is driving it other than knowledge. I/we know the plan.

Going back to work in the city has trashed my eating. Well I trashed my eating. Stress is back and the options for eating something in the work environment is very poor and I end up drinking too much coffee. A week of headaches nausea, middle of the night heartburn, nocturia, poor sleep and cravings.

I’m back at home and there are bacon and eggs in the pan. The morning perfume is delicious, I feel better. Coffee becomes relaxing and sipping. There is a nice steak for dinner tonight. A day of physical activity outside in the sunshine awaits. This is right.

Yesterday was a national holiday. The holiday makers from the city have packed my local beaches. So, Mrs. Bear and I went and swam somewhere more secluded and less known.

(Robin) #154

Egglife wraps…just now looking into these. Can be heated or just the content?

(Geoffrey) #155

Because they are just egg whites they tend to be just a little spongy and if you microwave them they can get a little chewy so what I do is brush them with some butter and toast them on both sides in my skillet. Just like I do a tortilla. They are a good substitute for a tortilla.
The only place I’ve found them around me is at Brookshires.


Nice plate pics.
So happy you are back full speed with your dance K!
Is Raymond going to be your partner on Sunday?

@Geezy56, wow impressive pictures. I just wanna take my hands and attack that lamb like no tomorrow, finger licking good lol

I SO understand this FB! It is a real safety when we do have our total control. Out and about, we can handle alot but many times we ‘give in’ to less desirable crap and then the body weakness hits and it is just a nasty cycle of ick hitting us til we can get our safety back. One reason I thrive better on zc with life out there in a way is any trips and things I have my rv. I can bring food, got a full kitchen and freezer/fridge and can keep my control. So for me I do bring my safety with me. Made all the diff. in the world when holding zc for me. I thank heavens I am an RV-er, lol, Hubby would say, ahh for only 2 days lets get a hotel and I would say, nope we are getting a camping spot and bring the rv. I literally have to thank my rv HAHA

sorry your work stress is overload. Hold strong. You always return to your safety and beautiful beach and can recharge!

-------------very strange pattern for me right now. I ‘‘almost’’ have a meat aversion going on. Not that tho really in a way, just I require like no food right now. huh…Later in the day I got a tad of hunger and thought, well cook that sirloin. In pan, flash high heat, keeping it mostly raw like I want, I am drooling to the max to get my hands on it. I took a few bites and instantly turned off but I made myself eat about a 1/3 of it before I could not stomach another bite.

all of the sudden a few hrs later I got massive craving for my sardines. inhaled 2 tins. after that wanted nothing.

Still woke up 0 food draw today. Haven’t even considered what I will defrost today at all cause nothing is calling. I do have a nice lb. of shrimp I can slam into a boiling pot later if I want something, and my brain is thinking I might pair that shrimp up with alfredo. eh, maybe lol

So feeling wonderful and strong and bright and energerized even with these days of low food intake. So to me nothing is broken at is point LOL so I will just keep going with the flow and see when I will pull out of this and hound down giant slabs of meat :slight_smile: Cause I know I will, just when that hits me again will be interesting to see.

(Geoffrey) #157

Today I made a chaffle, egg and smoked sausage sandwich and also a smoked chaffle burger.

(Karen) #158

@Fangs yes i will be dancing with Raymond…
We ended up dancing this evening too… local so i am home at a decent time.
Food today was a cheese omelette in cafe. I have really got some discipline where cheese is concerned, i am not feeling addicted to it anymore YAY! I have it maybe once every couple of weeks or so now. So it was a tastey omelette. Dinner before getting ready was ribeye steak and bacon

and I have just eaten four more rashers of bacon as i was a bit peckish.


This month is complicated for me… Well we went to the city, I went off like crazy, it was tasty though… (I use all my - very very tiny - mental energy to get ready for February…)

And now I have CHEESE again, even the cheap cheese is so tasty this time, lucky! One can never know with young Gouda (Alvaro’s normal Gouda isn’t particularly aged either but it’s more yellow and has a rich taste. we tasted some pale, almost tasteless young Gouda in the past) but this one, I like it even better than the usual Gouda! Yum. So I will have some really cheesy days now :slight_smile: And I miss eggs too. IDK why when I ate several some days ago… I may have an eggier phase. I don’t want many but some is needed every day, I gave up last night and ate one, much better.

