Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023


We can hear you breathing. Lurkers welcome.

A month in carnivore time is time well spent. Enjoy yourself on a no-carb holiday and explore and adventure through the changes in your self.

There’ll be a community chat where we discover and rediscover a healthy way of eating that suits some people very well.

If you have plans or goals realising them works better if you write them down, and it’s a good way to start a friendly conversation.

Welcome to the February 2023 ZC Carnivore Chat.


This country where I live is pretty cool because we can eat our National Coat of Arms. But, here’s a hint, I’d recommend smoking them first, kangaroo and emu.

This afternoon I had a few decisions to recover from making. Real estate, work, industrial action, dealing with trolls and racists while being a hippy and saving trees and injured wildlife. The day is warm and there is an Extreme bush fire risk. So I did a stress response eat and justified it as eating a smaller meal. But in so doing I tried smoked emu. It was delicious. The colour is dark and the texture firm like cured ham. The muscle meat is dark and tastes like venison, despite an emu looking like a human sized chicken.


Cool. Leaving behind a challenge and onto a daily carnivore lifestyle chat.

Surviving. Guts better but not total but hey, no runs to the bathroom so that is a massive plus. whatever bug got me is leaving me.

Didn’t eat much. 1/2 lb. cheeseburger patty.
I had a lb. steak but could only eat 1/2 lb. of it. I cut off about 1/2 from that steak and will fry up the rest of that steak today for first meal.

Not wanting big quantity of food at all. Feel sluggy/winter blahs and not moving much at full speed.

After steak I got some pork lion slices when wanted. No food focus.

Thanks all for the well wishes. Life is alot better than it was the last few days but need probably 1 more day to be back to best guts on zc I usually have :wink: who knows what got me but happy it is moving out of the system and feeling more normal.

edited to add what my food is today. this is the steak I cut 1/2 off yesterday, will eat rest today and yes I will gnaw that bone down to almost nothing as I always do :slight_smile: and got thin cut 1 lb. pork chops defrosting for second meal if wanted.

ZC on strong all!!


I didn’t even write my simple goals down and already broke the no coffee rule :smiley: It was a TINY one and I felt miserable and under pressure and that totally justified it. I have no problem drinking coffee in moderation, I just don’t think I can do that before I have coffeeless months or something (even then it’s unlikely). Anyway, it’s waste of money and very much unneeded. Oh my, I am so smart NOW, where were these thoughts when I drank my coffee (a tiny bit of cream as black coffee still sucks very much)? Oh well, I am fine with only this much bad start.

Today I go for a fat fast day! One plate day? Never had such a thing I think but fat fast food is super tiny. I stick to the old rules I have found several years ago: 90% fat (or close), originally 1000 kcal but I am fine with 1300… I planned it, make my plate and we will see if I get hungry later. In the past it didn’t happen, it was SURREAL. As I usually couldn’t go below 2000 and only lots of protein and lots of fat satiated me. Except on fat fast. Fat without much protein is magical. Maybe the minuscule effect on insulin but it may be something else.

Yesterday I tracked 188g protein, by the way. It didn’t seem so much while eating… So a fat fast day seems fitting, my pork jowl is close to its expiration date and I love it to bits :smiley: It will be a lovely albeit tiny meal.

And I try to write shorter comments this month (despite my enthusiasm. I didn’t mess up February yet and maybe I won’t!) so I stop and next time I will focus better!

Gloomy day today.

Keep getting better, @Fangs, we like you being very well, chatting enthusiastically! :slight_smile:
How is Bolt, by the way?
Pie had a breakfast, I even gave her some of my lean pork to enjoy, poor thing spent the evening snuggled to Alvaro, purring but otherwise being very subdued. But doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything and she eats even if not as much as usual so maybe no serious problem? She liked the pork and the chicken frame pieces, that had plenty of meat on it, I only took off the biggest pieces and chicken frame is super bony with lots of tiny meat everywhere.

The cats liked the soup first but it was so much and now they don’t. So I will try to improve it and eat some, it’s chicken soup, not exactly bad just not tasty, something should help. In the past I used fish soup paste (the fish soup made of it wasn’t good, the chicken soup wasn’t good but they together were nice, they somehow balanced out each other’s inadequacy) but that stuff was a bit gritty and I prefer my soup nice and smooth, thank you very much. Anyway, I prefer simple ingredients…

Oh I wanted to stop, sorry I forgot.

