Brand new and excited to read all these threads!


I’m too new to offer an educated response, but I do know it is very important to keep hydrated. It also seems to speed up fat burning. I read this, which was interesting:

Burning fat costs one water molecule per two carbon atoms in a fatty acid molecule. The repeated process of pulling two carbons at a time from fatty acids is called “beta oxidation” or the “fatty acid spiral.”

Carbohydrates are the opposite. “Hydrate” is in the name so they bring a little of their own water to the party, about one water molecule per glucose molecule as they’re burned. Burning carbs, fats, or proteins eventually gives back water at the very end of the process, but burning fat costs more water during the process compared to carbs, and more overall.

But yes … the whole Ketostix thing is weird. I think I am finally at a place where I am just pleased I am in Ketosis, so they were helpful to know that, at least.

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The keto urine test strips have always worked for me, and typically turn the next-to-darkest purple (80). Doesn’t matter how hydrated I am or how clear the urine appears to be. They were cheap and simple to use. I still have a few left and don’t test often, but when I do they are still purple.

Lots of people here say they are a waste of time and money. Perhaps so, but they seem to work fine for some people.


It is my three month anniversary eating keto!

I have no idea if I am fat adapted, but I think I must be? I FEEL good. My energy level has increased quite a bit.


I should have added that I am down about 24lbs. :slight_smile:

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So, I’m also new. I’ve only been doing this for 10 days and have lost less than a pound, which I’m ok with since my stomach is not such a pooch! I’m confused though about macros and why we have to count them and keeping under 20 or 30 grams, is that different per each individual? if you workout, should you consume more? A few years ago I did a challenge were I had to stay under 100 grams and I lost about 10 pounds in a month. I assumed that since this was less, I’d loose easier. Also, the recipes from 2Keto dudes vary from how many are listed on grocery store items??? UGH

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The point of keeping carbohydrate low, is because of its effect on insulin, which is the body’s fat-storage hormone (among many other jobs). Carbohydrates are long strings of glucose molecules and a high level of glucose in the blood raises your insulin, causing all that glucose to be stored as fat in your adipose tissue.

Twenty grams a day of carbohydrate is an arbitrary limit, but it is chosen because it gets nearly everyone into nutritional ketosis (a few very insulin-resistant people may need to go lower, but 20 g/day works for the vast majority of people). Your actual limit may be higher, but we don’t know what it is. Once you are well-established on the diet, you might wish to explore how much more carbohydrate you can safely eat without raising your insulin too high, but in the beginning, it’s a good idea to eat as little carbohydrate as you can. Stick to leafy greens and vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower.

The carb limit, by the way, is an amount, not a percentage of calories. “Macros,” however, are calculated as percentages of calories, and 80 calories’ worth of carbohydrate (at 4 cal/gram) is going to be a different percentage of different calorie totals, so just stick to the gram limit and don’t worry about it. Protein should be kept moderate; you need it, but it does stimulate insulin to some extent (less on a low-carb diet, fortunately). Fat has almost no effect on insulin, making it the safest source of calories. Fat has over twice the number of calories per gram (9, vs. 4 cal/g for protein and carbohydrate), so you will need less of it to fill you up.

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Thanks, I will try and up my veggies. I’ve only eaten a lamb chop for a meal once. All the other recipes are casseroles and such.


It has been more than 6 months now so I thought I would update a little from my first-ever post.

  • I am down 45 lbs. (Well, give or take five because scales are ugly liars sometimes.)
  • I just bought a pair of size 10 pants (I had been in 16s for a couple years. I lost a lot of weight the typical salad-salad-exercise-salad miserable way a few years before, coming down from a size 24/26.)
  • I have had to pack away a lot of nice work clothing! (This is both great and a little frustrating - ha!)
  • I feel good/energetic.
  • My skin is looking like crap (wrinkled and saggy).
  • Not too many people have commented or noticed. That is weird. (Might need to ditch these XL tops for real, but I’ll be a nudist soon if I don’t try to get some more wear out of some things.)
  • I have successfully kept under carbs traveling around with the kids to tournaments. (I was worried, but it worked out with some strategic choices.)
  • I am headed on a a trip to Quebec later this summer and concerned about what to eat. We will be getting most meals out. Lots of little carb-heavy bistros and cafes. (Advice welcomed!!)
  • I have learned a LOT from you all. Thank you.

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Goodwill, consignment stores, and thrift shops are your friend!

As for Quebec, just do your best and don’t worry about it. Unless you are a real sugar/carb addict and have to worry about going on a long-term binge, a couple of less-healthy meals while on vacation aren’t going to do you serious harm. French cookery is fairly keto, anyway—all that butter, y’know!


Mmmm butter. Thanks. I think I have some fat adaption happening. I just don’t want to have to start over.