We made bratwurst (still have some), Alvaro’s Mom cooked chicken as usual and now Alvaro is cooking a turkey curry outside. Vegs are expensive and we have enough turkey (Alvaro’s Mom bought some for us when it was on sale. 500g. she has no idea how we use meat but Alvaro managed to buy 2kg locally not long ago so we didn’t even need them all) so the majority of it is meat :smiley: I think Alvaro is changing too. Slowly but noticeably. Though he obviously will eat the food with a lot of grains… Whatever, if it’s good for him, main thing he makes passable meat+veg dishes for both of us on my off days. He usually makes veggie dishes so if it’s meaty, it’s better okay-ish for me too. It’s nice not to cook for myself all the time. And outside cooking is special, the dishes (and anyone around) get this smokiness… It suits some dishes especially well. It’s very common here to cook fish soup, stews and… Apparently it’s usually translated to “paprika potatoes”, that dish. Whenever we cooked on open fire with other kids, it was that stuff. As that is the cheapest I suppose. Fish soup takes an expert anyway, I can’t do it, I never even tried, I just know it needs various fishes (carp is always a major one as we have lots of it here). Most of them I don’t even like (too lean with too many fishbones)… But stews, those are great. Even if I very rarely eat them. As I can eat my meat in carnivore dishes just fine. Carnivore stew is just cooked meat to me and I don’t really like cooked meat (surely can be done well… if frying is involved too… but then I just eat fried meat).

So, we did shopping and got a lot of dairy :slight_smile: And some meat (there was some really cheap turkey legs. the calf part with the bone-like sinews or what, still, it’s tasty and fun sometimes). I am choosy with processed stuff now, I probably will need to make my own deli meat… They always manage to put stuff I don’t like into it and I am not even particularly choosy! By the way, the bratwurst had meat, fat, salt and spices. That’s how a processed meat product should be. Sometimes I find such gems. I gave up on pâté as they nearly always have MSG and dextrose, potentially water as the main ingredient… I can do much better.

But I mostly got dairy. I have 2 buckets of sour cream and 2 big cups of Greek yogurt now. We have butter again… Milk, lots of cream… And I still have quark. So things are good dairy wise. I won’t eat them up quickly, I merely enjoy I have supplies.
Liver was on a good sale therefore it run out… I don’t have organs now, I will change that soon. I don’t miss it yet.
Eggs are low but it’s a big walk for me to get 50 more. Hopefully these superb sunny days will continue. No frost!

Yay! I learned to use it mostly just for the few dishes where it’s really needed (or not but it enhances it greatly) and not much, usually. And I noticed and surely wrote here maybe several months ago that if I don’t eat cheese every day, I find it tastier and definitely much more enjoyable when I do :slight_smile: It’s perfect as I don’t miss it when I don’t eat it but when I do, that feels great!

@Geezy56: Those are some really good looking sandwiches!


Can’t keep your twinkle toes still for long :slight_smile:
Just great to read from all his med issues that hit Raymond is dancing so well again now!

yea cheese, so glad ya hit that level where it becomes an afterthought. dropping that addicted feeling I am sure must feel fab! I also walked away from cheese too, another free’ing feeling on zc :slight_smile:

---------------well my issue is over. after low eating yesterday, had some shrimp but didn’t bother making alfredo sauce, way too much work, even tho it isn’t, lol.

but fell asleep watching some tv show, woke up around 2 to go to bed, and wow. I was starving. I was gonna fry a steak but all were frozen solid and of course I wouldn’t be eating at 2 in the morning like that anyway so I held off any eating and YES woke up to thinking about meat, wanting meat and gonna eat meat HA

defrosting nice NY Strip steaks for first meal, second meal I will be putting country pork ribs into oven. steak and pork. old auto pilot meals.

kinda hungry now but I can wait til my usual 10-12 range to fry up a steak. I feel more in control on this hunger than out of control wanting to eat the kitchen down :slight_smile: so that is good.

ok back to normal zc programming for me I think!



oopps upon checking these are ribeyes I pulled from the freezer.

I inhaled 1 and 1/2 steaks. flash fried and then added on some butter to melt. I ate the middle steak and 1/2 of that smaller steak at the end. fed hubby the rest :slight_smile:

hit the jackpot. THE MOST tender ribeye I have had in a long time. wow I was more than satisfied on this meal LOL

belly full, face is smiling :wink: :laughing:

no need for more food today. didn’t make the pork. will eat those tomorrow.