Have a nice February, everyone! I have plans. Focus off from food, mostly :slight_smile: I only want to focus on it when it’s time to cook or eat.

Emu always sounded good to me. I should look up the remaining emu farms in Hungary… :smiley: We had zillions of ostrich farms too, it was trendy at some time but they disappeared since. And apparently there are still emu farms and not only near the place where my Aunt lived… There is one a bit closer, not so far off a potential route if we go to a cemetery visit (they have Emu-Mangalica salami :D)… But it probably still some not unsignificant detour…
Oh well. We will see. I definitely want to try emu one day.
I ate something that was allegedly kangaroo, not smoked and pretty meh.

I really go now. Time for my usual walk, sunshine or not!


Same here! Simpler the better. Makes life in the kitchen so easy and ya know when we dump all the ‘added stuff for recipes’ I do truly think we find our real taste on what our food is supposed to be. Cool.

Bolt is fine. I tell ya, that vet! :scream_cat: Honestly I am still slightly traumatized over it all but kiddo seems to think that he has 150 lives and won’t croak any time soon and every time he pulls thru the big seizure emergency vet issues, his stomach surgery from eating a make up sponge and now this, bring him in to put him down tumor stuff, ugh, she seems ok. However I am a train wreck over it all LOL omgosh the crazy. I need to take him in for some bloodwork on his meds as I have adjusted them and he is doing fine but I do want them to see how ‘alive and fine’ he is. Still wondering on new vet? Key being I know I won’t ‘do what they say’ immediately ever so it isn’t like they have control on him, we do still so…ugh, another thing to think about :slight_smile:

Enjoy your walk!!!


I am glad Bolt is okay :slight_smile: I always like to hear about him and see him on your photos here and there… And that you were smart and hopeful enough not to agree with the vet immediately, I can imagine it’s still a tiny shock remembering the situation. I have these memory shocks when I remember the police telling me Alvaro is in hospital and the hospital saying he broke some vertebrae (and there was zero other info… but one day later he walked all over the stairs and wanted to come home. we both hate to lie in bed for days. apparently, a missing spleen, a swollen feet and 17 broken ribs/vertebrae isn’t a good enough reason for it)… If he is around me, I always thank him to be alive and not even crippled at all. And he is careful now. Well, he still travels by bike in the dark but it’s a tiny one on the road, most of it happens in the wildlife forest park…

I made my plate except my (unusually fatty) omelet. That should be fresh and I am not hungry yet. Not very satiated but not hungry. It’s 2:42pm so I skip lunch, yay!


So, goals? I keep it simple. For me.

  1. Carnivore, obviously. A full carni February would be great. As strict as comfortably possible, I desire a higher level simplicity. But won’t try it hard to avoid dairy or something. I do try to avoid my tiny plant extras. Spices are fine, mustard too, somewhat sugary condiments (I have two, great with cheese and eggs :frowning: ) are another matter, I do try to avoid them. I already minimize them since long, I am sure I can handle that but this month should be stricter than necessary, I want changes, I want a tiny challenge…

  2. No coffee. If possible. I won’t force myself, carni is the main thing and if I feel restricted, I won’t last long enough. But I really lose interest so I expect a very low coffee February.

  3. Skipping lunch if possible. It means I only eat lunch if I am really hungry or in need of fuel. Not because I am not satiated and Alvaro is eating and anyway, I have some nice food in the fridge.

I think basically that’s it. And shorter comments here. And not zillion of them per day.

I want experiments regarding my fat/protein ratio. I try to avoid being between 65-85% fat as it’s pretty much guaranteed overeating under normal circumstances.
I plan fat fast days (very few as I usually lack the proper amount of pork jowl for it) and leaner ones. Fat fast worked in the past and even if I overdo fat, protein will be modest but I am unsure about leaner days (like, below 50% fat, that’s very lean in my world, probably happened very rarely on high-carb)… Sounds a bit dangerous but maybe not if I leave these hungry times behind and skip lunches. I only will do unusual ratios for one day. Maybe two if they work well.

I am still mildly curious about PSMF meals (one PSMF day compressed into a first meal) but they are so very much incompatible with me that maybe they can’t happen without extra effort. (I would eat a fatty second meal later, it’s a given I think and it’s fine. I am just curious if a very lean meal can satiate me and what that looks like.)

