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Yeah we do the corned beef and cabbage on St. Patty’s day too. The reason I say maybe the kraut and pork on NYD might be an Irish thing is because they are pretty keen to recognize a good thing when they see one and adopt it. Heck, most of my Irish relatives celebrate Oktoberfest too.

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I’ll drink to that! (hic!) :beer: :beers:


Hi all I’m new here… I’ve been on the keto diet since October 30 of last year and I’ve lost 30 pounds so far… I also workout at the gym 4-5 times a week… I also eat healthy and drink lots of water… Any tips or suggestions on what else to do to help lose weight or am I doing everything I can already

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Have you seen this?

Keto is this easy (Keto for beloved noobs)

This is for Phase One - the starter phase. it’s still not complicated later, but this is the really easy to explain version which will help you no end.

  • Eat under 20g of carbs a day
  • Eat plenty of good food - fat and protein - while adhering to 20g/carbs/day. Don’t worry too much about macros and calories EXCEPT carbs. Keep them below 20g/day. Your job is to get fat-adapted, so give your body the fuel you want it to use. Also, your appetite will vary - it’ll disappear, then it’ll come roaring back. Happens to most people, don’t sweat it.
  • This site has a search function (magnifying glass at the top of the page) and a newbies section - use them both, you’ll get a better variety of answers to your questions far more quickly that way. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS VERY USEFUL.[1]

That’s as difficult as it needs to be for a couple of months.

My good friend Terence (being friends with a Kiwi feels kinda dirty, but there you have it, keto makes for strange bedfellows) tells me this thing I have described above is called “dirty keto.” So yeah, do dirty keto, kids! :slight_smile:

Expanded version is HERE

[1]If you can’t find a useful answer after searching and reading for a while, we can help you a lot more if you tell us relevant data about yourself such as your reasons for doing keto, your weight/height/age/gender, a sample menu plan & any relevant health conditions.

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I love it when you talk dirty keto to me, baby! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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I was quoting @juice - you love it when @juice talks dirty keto to you :grin:

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It’s all good! :bacon::bacon:

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Funny way to spell “far FAR better.”

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@juice is the forum heart throb :heart_eyes:

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New York Dolls, of course!

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@Kratoswife, 30 pounds 2 months and a bit? Sounds like you’re doing great already!


Thank you… I only have 35 pounds more to go to get to my goal weight… I didn’t know if there was anything else I could do to help or just let it run its course and wait…


That made me laugh out loud. Thank you! Funny how us newbies get so worried, huh? Hang in there with us. We’re getting it!


So basic and yet I never thought it it that way. thank you!

I’ll try it. I don’t want to get fixated on them because I understand they are not the best measure and generally useless once you’ve been doing it a while, but I find it stand the color strays very little from trace to just above trace. (Not that I want to be wasting ketones, but it makes you wonder if they are working
when you are new.)


Well, I was never much of a morning eater anyway. I actually lost more than 100 pounds about three years ago and more or less maintained through exercise and calorie counting. But the last 6 months have been a free for all. Not that I didn’t enjoy it (ha!), but it is time to get back to feeling better about me. Keto is new, but working after something is not so I am excited to make this work!

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I think this is where the confusion lies. The deamination process IS the wasteful process. But of course, as you have said, it also MUST happen with excess protein. It’s the alpha keto acid that is the result of the deamination that feeds directly into the Krebs cycle.

So people are right when they say excess protein doesn’t turn into glucose via gluconeogenesis, but it still gets converted to energy in the long run via the krebs cycle. If it didn’t, it would make no sense to even talk about the calorie count of protein. All protein eventually meets the same fate. Even if it gets used for protein structures today it will still eventually be recycled and disposed of in this way.

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Think of the fat on your body as a big backpack full of food that you’ve been saving for the last 6 months. That’s why we store fat, it’s rainy day food for when days, weeks, or even months could go by without food in our ancestral history.

As long as we don’t eat too many carbohydrates and keep our bodies in a low insulin state, our bodies have access to those fat stores and that means that we don’t need to get as much of our energy from our plates. The only thing you must eat a certain amount of, while you still have excess fat, is your protein. You only need to add enough fat so that you feel satisfied.

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I agree. It is tough to be trace. Does water dilute the results?