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but the darn elusive easter bunny is fair game! I love just that!!!
but yes I so agree with your post!

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Yes, a few.

-If weight loss is your goal, overeating on raw meat is even harder than on cooked meat.

  • It ads a whole pallet of tastes to the woe.
    -Heat sensitive vitamines remain more available.
    -its easier to tell if food is fresh or nearly rotten.

Bacteria are not a big problem, stomach acidity is very high and kills alot.
Parasites on the other hand can be anoying, they have addapted to survive the stomach and infect you.

Havend been infected by parasites in more then 30y but I’m not keen on eating raw in Africa or Asia. In north America or Europe I don’t mind.

Cooking food is like predigesting it does some of the work the digestive system normally does. Meaning there is more net energy in cooked food.

Uncooked plants are way more dangerous than un ooked meat. Plant also carry parasites btw.

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An appatiser before dinner


so about all this stuff about not leaving meat at room temperature for a few hours due to growth of bacteria, i don’t need to worry about? it’s generally safe?

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Someone (way above) asked about blood pressure. High blood pressure is typically driven by high insulin. Reduce insulin, reduce blood pressure.

Here’s my systolic pressure over about 8 years:

The “stated LC” and “started IF” and "increased salt"are completely wrong: I’ve added way more data since then, but have not moved them.

The lower blood pressure was mainly due to fasting a ton. I was fasting many 36 hour, 3. 5 day, and 4.5 day fasts. Fasting really reduces insulin.

I’m not carnivore, though. For instance, for lunch, I had some olives and capers on my meat (beef) + A2 cheese (goat cheese). Think meat + “condiments”, like olives, capers, spices, etc. Some vegetables, sometimes. Tonight, I think we’re having pasta sauce, so beef + sausage + Raos. I’ll add Parmesan to this. Last night, I did eat some peanut sauce (high in PUFAs, too, but sometimes I make an exception).

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To an extent. Humans can handle rotten meat better than cats for example. Our digestive system leans more towards that of a scavenger.

We love our aged beef, a fancy word for partially rotten meat.
Your senses can tell easily when its to much to handle, it turns from yummy to yakkes very fast.
Cooked meat hides the borderline eat/not eat better than raw meat.

Your smell and taste can tell you if it is still safe or not.


@Fangs, we just wondered about my mystery gain in December. Hopefully I can leave this behind me now.

But plant parasites harm plants, not me. I am way more similar to a pig than a cherry… Or there are some super parasite?

I definitely would eat most plants I ate on low-carb raw, I had a time when I made some raw vegan dishes (not proper food to me so those were just tiny additions), it was very useful on keto as vegetables are hard to overeat raw too - and way more enjoyable most of the time. Fresh, crunchy, juicy… Oh sorry. I am in a carni thread now. (Not like frying things wouldn’t be awesome, I always liked to do that with most of my food groups.)

But that don’t really matter to me now on carnivore. I still cook my meat with a few quite obvious exception like smoked pork (fine, sometimes I fry or cook that too but that’s a special case when I want it to be more tender) and bresaola :smiley: The latter is really nice, I eat it every day now. I barely ever eat smoked pork nowadays, times change and I can get “better” meat now (that was pig farm meat, superior source but - not fresh, can’t be used in proper amounts).

I am in no hurry to add fresh raw meat for sure. But my items wouldn’t be okay raw anyway. Yuck.
Hopefully I still get my nutrients this way. And I need to keep my amounts up, I am not one who is able to eat a whole pound of meat for long… And I need some decent amount, I have not much wriggle room. But it changes nothing as I already prefer well cooked/roasted/fried meat. I probably would run away from a medium rare steak but I never ate a proper steak so I can’t surely know. I am at the point where I am able not to fry everything into oblivion as I did before (more than an hour for chicken liver… I stopped that)… It was an extremely ingrained habit of mine. So, baby steps. And we will see.

Sometimes eat raw fish, that’s another matter. My Japanese restaurant times were nice, I still think salmon is the best by far raw and fresh (and I didn’t even eat super fresh salmon at some nice seashore). Pickled fish is fine too.

So I eat meat in a very normal, socially accepted way. I think. Yeah, without all the very necessary carbs, maybe it’s not socially accepted if we look at my whole plate… But that’s not my point.

I go “wild” with my eggs, both in numbers and often eating them runny or raw (even though that happens in gastronomy a lot, many persons are squeamish :)). And keeping them out of the fridge and not eating them quickly. I didn’t know it’s not normal until I have read the comments below eggy YT videos… Someone dares to make a cake with raw egg whites and people lose their mind. Even though they can use pasteurized eggs if they want, there are even homemade methods. I wouldn’t bother but it’s me with my own circumstances.

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@ctviggen Your woe is so close to carnivore that I concider your data 99.8% relevant to full carnivores.

