Brenda's personal 30 day steak challenge journal

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This thread to be used for Brenda’s 30 day steak journal. No commenting. It’s like my diary for you to read. Lol
Much. Excite.
Starting a 30 day steak challenge today. Only steak and coffee :coffee:. No spices or added fats. Only whole beefsteak.
Just negotiated half my plan with Vince at Hackenmueller’s butcher shop. He’s giving me a discount since I am buying the thick fat cap. I’ll buy 15 one pound steaks from him. The remaining 15 will be: seven especially fatty ones that I found and froze, and the balance chuck steaks. There is, however, no limit on the amount that of steak I will eat daily. Last night I ate 2.5 pounds. (3 steaks) Lol.
More affordable buying inexpensive cuts as well as the king of fatty meats: the mighty ribeye. I LOVE eating ZC. I did it a strict 7 months back in 2015. Learned a lot about my body and food sensitivities.

This 30 day steak challenge is to prove a point that red meat will only IMPROVE my lipid panel. I will be documenting daily stats plus a photograph of all the steaks I consume with weights. (I will also be participating in a structured protocol of Dave Feldman next time I do this. A study with blood draws athe a local lab etc.)
Many factors will be weighing in as I go, including a DEXA scan to track LBM with different levels of protein and my specific lifestyle of lifting heavy and the ketogenic diet. (before and after for baseline).
This journal is to track my steaks I am eating on me and @Donna’s mutual 30 day steak challenge.

3/6/2017 Continuing Steak Challenge Thread
3/6/2017 Continuing Steak Challenge Thread
A basic question about carnivore nutrient imbalance
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Day 1, February 28.
1 pound ribeye, 3/4 pound chuck steak, 3/4 pound grassfed ribeye

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Day 2
8.75 oz grassfed NY strip. Raw.

Also day 2.

15.7 oz New York strip. Ima grill this bad boy.

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The same NY strip on Day 2.
This is that 15.7 oz NY strip, grilled.

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Guys. This is about a challenge. About showing health markers will IMPROVE eating unlimited steak 30 days.
Measurements, weight, pulse, blood oxygen, BP, BG, ketones blood and breath.

Down 2.5 pounds as of this morning.
This is day 3.

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Day 3
3 pm. Got hungry at the grocery store. First food of the day. Wagyu baby. Raw. With salt. .63 lbs.

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Day 3
NY strip with a nice bark.

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That same Day 3 NY strip:

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Day 3 Continued.
8 oz shank steak (6 oz with bone removed), simmered till tender, with cherrywood smoked salt.

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Day 4.
Hungry when I woke up.(and down 4 pounds since Monday!) Fried a sirloin steak at 10 am. (Sirloin is very lean, but this one was only $3.) I’ll be eating a VERY fatty NY strip tonight.

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Day 4. Continued.
This NY strip was 15.5 oz. Ate it with kosher flaked salt.

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Day 4 fini.
Two roasted beef shank steaks with smoked salt.
The marrow was a real treat!
Total weight minus bone = 24 ounces

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That is a total of 48.1 ounces of beef steak on Day 4!

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DAY 5.
9.5 oz Grassfed ribeye, 10 am.

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DAY 5, 3 pm.
16 oz chuck steak with cherrywood smoked salt

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Day 5
14 oz NY strip

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Day 6
14 oz. Fatty NY strip. Grilled.


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Day 6
Bone-in ribeye, grilled rare. Minus 3 oz bone.

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Day 6.
Late night snack. Marrow stolen out of 3 beef shank steaks.