Carnivore/Zero Carb January 2017!

(melinda) #1

Here’s our official chat thread for those committing to a ZC January. Generally, this means animal products only (meat, dairy, eggs) though some may wish to be stricter- like beef only, etc.

Welcome! (We also have a Facebook event called “Zero Carb January”)

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(Kerri Hines) #2

I’m mostly zero carb all the time but I tend to push my luck a bit with too many veggies that ultimately just upset my belly. I could really tighten up on my zero carb plan and a month of focus could be great for me.

(AnnaLeeThal) #3

Cool! I’m excited for this!


I’m looking forward to it. The last couple of weeks I’ve felt I’ve had to force myself to eat veggies. Hopefully this is just a phase but I would like to see if there’s any added benefits with zero carb. I’m thinking I’ll be starting a couple of days early since the only veggie currently in my fridge is a bag of jalapeños.

(Henna Selnes) #5

I am interested in this, like a moth to a flame. :flushed: But in honesty I am a bit scared of it also. Veggies are just not appealing to me lately, and I am one who tells everyone, " listen to your body". But the thought. Maybe if possible is there a link for the rules of this lifestyle? Also I joined that group that eats just meat,they freak me out,raw meat, :nauseated_face: (full body shake) raw fish I can do,but meat,yeah, about those rules, I just can’t look away from this. I think I need to do this. :scream_cat:

(paddy0761) #6

It’s funny how a water only fast doesn’t bother me at all, but a carnivorous fast raises an eyebrow. It’s amazing how influenced we are by management of perspective. Go for it. Plenty of people do 4 weeks on water only, so a month on meat and gizzards should be a breeze :grinning:

(Sondra Rose) #7

I love having a ZC “home” within the forum!

Here are a few articles that may be helpful to newbies to ZC. (Don’t know if they can be separated out in a resource list. Mods?)

(L. Amber O'Hearn) #8

@henna, I am loathe to talk in term of rules, but here is a link to guidelines Zooko and I have proposed in the past:

Eat meat. Not too little. Mostly fat.

(L. Amber O'Hearn) #9

In fact, this may be the only explicit set of guidelines around. It might be worth pinning.

(Henna Selnes) #10

Thanks amber! Forgive my English, spell check is a beautiful thing, but it can’t think the words for you. Guidelines. I like that word better. And thank you for links. :grin:

(Jodi) #11

I’m joining in on this. Maybe a few days early even. We are picking up our processed half beef so I might not even have to do much shopping! :slight_smile: I’m getting all the extra trimmings too so I can process the tallow.

(melinda) #12

More info on zero carb (everyone will have a different opinion, decide the nuances for yourself):

(Some of the stuff said here is judgemental of others, but it otherwise has good info)

(melinda) #13

Here’s our facebook event!

(Adam L) #14

Great guidelines Amber thank you for sharing, that gives me the confidence to commit to a zero carb January. Was planning to ditch dairy but keep avocado & olives as a bit of a crutch for the month while upping the meat. Might just go meat, seafood, eggs now.

(Adam L) #15

Boom - thanks Melinda for all that great info!

(AnnaLeeThal) #16

Thanks for this!

(Meeping up the Science!) #17

On it :slight_smile: Transitioning down VLC this week. Going to do a fast NYE before ZCing it up hardcore.


This is my last ‘regular’ meal before starting my month of zero carb. An omelet with some onion and jalapeños. I am officially out of veggies and my freezer is stocked with meat. I will be including dairy. Today I will use my new sous vide to cookup a prime rib and some freshly processed beef I was gifted for Christmas. Wish me luck!

(nadine1073) #19

I’m in like Flinn babies!! So far a mostly ZC week.

(Linda S) #20

Guys, I’m so excited for January, but I’m also afraid! But I’m going for this :smile:.