We got sunshine!!! :sunny: Not long but it was nice while it lasted. (I should have go out again, I always am too optimistic and imagine it will stay longer…)

(Robin) #8

Well, I like any month that begins with lots of F words. So for ZC February, I’m starting off fairly fit and feeling fabulous.


So I planned my fat fast dinner…

Pork jowl, tiny butter, dry pork sausage, omelet with bacon and sour cream, sponge cake muffin, coffee with cream and egg milk. I used extra yolks :slight_smile: Fattier, tastier, better!

I ate around… 5pm? Only had some coffees with very little cream before it.
The food wasn’t enough so I am more like the current hungry me and not me on a fat fast ages ago.
I ate more of almost everything on the pic, omelet being the exception. And I had WAY more coffee, of course, not much egg milk and cream fits into that tiny cup.

I used different data, not the pork jowl label (it was obviously much meatier than that, not 3% protein for sure) or the normal pork shoulder data of the site I use so guesstimation is especially bad now but it says
1715 kcal, 161g fat, 54g protein and 6g carbs. 86% fat.
I wasn’t really satiated right after my meal, at some point even borderline hungry but it passed.
I had zero problem with the fattiness this time but this pork jowl had more than enough meat in it for me :slight_smile:

It was a good day in its totally not sustainable way - though if I think about it, I ate near 1g/kg protein for LBM… Some people do that or lower! Wow. Can’t imagine that. I remember reading 0.8g/kg (or it was 0.6?) as a MAXIMUM on a vegan site once (there are tons of smart and cute vegans but lots of weird ones too) that was shocking as if I just looked at plants seriously, I got more protein from them and if one needs to fly from plants with a significant protein content, well, people should see that it can’t be right… I never followed dietary guidelines let alone insane ideas of someone even if they had written down but not everyone is this independent.

Erm sorry. So, it was a good day :slight_smile: Minus the coffees but I needed the crutch now.

250g meat for today, not so bad for such a fatty day, actually…

Tomorrow will be normal :slight_smile: More meat, more eggs, no focus to keep myself from important macronutrients. But 54g, it’s normal for some people… Crazy. It’s… Not the lowest I am able to go if I REALLY focus (and my body is on board) but I wanted a nice, enjoyable, comfortable fatty day. I ate proper food. Fattier than normal but still. I am not the type to eat added fat galore. That’s why I need my fabulous cooked pork jowl covered in paprika. Not too often as it’s processed, not fresh but it’s nice sometimes.

Alvaro ate lean pork with a nice sauce and melted cheese (and pasta, of course), I was almost envious… I won’t miss non-carni things I ate in the last months but I didn’t eat that… Almost ever. Good combo. Meat and tomato sauce. Of course I would pour it onto eggs.

I will have a carnivore-ISH weekend due to Alvaro finally making the chicken liver and heart stew, it will be fabulous! :smiley: I can’t miss that. But I totally won’t add plants, I just eat it in meat dishes in moderation when it’s the only way to eat that meat dish. As I have fried lean pork without sauce so I will eat it without Alvaro’s sauce tomorrow. With my own, more carnivore sauce. Not fully if I use mustard sauce but no one can take away mustard from me. I could live without it but don’t see the point. It doesn’t even have added sugar, it’s my special mustard ordered from a webshop and it’s good. Way better than my own that is better ingredients wise… But I rarely eat mustard now. I ate it every day with my eggs in the beginning…
Do anyone knows a fully carni sauce? Without opening a box of cream…? Well maybe raw yolk, butter and cheese… I will try out different things. We are low on sour cream, unfortunately.

So, I hate the idea of going into the city right now, we were there and did headache inducing things lately too much but we will visit the bigger town nearby. It has 3 of our fav supermarkets and we need a webshop order too as Alvaro run out of cocoa powder (it is a staple for him, seriously, highly important pillar of his diet) and I run out of gelatin. It probably will happen next weekend. I will pick up more pork jowl.

I had too many food related thoughts today, hopefully it will be better tomorrow!

(Linda ) #10

As we roll into Feb nothing is going to change for me still sticking to what I’m doing …Im right on the cusp of 14 pounds gone.
It was a hot day in florida today and since I’ve lost that much I thought I’d grab a summer pair of capri that I bought when I first got down into a size 6 and try them on. …im not sure how true to to size they were/are but these at least have zip button no elastic waist…and first time I wore them on keto I barley got them on. They were so tight…
Well today they went on not tight and no muffin top so that’s what I wore to take jake on his walk…so I am actually seeing results…
I just don’t own Many items in a 6 because I went from a 6 to a 4 pretty quickly originally. Stayed there awhile And then down to a 3…and so I got no intentions of buying any more clothes right now lol…I’ll make do …

(Karen) #11

Well done Linda, always a greatboost to ya well being when you can fit in to clothes you’ve been waiting to get in to :blush::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

(Judy Thompson) #12

@Azi WOW Great for you! Quite amazing.
@Fangs so glad you are on the mend! Can’t keep us down long! I had “cedar fever” in early January for about 5 days.it was miserable but I got over it, hubby had it too and now he’s had it twice since. Good nutrition protects us!
@FrankoBear I love “Lots of F words!” haha, great fun!
This morning I had my midmorning boiled egg, then afternoon lunch was a couple country style boneless ribs from the early sous vide this week. Tonight I’m munching on the last rib hubby left on his plate. Luckily he doesn’t use spices or sauces either so it’s clean.

I went out into the ice with Mimsy and took a couple shots of the iced trees and grass. It will all be gone tomorrow. Too cold and slippery but beautiful.

(Megan) #13

I’m sooo glad Bolt is okay @Fangs! And yea, that vet! Grrrr
Great stuff @Azi!

I think I’m finally coming out of about 3 weeks of the most intense relentless carb cravings, especially for something sweet. It was driving me crazy. Meat either tasted unpleasant or left me wanting and very dissatisfied. I gave in to the cravings for a few days and ate many bowls of unsweetened greek yoghurt with zero carb artificially sweetened jelly and cream with some natvia stirred through (stevia based). Carb and calorie-wise it wasn’t terrible but boom! Instant 1.5kg weight gain. No clue why. Maybe a reaction to all the artificial junk in the sweeteners or an insulin fat storing reaction to the sweeteners? Back on plan and meat tasting okay again.

(Linda ) #14

Sorry to hear you went through that I know for me if I step back into low carb/keto style desert yup instant couple pounds up on scale so I now only allow those for Christmas and birthday and even then single serving size which I try to share mine with hubby to reduce the gains last time I kept it to a couple bites and no gain lol…

But out side of those times I been super lucky I have not had cravings for sweets and I’ve never had a meat aversion… I can eat same food for weeks then I get a wanting for something else and just not have what I was eating prior for a few months til the want for it comes back lol…
It’s what makes carnivore so appealing and easy for me its simple and easy. Food boredom just isn’t a thing for me…if im hungry I always enjoy my meat…

(Megan) #15

Damnit my friend Ruby is annoying!!! She thinks if mainstream science doesn’t say something, the something is fringe and wrong. Yea, right!!! (The conversation we just had was about dietary saturated fat intake and serum cholesterol levels. I KNOW I should avoid talking with her about this kind of thing, yet stupidly I just did b/c I am excited to discover I am now insulin sensitive. Ditto politics, abortion, religion.) ARGH!!!

Vent over. Off to take Lulu out for a run.

(Michael) #16

If you have read my posts, I tend to go all in on my experiments. My F word is FAT. I hit a new daily high percentage (I have eaten more in a day) of 83.6 % fat at 316.6 g and a new all time record low of 129g of protein with 11 g carbs today. Only 15% protein but still over 2g protein per kg body weight at 3408 calories. However, check out the added tallow fat on my first plate - wow that is not really appealing looking I do not think

I had a second plate with cheese as well afterwards as part of my OMAD meal

Should be an interesting 3 months before I redo my NMR and other bloodwork.


@Azi, love your capri pant story! Nothing feels better than putting on something you knew was tight and fitting so well. I tell ya it gives up a mind boost that is wonderful and truly shows us our work pays off. Happy for you! And I want your hotter weather too please :slight_smile:

@JJFiddle, yea that cedar fever. I checked it out again and it said it is TXs most highly allergy issue in your state. wow. I get early seasonal like that to and people say, wow, there aren’t many flowers blooming yet on trees or bushes etc and I say, it is the trees. Just blooming and they are like, just the trees and I am like well yea LOL Ice pics are beautiful but many I hate that ice :slight_smile: Saw on weather channel your area getting nailed. Be safe in that mess!