So thnx for posting here :+1:

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:slightly_smiling_face: the plants carry the parasites, they do not infect them, not the ones who can harm us anyway.

Water can also carry parasites, mosquito…


Oh that’s an option… It’s a thing parasites waiting for a mammal on plants though I only knew that about ticks (but my knowledge about parasites is tiny). Still, I would think the scary animal parasites are more frequent in animals. Oh well. Life is too complicated to learn everything I wish especially when I write too much on this forum.

It seems I accidentally did OMAD today. Yesterday I ate well (3 meals in 7 hours), today I ate a tiny
meal (it felt so. it was 1300 kcal… or not, it was too simple and I was curious so I ended up tracking but it’s not reliable at all due to my meat) at 6pm and that’s it. I feel quite good, not even headache anymore.

But it was a leaner cut indeed. I found all the leftover meat a bit lacking at fattiness. I ate all the good parts yesterday. That’s one reason I ate only a little of it tomorrow. I wasn’t into eggs either. But I had chicken. I really dislike the “normal”, cheap chicken now. I switch to turkey soups from now on. Maybe duck.

I want rabbit soup when we can get cute home-raised ones.

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Todays food lamb chops pork rinds and im prob eat something else not sure what that will be though
Jumped on scale today and hit my 135 so now even though nothing will change I’m calling goal … I may still drop aliitle but its not a goal anymore at this point.

Edited to add…deciding lamb chops was my second meal.


@Azi, GOAL! Very cool and happy for you. Now you do nothing else :slight_smile: Just keep on carnivoring!!

Nice lamb chop pic, very inviting! Bet they were delish!

@Carnivoor, another fab meal for you!

---------------------April is winding down. Us carnivores have done very fine thru this month plus we got one member who hit goal and has done wonderful on plan! HIP HIP

food yesterday was
5 big sausage patties

nothing else. I was mowing and pollen and grass allergy got me. Had leaky eyes, clogged nose and got a freakin’ headache. That is extreme rare for me, a real headache :slight_smile: It just shut me down. Took allergy meds and got sleepy and I was in a irked mood with the headache and food had no draw to me at all.

Woke up feeling great now and yes I do have an appetite.

Got steak today.

Meat MAYham will be on us soon…away we go into another month of feeling great and living life large on ZC!


I am bored of eggs now and don’t want much meat either. I need to make some new recipes as I can’t imagine what I could eat (I never would stay hungry but I want to enjoy my food). I have ideas, not pure carni because it is similar to stews but good enough. Eggs are fine just not in their very obvious ways like boiled/poached. Scrambled would do only with lots of additions and I don’t even have smoked pork now.
I guess I won’t stop eating cheese yet, I need it for variety and we have my fav now galore. But I am careful with the amounts. It’s not my normal, satiating food, after all.

In the end, I ate at 2am, I was hungry and I hate going to bed hungry. The pork felt great, slightly lean or not. Hopefully today will be better. It’s mildly annoying that nothing works right, eating early (at 3pm) or late… It probably would have been okay if my pork was fattier…
But I should go to bed earlier anyway. And it probably won’t happen as I try it since decades and always fail.

@Azi, those lamb chops look great. I want lamb too :smiley: I never ate real lamb, the young one but mutton was ages ago as well :frowning: And I have so, so nice memories of it.

I looked at the page of the beef farm… Oh, they had Hungarian Grey, that’s special and even organs and I didn’t notice… Oh well. But I want mutton and they stopped having that :frowning: And they had a tasty breed with huge beautiful horns (called racka)…They will have veal now, that’s quite impossible for us, super expensive and probably less flavorful… Once I wanna try it but I am in no hurry. They had brisket of the Hungarian Grey (for some reason, brisket is missing from the list. and organ meat too). I never ate brisket just saw others mentioning it on this forum a lot, I wanna try it once.

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some family/friends are concerned for my health and think that i got brainwashed by some carnivore cult and have been spamming me with hundreds of literature/papers from high-impact academic medical journals about how what i’m doing is unsafe. is there anything i can do to easily refute these claims or should i just block/ignore them?


block/ignore if they aren’t right in your face demanding answers LOL

Just say GO READ this book: Carnivore Code. and then say, if you refuse to read the book you have absolutely NO RIGHT to ever question my eating lifestyle ever again. Not one word. ----put the ball in their court and believe me no one will read it HAHA and they will leave you alone.

A cult. Yea, tell them don’t worry, no FBI gonna come slamming down your door in the middle of the night with guns drawn cause you eat meat only HAHA

Meat MAYham
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Friends are people who come talk to you in real life.
Real friend don’t spam each other with literature.
They listen and are happy for you if you tell them you feel better.

So yes, block them or ignore them.

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Nice cult, good food, lots of virtual friendship.
What is the dogma? “No dogma”

Love this cult then :orange_heart:


yea, if we gotta be a cult then we are a darn good cult at that :wink: