Carnivore/Zero Carb January 2017!

(Scott Shillady) #21

Well I guess I’m in as well, but I’m planning on being even more strict. Just bacon butter and brie starting tomorrow. Im giving up diet MTN dew which is going to be huge for me

(Henna Selnes) #22

I am going to give this a go. After looking back on what I have ate all week so far, one day only had a veg. :open_mouth: I had no idea! Ok, I am in. No raw for me, :nauseated_face:, I’m good. :wink::+1:t2::fork_and_knife:

(AnnaLeeThal) #23

Yesterday I had two hard boiled eggs, coffee with heavy cream, salmon and roast beef, a rib eye steak, and a piece of raw milk aged cheddar.

It seems like a lot of food, but I was hungry for it all, and I was quite satisfied. Felt good too.

(Lauren Malhoit) #24

I’m not questioning the virtues of not eating veggies, but I’m afraid I’ll get bored with just meat, hard cheese, and eggs. I guess avocados would be okay? Anything else? Side dishes, etc?

(Sondra Rose) #25

ZC really means “zero plants”. So no avocados in that interpretation!
Sour cream, seafood, any kind of cheese, organ meats, etc all add variety to my diet.

(xucthclu.knaangr) #26

I have pretty much stopped consuming vegetables accidentally. I just didn’t want them and my logical side always argued against them in the store when it came to cost/benefit analysis.

The only plant foods I currently consume are fruit leaf teas, cocoa and coconut oil.

I kind of don’t feel like throwing out my coconut oil, so I will either use it for frying or give it to someone.

As for cocoa, that is something of a tricky one for me. I cannot seem to be able to eat lots of non-rendered fat and my daily fat intake has mostly been via very buttery cocoa twice a day with a bit of coconut oil added.

That said, I recently rendered up some tallow and some rabbit fat (that one was fatty enough to make about 300ml of fat), so what I will be trying is spreading it on my lean meats and seeing how I react to it. If I don’t gag (which is the case if I try to eat the fatty bits off a piece of fatty pork, idk why), then it’s all good and I can eventually kick my cocoa and get onto water only.

And when it comes to raw meat, I might go for the raw beef cuts sometimes.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #27

I’m 4 days into ZC, I wanted to feel better now! Doing great, just finished off a fugly 4 pound meatloaf that was delish! I sipped some of the pan juices, mmmmmmmm. Inflammation is gone, muscles are still a tad stiff, and my energy is way up!

(Larry Lustig) #28

Did you forget a comma, or is there a delicious new food I haven’t met yet?

(Scott Shillady) #29

Damn, the grammar police got me again. I guess that is better than the keto police.

(Kerri Hines) #30

Yeah, I can’t go without coconut oil. I use a C8 MCT as part of my ADHD treatment and I cut medications because of it. Just don’t feel the same without it so it’s part of my zero carb no matter what rules say. :blush:

(Adam L) #31

How about seafood ? Avocado is something I will miss but I’ll have a couple of ripe ones ready to go on 1st Feb

(xucthclu.knaangr) #32

Hard for me to opine for now. Nicotine and caffeine withdrawals have an effect.


Yesterday was my first full day. I have decided to keep dairy and oils in my diet because they both help me to feel satiated longer. I am also using a little stevia in my fat bomb recipes because I don’t enjoy eating hardened chunks of fat without some hint of sweetness. Yesterday I had some ribeye (made with my new sous vide), butter, and bp coffee for breakfast. At lunch I did not want meat so I had some chicken broth with an egg mixed in (surprisingly tasty) and several fat bombs. For dinner I had more ribeye but melted a cream cheese and cheddar mixture on top. I felt great the whole day. My energy level was very high towards the end of the day so I jogged 6 miles (something I haven’t done in a long time). So far so good.

(nadine1073) #34

I did it!! 1 full day of eating Zero Carb and no sweetners of any kind!! So happy and proud of myself :slight_smile:

(Genevieve Biggs) #35

I wish I could jump on January 1. I’m currently vacationing and with in-laws, and eating purely meat is not really an option. So I intend to start when I get back in mid-January. Focusing on red meat, approximately two lbs of beef a day will be my goal. I’ve heard so many great things.

(Rebecca) #36

I’m all set for ZC January. I went shopping today and purchased a few things to get me going. Along with my 1kg of crackling I should be off to a good start. I have decided to give up all dairy except butter and see how I go. I am practically ZC anyway.

I am going to roast the duck tomorrow as that should give me enough left overs for me to take to work for lunch. I love duck but have never cooked one before so here’s hoping it comes out all right.

I also got some chicken liver to make pate, so am looking for recipe if anyone has one.

I also received my Anova yesterday so am looking forward to trying it out as well.

(Meeping up the Science!) #37

Kicking off my ZC for January with precooking:

  • 6 pound brisket
  • 6 pound boneless lamb leg
  • 2 pounds bacon (I cured it, now will make it)
  • 2 pounds Alaskan salmon.

I’ll be doing IF and eating to satiety. Only adding coffee, minor HWC, and ghee. Very little spice (salt, maybe just very little garlic).

No sweeteners or fat bombs. I’ll be eating as close to “original meat” as possible.

(Charndra Pile) #38

Yay, I was hoping there would be a thread for this, as I’m doing it myself.
The reason for me is simple. Insulin Resistance. I have hyperinsulinaemia, it’s at 14. I have improved everything else with Lowcarb Keto, but the fasting insulin is a sabboteur, spurring cravings, and I suspect that ANY carbs, even vegetables, spike my Insulin such that I cannot lose the weight that has crept back on. I have been LC Keto for 2.5years. Had gestational diabetes twice, on insulin, so strong motivation to NOT get diabetes again.
I’ve been transitioning to zero carb since November 1st, skipping vegetables with ease mostly, except stealing chips off the kids, my nemesis. Enjoying the plonk of the season too! Hence starting tomorrow for my month of “temporary extremism”. I expect that after that I will have the odd Scotch.

My big step (challenge) will be removing Coke Zero from my life. I love it. I know it spikes insulin, so it has to go. It’s my caffeine addiction.

My plan is the simple one, to eat meat and drink water. Slam down any remaining insulin spikes, and improve the things that Keto hasn’t for me.

I have a printout for my fridge, which I snagged from one of the FB groups, modified with other advice, that basically says:

“Eat meat you like and can afford until you don’t want to have another bite, drink water to thirst, and when you are hungry for meat again, eat meat.”

Having spent these two months trying out techniques and researching daily, I’m feeling confident, and am using the impetus of a new year to assist my replacement of coke zero with purely water and fizzy water, which gives me the ‘tingle’ of the CO2 I love!

(Krishna) #39

I’m not fully zero carb, but my functional MD advised me to eat close to zero vegetables. When I eat them, I get gassy and bloated with indigestion. The theory is that there might be some blockage in the duct that carries enzymes from the pancreas to the gut.

So In the past month that I’ve been eating this a way, I’ve had the occasional pickle, I had guacamole once, and otherwise just a little lemon in my water, or whatever vegetables are in seasoning (garlic powder, celery salt, chili powder, etc.)

Also, to keep CRP inflammation low, I’m doing no dairy except for butter.

So I’ll follow along with you, since it’s always nice to hang with the people who make you feel like less of a freak.

(Terry) #40

I’m in! Years ago, before I was Keto/Paleo, I experimented with eating no meat for one month. I felt like my body was slowly dying. This will be an interesting contrast to that failed experiment.