@MeganNZ, yea I do what Azi does. 1 bite limit. for me if I introduce any of that back I get worse and worse. I can’t let the cravings live cause if I do, I know how bad I crash and burn. Best of luck keeping on eating the meats :slight_smile: don’t forget too when you do have meat aversion of any kind, start thinking everything carnivore now. Love bacon. Eat a lb or 2. Love seafood, go get some and enjoy whatever decadent type zc food ya love. Your boring old burger or steak or whatever can throw us off a bit, but there is tons of options you could include and feel like you are being decadent. I am a crab leg lover and when I had big cravings, I bought tons of them and big dipping butter to boot with them and enjoyed. So sometimes we have to get out of your ‘little narrow food choices alot of us land on zc’ that we do great on, but sometimes we have cravings and aversion, then we think ‘get biggy wiggy’ on extra zc options. On your friend, yea don’t have those debates :slight_smile: :slight_smile: They do fall in with religion and politics HAHA but I have rules to the 1 bite rule too. I never take 1 bite if I am in some crazy craving mindset. I leave that priviledge to me only when I am in total control and feed great, like on a vacay and the family orders some delish weirdo meal in a new location and hubby says, ya gotta try this! then I will but 1 bite can also lead me into a wild crazy zone so I watch how I use that 1 bite rule for me…this is me tho, I have to watch me and I know my sabotaging pattern like white on rice so…find you in it all too :slight_smile:

NMR and your experiment and yea, longer time but will be interesting for sure to see what results and how things have changed for you!
thanks for sharing along. Always love seeing what carnivores are doing :slight_smile:

----------------guts almost normal again. good cause I was getting super sick of that pain in the azz. literally. :100::crazy_face:
whatever got thru my system and I am glad on that :sunny:

Didn’t eat much. 2 of those thin pork chops and that leftover steak in my pics yesterday. Just do not have a food draw. Again which is fine. I know my appetite will jump back later. I always just eat with the zc flow. Right now it is wanting mostly nothing.

Have to hit store for a few items. I want bacon. Yup. Yes I do. I will pick up like 6 packs and feast on 1 lb. of bacon first meal. That is all I want right now. So if it is, than that is what I will eat. Store has chuck roast on lower sale so will pick up 3-4 for freezer and I think I will just put a big ol’ chuck into the dutch oven and let it slow cook for a long time…then when wanted I can jump on some chuck meat. So thru that all, today is a lb. of bacon and chuck roast :sunny:

Living the good ZC lifestyle.


@JJFiddle: Nice pics, we didn’t have such a scenery here this winter yet, only some snow… I am not sure I want it, actually, it makes travel worse and last time one of our two beautiful silver birches lost its top due to it (not visible, fortunately, it was quite tall and only lost the top, plenty of it remained)… But it can be beautiful indeed!

Pie got back its appetite and is being a little sht when I eat again. Yay. She is a bit thin and I fed him some pork and chicken, zero appetite problem there…

*Yeah I had a rare breakfast. I went to bed a bit hungry despite I had a late meal (guesstimation says 189g fat and 81g protein for yesterday), it was hard to go to sleep but I really didn’t want to eat more and that super late. I woke up borderline hungry and felt not so nice in my stomach so I had an omelet with pork and bacon and I got way better. Still not perfectly satiated but it’s a hungry phase and it’s not bad, I feel okay just not fully satiated. I really hope it ends today.

I see you folks talk about instant gain… It seems my body lost its water weight changes again as I may go and eat quite much carbs and sugar (I am not very interested in sugar in general but we bought some amazing honey) and it triggers a serious overeating and nothing, I am still 75kg every morning. What am I, a robot?! Maybe a tiny change happens but it’s below the accuracy of my scale…

Yep, that’s great. I hope I lost my very general meat aversion when I can’t eat ANY kind of meat in proper amounts, that was horrible and I can’t stay on carnivore then. I definitely like meat in big amounts better now but what happens after weeks I wonder… But I have so big variety, it should be fine now.
I lost almost all my cravings on keto already. Okay, I ate sweets but that was a necessity for me and it was keto too.
My problem is when I want crunchy biscuits… But other sudden cravings don’t happen (again, no idea if they would on longer term carni). The problem is having something very nice and tempting before me, it’s not always easy to resist. I don’t need it, I wouldn’t want it if it wasn’t present but now that it’s THERE… That’s tough. I do my best to avoid such situations and if I can’t, temptation as I can’t resist temptation. If I am determined or the thing is definitely bad for me, it weakens temptation, easily stops it, that’s lucky. Thinking things over helps more, hunger makes things way worse and if I am hungry and don’t have enough proper food ready to eat, I am doomed as I will eat whatever I can… So it’s important to be ready and have various ready to eat carni food on hand. I got way better at that, lessons slowly sunk in :wink: It wasn’t easy as I tend to be overly optimistic… But I like safety.

Wow. Such naïveté… I can’t even imagine how anyone can think that! Science is still a baby, we can do impressive things but we still don’t know so many important things about how the world works! Including our own body, it’s very complex, after all…
And it’s just science, without the greed for money and whatever else makes people blind to things, some people must be amazing at doublethink if it’s about their money, power, authority or beliefs…

As much as I like to be special, sometimes it’s nice to find someone similar :wink: Even on this forum, people often talk about eating (from my viewpoint) little fat, little protein, I almost started to feel a weirdo…

I love fat, I just avoid added fat as much as I comfortably can. Unless I feel it’s needed because I do a fatty day or I eat a lot of leaner meat but even then, it’s not much.
But fat in my protein sources? Yum!

300+ g fat… I should do such an experiment one day, I have been dreaming about it since I went low-carb and dropped my fat intake… Just ONE day. Eating all the pork jowl I desire… I always need to stop too early, even on my fat fast day attempts. Yesterday it was due to running out it but it takes special circumstances for me to allow myself to go really high.

It’s probably just mental, I am FINE below/around 200g fat on carnivore, I can’t need more, it’s just an old daydream and love towards pork jowl and other fatty items.

@Naghite, what are those lil black things in the first plate?

I need to go and cook carbs for Alvaro and eggs for me. I feel huge desire towards eggs now and it will be reflected in my day for sure :wink:


Today isn’t my concise day either but I am determined to work on it. And do something creative with my time anyway.

Give it to me… :smiley: I would LOVE a low-cal day again… At least it’s not starving all day, those days are horrible, I merely get hungry and need MUCH food. That’s doable. I just find my protein intake way too high lately. But could be worse.

I am totally agree, when meat aversion hits, we should use some other meats, rarely used, special ones. I couldn’t live on pork forever but after some porky days, I usually have fowl or organ (and pork too as I can’t eat enough meat without it. unless it’s a super rare luxurious ruminant day, that works well too). But during a meal even this isn’t enough but between my processed meats and dairy items, I am pretty confident I won’t have a problem. And of course there are my eggs but they aren’t enough when I get bored of my normal meat. But a little this, a little that… And I have meaty, optionally cheesy scrambled eggs (fried lean pork and bacon works well, I eat 2 such ones today)! It’s great when I didn’t eat much of it lately. I totally get bored of scrambled eggs eventually (despite the huge variety this dish offers) but if it’s used rarely, it’s quite great.

I run out of bacon so I will buy some again too. It’s… Useful. Not among my fav 100 carnivore items, probably, I use it in moderation, 200g lasts for months but useful in my eggs or lean pork… Crunchy too, even the tiny cubes I buy because it’s half price and works for me…
I often wonder about HOW salty is the bacon there? I would need 40 or more eggs for a pound of bacon due to the salt! I eat the whole stuff, it may be the reason as last time I just fried the leftover bacon cubes, got some fancy lard from it and the crunchy super tiny cubes weren’t particularly salty, I need to salt my scrambled eggs with bacon now…

(Judy Thompson) #20

Good morning. Our electric went out lastnight, hope it will be repaired today! The restaurants where we play won’t close I’m very sure, so we will be working tomorrow and Saturday with our without a shower :grimacing:
I’ll get out some burger and sausage and we’ll have a good lunch, with eggs, gas stoves are the best. 33° out but the wood stove is roaring. I heated up water and I’m drinking hot water plain, does the job.
The trees are still icy but should melt today.
Stay warm all.