Carl's Zero-Carb IPA Beer

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I am so excited about this. I actually found a bottle of Jameson Stout that is finished in beer barrels so this should be good.
But I need help. I know nothing about making beer and hops so got hop pellets. Is it the same ratio as dried hops? To start I soaked in the whiskey only 1 1/2 cups of them and they are now completely soaked. Don’t think I could use any more hops as it is a very thick paste.
Please tell me I didn’t ruin my Jameson! :cry:

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So, this is a work in progress for me right now. So far it’s not going well. Gotta say up front that I am a homebrewer.

Carl, I’d like to know what hop variety you used. Hops taste wildly different from one to another.

4 cups of hops in a 750ml bottle is way overkill. Most Homebrew batches of beer are 5 gallons and don’t use that much. A homebrew IPA recipe will call from anywhere from 3 to 8 oz of hops, rarely more than that. Hops are typically sold by the ounce. I used 2 oz of Citra and 2 oz of Centennial in a 1.5 liter bottle of Jameson, let it sit for a week, strained it out, any its really harsh. The aroma is nice and completely the smell of hops, but the taste is all harsh bitterness, even diluted in mineral water to make this IPA. That being said, it’s going to take a few weeks in the fridge to get all of the hop particles to drop. It went cloudy, and the remaining hops are probably contributing to the harshness. I’ll update here with more pics as it clarifies.

I’m probably going to be using this as an additive to punch up some low carb beer to give it more hop flavor. I like whiskey and bourbon. I like Jameson. There are dry hopped whiskies out there that you can buy off the shelf and not have to experiment here. I tried the mineral water thing with one and it was much better and closer to IPA than this experiment. For most people, I’d recommend buying an actual hopped whiskey to make this recipe than trying to do it yourself.


OK just ordered the hops, they’ll be here Wednesday. So trying this! Especially since I haven’t been able to drink beer for years afterI was diagnosed with celiac.

Who would have thought whiskey+hops+bubbles+gelatin=IPA?

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I am super jazzed to hear about this recipe. My partner and I are BEER lovers and living in Eugene, OR makes it a bummer for me (my partner eats carb friendly but is drinking gluten free beers because he loves beer). So this recipe is exciting. I went to a neighborhood fermentation store and the shop guy asked me what kind of beer flavor I like (IPA’s) so he set me up w/ three flavor hop profiles and I picked up my Jameson whiskey and San Peligrino waters went right to work…open the hops bags, measure out 4 cups pour whiskey over it and weight down the hops below top of whiskey and let sit in the fridge. SUNDAY I will find out how it works. THANKS Carl!

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Matured Hop Bittering Components Induce Thermogenesis in Brown Adipose Tissue via Sympathetic Nerve Activity: Iso-α-acids, the bitter compounds derived from hops in beer, have been shown to prevent diet-induced obesity by increasing lipid oxidation in the liver and inhibition of lipid absorption from the intestine**.


So eager to hear your report! I just got my hops (delivered late) and used the same Jameson’s you have.

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sweet…will do! looking forward to your review as well :slight_smile:


Wait… WTH???
As a former homebrewer and IPA lover I have GOT to try this out.
Thanks @carl
I think I’ll be buying some hops and whisky this weekend…

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Don’t think so.

Just a reminder: this is not brewing. It’s steeping. You can adjust the hops to taste, but I like a big hops-forward IPA.

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Ok…I just got thru 5 days…Notice the hops soaked up 750 ml of whiskey…but returned less than 750 for my beer product. Followed directions but was so impatient for the gelatin to cool that I made 1/2 cup water w/ 1/2 tbl of gelatin. I’ll have to make more gelatin water as I need it. no big deal. The taste is really good! Not enough bubbles but the flavor is so good, it doesn’t matter. My partner is a beer hound and he has been doing Keto w/ me but drinking gluten free beer (Omission) because he loves beer too much to give it up. He even thought the taste was very good. So we have a WINNER FOLKS! Our formula is 1 part whiskey/hops, 1 Tbl gelatin and 5 parts San Pelagrino mineral water.

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Sometimes I have good ideas… :slight_smile:

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Agreed :slight_smile:


Oh man, two more days. Can’t wait!

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Ok…so the update after night 2 of drinking this IPA. It is pretty bitter. My partner thinks it is a bit too strong. It seems to be more of a novelty drink than a replacement for beer. He is going to try using rum w/ hops to see if it is any different…lighter tasting. since whiskey is a bit harsh in our opinion. This will take a bit of time to get a batch going…like this weekend. we are going to 1/2 the recipe in case it is not good tasting. will let you know.


Ok, I tried this by adding Chinook hops to Jameson IPA. It was pretty tasty but I decided to go a slightly different route as something was missing and I didn’t want to bother too much with the gelatin.
Tonight I strained off a shot glass of the hopped whiskey and mixed it with a very low carb beer. In this case it was Beck’s light because that’s what I had on hand.
Wow! I really enjoyed this. The Beck’s has about 4 grams of carbs so tomorrow I’m picking up some Mich Amber Ultra and trying it with that.

I may do a batch soon with a more mellow hop, perhaps Kent Goldings or Fuggles and see how that goes. I will probably also experiment with the gelatin for more body as I love a good heavy beer.
As for now, this is pretty darned awesome mixed with what would normally be a mostly tasteless beer.
Not pretty but nice head and very tasty.


Update @gatita ? How’d it go?


Well, I JUST tried some and I have to say, it tastes a LOT like an IPA. Kind of blown away. It actually tastes like a freaking beer.

The test glass in the photo didn’t have the gelatin but I have some gelatin in the fridge I’ll try later tonight. I also made this glass on the lighter side since a stronger version I tried was too bitter for me. Maybe a tablespoon of the precious “elixir” in this glass.

I used my old-school ISO seltzer water spritzer maker thing, whatever they’re called, to make the fizzy water.

I’m really kind of amazed, since I can’t drink even low carb beer because of the gluten. Wow. WOW.

Now how do we make a stout? I have bottle of Jamesons stout ready and waiting!


I’m going to be continually experimenting with this and I have a great love of stout (Irish blood) so if I find a workable solution I’ll let you know. Please let us know if you come up with something. The first “real” ale I ever had was a Murphy’s Stout in Langtry’s pub in Portsmouth, England many years ago.

By the way Greens makes a gluten free line of beers that, while not carb free, are actually not very carby. Sadly, they don’t make a stout.


Oh yeah, I used to drink Greens before I went keto. Didn’t know they were less carby.